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Rising Stars of Back Bay, Beacon Hill & South End

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End and surrounding areas below.

Jacquelyn Wells

“Jacq of Trades” is a nickname Bostonian, Jacquelyn Wells, has acquired. An artist her entire life, her current passions include but are not limited to: her handcrafted Jewelry Line, Oohjacquelina, writing/making music, yoga & mindfulness, activism/non-profit work, event planning, and managing the Boston Artisan Bazaar, a new collective/gallery popping up this holiday season in Back Bay. Read more>>

Mark Wallace

Parlor skis was founded on the idea that there is a better ski experience out there for everyone, both on and off the hill. We started with humble beginnings in a funeral Parlor in Cambridge, which is where we got our name, but we have always had big aspirations. We worked tirelessly for 4 years in the basement of a funeral parlor fusing the highly engineered but often unforgiving construction of a race ski with some of the more progressive all mountain shapes to create a line of skis that can handle whatever you throw at it. Read more>>

Fabrice Louissaint

Music has always been a passion of mine, it just was not something that I thought of doing as a profession. I started off working at this club in Faneuil Hall where I would see DJs working and from that moment I thought to myself this is what I want to do. Read more>>

Carla Tardif

I searched for Family Reach as a result of a promise I made to a dear friend who was losing his battle with brain cancer. My friend, Pat Kelly, watched families who had a child with cancer struggle with the financial burdens. He’d describe watching families sink in quick sand as they fought to stay together and help a loved one battle cancer. Read more>>

Marco Ruegg

My name is Marco Ruegg, I am a Swiss student at Berklee College of Music. Despite loving music and studying it, I found myself being much happier working behind a camera rather than a mixing console. I remember being interested by cameras since a young age as I would always try to borrow my father’s camera. Read more>>

Kashmir Asvaraksh

I’ve been doing hair and makeup my entire life. From my dolls to my sister to my friends in high school, I always loved making people over and having fun. While I was in college at Boston University I got a summer job working at a salon and soon fell in love with the industry. A few weeks after graduating, I started hair school and I guess the rest is history! Read more>>

Sophia Jane Paravalos

I was born in Norton, Massachusetts and began my musical journey at age 5 when my Mom signed me up for piano lesson at the local music store. In complete honesty, I remember crying in the car on the way to my lessons every Saturday until a year later when I actually started to enjoy them! Still thank my mother to this day for putting me in piano lessons! Read more>>


A series of events and working opportunities sort of brought us together. It all started with The Lady Project; Brittanny and Patsy met at a time when Patsy was looking to launch her blog And Celebrate, and coincidentally it was around that time when Brittanny met with Olivia to talk photoshoots and creative ideas. Read more>>

Jen Huynh

I started off in 2012 when I finished highschool and enrolled in Empire Cosmetology school on West st. After finishing school I quickly paid my dues as an assistant in a few Newbury st salons. Refining my skills with hair and finding my talents in make up artistry. Editorial makeup is my aesthetic, and the style that best suited me. Read more>>

Phillip Jones

Both of my parents were artists. So I suppose that my version of rebellion would have been to become something like a comptroller on a city council. I didn’t rebel, but spent many childhood hours sitting at my father’s side in the darkroom, watching in the amber light as he printed photographs. It was magical to see the submerged paper sheets transform into vivid images while he described capturing the pictures. Read more>>

Joey Frangieh

Growing up in the Middle East during a time of extreme turmoil, neither of my parents had access to theater. Luckily for me, they raised us to choose our own paths in life. But little did they know that my journey would be a bit more colorful than they could have anticipated. When I told them that I needed to dedicate my life to the arts, it’s safe to say they were a bit shocked. Read more>>

Emily Rosenfeld

Over the years I suffered from chronic low back pain, migraines, painful periods, and digestive issues. Traditional medicine didn’t offer me any real explanation or relief so I made it my mission to heal myself. Anything that worked for me, I immersed myself in learning. I became a certified massage therapist as well as a certified Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage Practitioner under Rosita Arvigo in the jungles of Belize. Read more>>

Dr. Tiffany Kelley

I did not wake up one day and say, ‘I want to be an entrepreneur, let me figure out what business to build.’ Instead, I discovered, (unexpectedly), a big problem affecting nurses in the United States (n=4M) and beyond, as the nation moves toward digitalized patient records (e.g., EHRs). Read more>>

Jo Ann Rothschild

As a child, I saw early 20th Century European art at the Art Institute and in my great aunt Maxine’s collection. Paintings and sculptures made sense to me in a way that the conversation of the grown-ups, did not. I imagined the artists were talking directly to me. Read more>>

Michael Lombardi and Kevin O’Donnell

Michael graduated from Boston University in 2008 and decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America to learn how to cook. After one year in the program, he scheduled his externship in Orvieto, Italy. Upon arriving, he met another American cook, Kevin O’Donnell. Kevin had found himself in Orvieto during an externship for Johnson and Wales University and decided to return to Italy later to become a Sous Chef. Read more>>

Martha Tepper Takayama

I’m a Bostonian who has traveled a fair amount of the world and has benefited personally and professionally from my travels and foreign contacts, yet I always return to my beloved Boston, where my gallery is located and where I live. Brazilian friends introduced me to my Japanese husband, a musician, and the impact of my international contacts has influenced the direction of my gallery, Tepper Takayama Fine Arts. Read more>>

Shea Coakley

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Running your own business hasn’t always been as sexy as it is today, but the idea of creating something from scratch, putting my mark on the world, and becoming my own boss always seemed like an ideal life. Read more>>

Ryaan Tuttle

I was born & raised in Boston Ma one the blue collar states where young learn at a young age they are not destined for college. I watched my father work long hours and my mom take care of 3 kids just getting by. I myself joined a small street gang at age 12 and continued down that path way past high school. Read more>>

Adam Centamore

I began my wine & cheese adventure over a decade ago when I started studying for a degree in gastronomy. My first class was a certification in cheese with the owner of Formaggio Kitchen, a world-renowned cheese shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. By some miracle, eating cheese and drinking wine each week for a semester spoke to me! Read more>>

Jessica Taylor

My entrance into the fashion world started at a young age. My Grandmother Eva from Montreal always inspired me with her interesting fashion sense. She never wore or owned a pair of pants a day in her life, and at 98 – she still wears a dress or a skirt every day! I spent summers visiting Montreal and buying my school clothes in unique department stores and boutiques. Read more>>

Nicole L’Huillier

I’ve always loved sound and music. I started playing drums when I was 9, just jamming with my brothers and trying to make sense out of rhythms and breaks. Then, as a teenager I moved into digital production, electronic music, and started DJing, all this was just learning by doing things with friends and trying to explore. Read more>>

Jo Ann Rothschild

As a child I saw early 20th Century European art at the Art Institute and in my great aunt Maxine’s collection. Paintings and sculptures made sense to me in a way that the conversation of the grown ups, did not. Read more>>

Michael Lombardi and Kevin O’Donnell

Michael graduated from Boston University in 2008 and decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America to learn how to cook. After one year in the program, he scheduled his externship in Orvieto, Italy. Read more>>

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