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Rising Stars of Back Bay, Beacon Hill & South End

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End and surrounding areas below.

Brittany DiCapua

I grew up in New England in an Italian household, where my father would say ‘being full and eating have nothing to do with each other’. Food, to me, has always been a representation of family, love, and life. When I moved to Boston in 2014, I was excited by all of the diverse dining opportunities around me. Read more>>

Nina Pfister

I had spent nearly a decade grinding in the corporate world, gaining professional experience in Marketing, Public Relations and Sales at a global media company (& PR agency in between). When my son was still an infant, I made an aggressive career decision to take on an executive sales role at a tech startup that allowed me to work remotely, assuming I would have more flexibility if I didn’t commute to an office—but I was mistaken. Read more>>

Jonathan Saphire

In 1977, my parents, Roberta and Gerald Saphire, who are attorneys, heard of a turn- of –the century property in Sharon that was for sale. My mother had gone to camp in Sharon and loved the town. The plan was to make it their temporary law office and eventually sell the property. They ended up falling in love with the wedding business and so they continued the long and romantic history of the property. Read more>>

Jessica McDaniel

I started Boston Baby Photos in 2003, before I had my own kids. Back then I just knew I adored children and wanted to create something – a business – that allowed me to work with them every day. I was working in marketing, getting my MBA at night, and I knew there was something about these little photobooks I was making. Read more>>

Lisa Mullan

We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than trying to conquer the world and having to slow down because our underwear is giving us a wedgie. Or, when we do wear a comfortable pair of undies, we catch a glance of ourselves in the bathroom mirror and face the harsh reality that we’re wearing granny pants. Read more>>

Anne Copeland

I was 45, half way through my career (as a psychology professor at Boston University) and I realized I didn’t want to do the same thing for the second half. While I loved teaching and doing research – in fact, taught courses in research methods and had published a textbook on how to do research with families – I’d grown frustrated with the system of research in academic social sciences. Read more>>

Dayna Gamba

I was 14 the first time I had ever cut someone’s hair and immediately I knew that this was IT for me. I fell in love with the way the scissors sounded, I fell in love with the immediate transformation from long hair to short hair on my brave friends. 19 years later and I’m even more obsessed with it. Read more>>

Deborah Smallwood

Ten years ago this month, I launched Strategy Meets Action with not much more than a vision of the untapped possibilities for insurance enabled by innovation and transformation. The possibilities, I always knew, were infinite. But there was a gap that needed to be filled – by a firm that could strategically guide insurers to rethink the traditional business of insurance and then take the actions required to innovate and transform, enabled by the power of technology and data. Read more>>

Jordan Reynolds

I am a singer-songwriter and a musical theater/opera performer. The path that led me to Boston to get my Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy from New England Conservatory started with my family. My mom’s side of the family in particular is full of musicians. I have several aunts and uncles who have gone on to have successful pop careers and another that started a recording studio. Read more>>

Alina Morris

Before the deli, I sold real estate for 15 years and was very happy doing that. My mom and dad owned and ran DJ’s for over 28 years and wanted to sell and retire. I was helping them sell it when the buyer started getting cold feet and felt he was getting in over his head. Read more>>

Rosemary Porto

After running my own interior decorating and design firm for 16 years I longed to specialize in my favorite room, The Kitchen, Poggenpohl hired me to open the showroom in 2002 and the rest is a history of happiness and success. We have been located on Newbury Street for the last 15 years. Read more>>

Ari Montiero

I was born in raised in the South End of Boston. At 18 knew I would be a Realtor. I just didn’t know where to start. Just like most people I hit a road block after college. I got an opportunity to work at one of the top entertainment papers here in Boston known as the Boston Phoenix. Read more>>

Gillian Christy

Gillian Christy was born in Iowa in 1979. She attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2002. Setting her sights towards the East Coast she moved to Providence, RI in 2003. Since her work is greatly influenced by her surroundings, the sculpted Mid-West farming implements soon transformed into sculpted New England clapboards and cobbled streets. Read more>>

