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Rising Stars of Back Bay, Beacon Hill & South End

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End and surrounding areas below.

Oltin Cekani

Boston City Properties was founded in 2007. It is currently one of the largest real estate brokerages in the Greater Boston area. We have 1000’s of listings in every single neighborhood in the Boston area including the Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill, Cambridge, Brookline, and all of Downtown Boston. Read more>>

Haley-Elise “HeHe” Stewart

Aside from being a Birth Doula, I’ve been in Early Childhood Education for many years. I often found that parents entering back into the work force after their maternity or paternity leave felt extremely lonely and unsupported, so I began to look into how I could bridge that gap—the gap of the time period between having a baby and then 6-8 weeks later when you send your child to childcare so you can return to work. Read more>>

Randy Horn

Even before earning my license at the age of 18, I had an early exposure to real estate watching my father make his career owning and managing multi-families outside of Boston. I can remember collecting weekly rents with him on Friday nights as a kid and organizing the money to be counted Saturday morning before getting breakfast together. Read more>>

Niki Novak

I started Sweet -n-Nasty 30+ years ago. We were the first erotic bakery in New England and we remain so even today. My vision was to provide fun and delicious cakes and chocolates and it’s become so much more. Read more>>

Tyler Falconer

I enlisted in the United States Navy upon graduating high school. I was selected to become a Military Working Dog handler upon completion of Anti Terrorism/Force Protection School. I spent four years in the Navy as Military Working Dog handler specializing in K9 patrol and explosive detection. Read more>>

Cassie Knight

Castanet is an evolution of The Closet, which was in business for 38 years. We opened in spring 2016, in a bright, new parlor level space, at 175 Newbury Street, just upstairs from our former home. Read more>>

Fawn Cronin

I began working in the industry of movement by way of my grandmother’s dance studio from the age of 2. Shortly after graduating high school, I went on to become a professional dancer and runway/print model in Los Angeles until I moved to Boston to attend college in 2004. Read more>>

Christine Noah

Fort Point Theatre Channel was founded ten years ago by a group of artists who were based at Midway Artist Studios in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. This core group of artists, all of whom are considered co-artistic directors, wanted to create a company that produces new configurations of the performing arts, allowing for work that blends multiple artistic disciplines and champions collaboration. Read more>>

Mike and Alex Faherty

Growing up in a small beach town, my twin brother Mike and I always dreamed of starting a clothing company that combined our love of carefree style with high quality goods. After high school, my brother Mike went to college for design and then later worked at Ralph Lauren for 8 years, while I immersed myself in the world of business and finance. Read more>>

Simon D.C. John

A friend took me to the Tearoom on my first visit & a year later I met the former owner (Alex Palermo) at the Tearoom & I’ve been here from that point on, over twenty years ago. Alex was my main teacher and he & I worked very well together and became fast friends. Read more>>

Nikki Lank Bialow and Klee Miller

We started out as two friends with the same passion for everything simple and beautiful, love of crafting and entertaining, and zeal for styling and detail, became two friends with an event planning company, KliK Parties. Read more>>

Jackie MacDonald

I was 15 years old when I went to work for my oldest brother. He opened up his own auto detailing company in Boston. I worked for him for 18 years. After running one of his shops for a while I felt like I had enough experience to branch out on my own. Read more>>

Amanda Danielle

I started my journey as an intern for The Anthem Group, where I was specializing in hospitality. I was introduced to the Charles River Bistro, while we were planning the food and beverage logistics for Mixfest at the Hatch Shell. Read more>>

Kaitlin McKenna

My parents met on a blind date, fast forward many years later I graced them with my presence. Growing up I was a professional figure skater; I loved the ice because it was a place I could create, perform and entertain. Read more>>

Hope Ricciardi

United South End Artists was founded 31 years ago, with the mission to support artists in Boston’s South End and promote the annual Open Studio event in September. With over 200 members, we are the largest membership of artists in the city. Read more>>

