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Rising Stars of Back Bay, Beacon Hill & South End

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End and surrounding areas below.

Elliott Grinnell

I started like most artist hopefuls- drawing quite a bit in a sketchbook and looking for ways to use my art. I went all over the map trying to figure out what niche my art could fit into- and I knew I wanted to pursue it full time. So I went to Montserrat College of Art and got my BFA in Illustration. Read more>>

Taneshia Camillo-Sheffey

I’m the youngest of four sisters. Growing up as a singer, songwriter, actress and model I worked closely with stylist and designers, which was my introduction into my love and obsession for fashion and design. Read more>>

Sarah Kadison

I have always loved baking. Around holidays you could always find me in the kitchen making cutout cookies and gingerbread houses from scratch, and family birthdays always involved elaborate homemade cakes with multiple layers. Read more>>

Kathleen Grey

I began my blog, When Grey Skies Are You, back in 2013 for so many reasons. I felt like I had a lot to say, an abundance of creative energy and I wanted a platform to share that. My mom was the person to introduce me to these things called “blogs”. Read more>>

Nadine Habayeb

My business partner Priyal and I are both spiritual junkies, we were curious to learn about some of the world’s most ancient practices and traditional superfoods. On this journey, Priyal went back to her Indian roots and rediscovered her childhood snack growing up in India – Popped Water Lily seeds. Read more>>

Jon Fish

The question that has guided my adult life is “how do we build better for-profit companies that can also do good for society?” I moved to Boston to study that question in grad school, where I split my time between classes and working in a startup. Read more>>

Sylvie Raith

When I was in middle school we focused a lot on different styles of art, and from there I’ve always been attached to it in a special way. I started my designs when I was in 7th grade and began selling them at my hometown stores. Read more>>

Ellice Patterson

The concept of Abilities Dance started eight years ago when I had a spinal operation that left me relearning to dance. It was a grueling process in adjusting to my daily life. I would have never imagined a professional career in dance. I went to Wellesley College and majored in Biology. Read more>>

Suzie Jiang

I knew I would start my own company at some point but didn’t have a concrete idea. I have always been passionate about the creative space, especially fashion, art, events, and media, and I knew I needed to be equipped with essential business skills, so I went to Boston University’s Questrom School of Business while interning at different companies in different industries. Read more>>

Laura Villafranca

I was born in Mexico City and began piano lessons at the age of five. When I turned thirteen I gave my first performance as a soloist with The Chamber Orchestra of Mexico City and the following year received a scholarship to study at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. Read more>>

Melanie Venuti

After graduating with my bachelors degree in Food and Nutrition, I started my career working for a community nutrition program in the Boston area. During my time with the program I took a certification course in human lactation which grew my passion for breastfeeding and parental support. Read more>>

Hannah Rose Osofsky

Photography was a hobby that began for me in Middle School. I was born in Northampton, MA which is known for having a great arts community. In the spring of 2016, I started to take photography seriously and started shooting every day, as well as freelancing. Read more>>

Lynn Julian

I was known as Cookie Cutter Girl, 21st Century Pop Superhero. I packed “Girl Power Pop” with a punch on 500+ radio stations and 30+ CDs Internationally. “Rolling Stone” called me “Nashville’s Version of Fiona Apple.” Read more>>

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