Andrew Witkin

I had worked at several galleries in New York but also had been working in the education departments of several museums. My mother became sick and I needed to return to Boston, so I called everyone for whom I had worked to see if anyone could help me find a job ‘back home’ and it seems everyone called Barbara Krakow. Read more>>

Marjorie Kaye

As a working artist, I became interested in the idea of artists creating their own destinies. Artist run galleries have been in existence for quite a while, at least since the 70s. Financially it made sense, too. Artists coming together to start and maintain their own community. Read more>>

Thomas Cahir

When I was fortunate to become the Administrator at the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority in 2009, I made it a priority to work closely with all of our transportation partners across the Cape and created a multi-modal committee. Read more>>

Mae Barber

When I moved into my first New York City studio, I was working late hours and it was always easier, although less kind on my bank account, to throw together a cheese board for dinner to wind down from the day. Read more>>

Christine Altieri and Jana Gimenez

We met through mutual friends, having drinks and playing cards on Friday evenings…what better way to meet your business partner! At the time, Christine was working in event design while balancing numerous event clients that had followed her from her previous position at an event firm. Read more>>

Stephen Chung

I’m an architect- and for the most part my story was pretty straightforward. I always wanted to be an architect- since I was 9 years old. I went to college and graduate school focused on architectural design. Read more>>

Judith Brassard Brown

I am a Boston-based artist exhibiting my artwork currently at Kingston Gallery in SOWA where I lived, many years ago in an illegal loft. Now living in Dorchester in artist live work space we call Pearl Street Studios, I continue to make paintings while teaching at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly on the North Shore. Read more>>

Kelly Taylor

I started working as an assistant designer in NYC in 1999, while I was attending Parson’s School of Design. I actually landed a full time job while I was still in school, with the late Larry Bogdanow, a rising star in the restaurant and hotel design realm. Read more>>

Mahlon Williams

People say everything comes full circle, and the same can be said for me with regards to I Love Boston Sports. I grew up with a love of drawing, art and comic books and like most kids, I started taking an interest in sports, playing every sport imaginable. Read more>>

Maura Fitzgerald and Jean Serra

Our story began at the agency Maura founded and grew to be a premier brand in strategic technology communications in the U.S., FitzGerald Communications. Through the dedication of Jean as senior vice president and Maura’s leadership, the agency recognized the potential of new technology innovations flooding the market including green and alternative technologies and market evolution in the enterprise software and mobile computing arenas. Read more>>

Jake Spitz

J Jake Art Gallery opened just over a year ago with the intention of showing works from artists who are passionately committed to their craft but may not have the opportunity to show in other galleries. I’ve seen that many adult artists need to earn a living outside of their art, and do not have the time to network. Read more>>

John Hagan

I’m an ecologist. I’ve studied alligators, osprey, tropical forest birds, the North Maine Woods, and seemingly everything in between. I came to Manomet in 1986 as a freshly-minted Ph.D. I always thought I would end up in academia. Read more>>

Brett Williams

Brett certainly pivoted into his career. He started out studying landscape architecture at the University at Amherst in Massachusetts and also UCLA when a photographer asked him to be his assistant. Brett says he started playing around with the cameras, and realized, “Wow, I love this.” Read more>>

Kate Huffman

Encore Tours is the performance tour division of ACIS, the American Council for International Studies. Since 1978, ACIS has been a leader in quality educational travel for students and their teachers. Our President, Peter Jones, founded ACIS after seeing so many young people’s lives changed as a result of travel. Read more>>

Kerri Koncius

I founded Koncius Digital Marketing in February 2012 in Back Bay. My son was 6 months old, and I was working as a digital marketing manager at EMC, specializing in SEO and PPC. Though EMC is a very family-friendly company, I was struggling to manage my full-time job and hour-long commute on very little sleep. Read more>>

Candace Wilkes

Ever since I can remember I have always had an extreme interest in arranging and rearranging spaces and homes so that they functioned well and looked beautiful. It is something that has always come natural to me – to see a space and visualize how I could enhance it with either a few quick changes or a complete overhaul. Read more >>

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