Andrew Macaulay

As a child, I struggled with good eating habits and by the time I reached college I weighed over 300 pounds. I then decided that I needed to make dramatic changes in my life and committed to healthy eating. After a year of hard work, I lost 120 lbs. and gained all the healthy eating habits I wish I had from the start. Read more>>

Apostle Orlena McQueen

In my living room and waiting for everyone to come over. The book we’re going over this week is “The Purpose Driven Life,” by Rick Warren. I looked around at the two bedrooms and we had been homeless for over 3 years and I tell at times it was uncomfortable but, I was glad I was there. Read more>>

Victoria Sherman

I graduated Suffolk University in 2001, with a major in International Business and ended up working in Corporate Finance for the majority of my adult career. I believed that having a corporate background and experience is great, but always felt that I was meant to make a difference in a different way – the entrepreneurial way. Read more>>

Andrew Macaulay

As a child, I struggled with good eating habits and by the time I reached college I weighed over 300 pounds. I then decided that I needed to make dramatic changes in my life and committed to healthy eating. After a year of hard work, I lost 120 lbs. and gained all the healthy eating habits I wish I had from the start. Read more>>

Marie L.

When I was around 15 years old, I knew I had a gift of intuition because I would have dreams that would come true and also I would have visions that would come to be. It was not until I was in my mid to late 20s when I started to use my gift to help others in need. Since then I have helped many people all around the world via skype, phone and in person readings. Read more>>

James Anderson

I studied stained glass at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. I also studied painting. I combined them and learned to paint on glass. My business started the late 70s when Boston was starting an architectural renaissance of people moving back into the cities. Read more>>

Cindy Sullivan

I recently found my diary from my 13 year old self (let’s just say that was many many years ago). In it I wrote “I want to be an aerobics instructor when I grow up”. Ha! Instead, I climbed the corporate ladder, successful but with a lack of passion. Fitness remained a part of my life but in the back burner. Read more>>

Yovanny Henningsen

So I was always very athletic in high school, I immersed myself in sports and books, to stay away as long as possible from a tumultuous home life. Gymnastics was one of my favorite sports growing up in Idaho, so when I graduated and moved to the Boston area 16 years ago, I naturally became a gymnastics coach, training kids from recreational gymnastics to competitive level athletes. Read more>>

Zach Hagopian and Jon Kazarian

Zach and Jon first met about 15 years ago during the summer on the Cape. Our families have been friends since then, and Jon and I have always enjoyed hosting large gatherings/parties on the Cape during the summer. About four years ago, we decided to take this passion into the fall by organizing the first of our annual fundraising event, the Boston Fall Formal. Read more>>

Bill McQuillan

I initially got started in the business after I graduated from Babson College and got a job leasing retail space in shopping centers in Greater Boston for The Mugar Group. I really had no experience at all, but I learned as I went, and did that for about 3 years. I then went to work for a regional retail developer in Hartford for a year, before starting a new partnership in 1983 with my former boss at The Mugar Group, Paul Faraca. Read more>>

Sara Noonan

My passion for dogs started at a young age. I have always had an immense connection with every dog I’ve met. From understanding their specific needs to being involved in rescuing. I have three rescue dogs of my own including the newest member of the family Lucy, a tripod Pitbull from Arkansas. Read more>>

Denise Giblin

Upon graduation from high school, I went directly to the corporate world, working in a variety of industries and positions. Ten years later, I decided to continue my education in the theatre arts and music, and received degrees from Dean College and Bridgewater University. After a few years of auditioning, participating in regional theatre and working temporary positions in the NJ/PA area. Read more>>

Jana Olenio

SUP YO was founded by Registered Yoga Teacher, Jana Olenio. Born and raised in New Hampshire and currently residing on Boston’s North Shore, Jana began teaching classes in Beverly Harbor on Boston’s North Shore in the spring of 2012. 6 years later, and with a team of six SUPerstar instructors, SUP YO currently offers classes in 7 locations throughout the Boston area and the NH Seacoast from May to September. Read more>>

Matt Taylor

I’ve been running my entire life – I found early success in the sport and gravitated towards it as a result. But it wasn’t until college that I truly found my passion for racing. I ran varsity cross country and track at Yale and while I was there I found that I loved its delayed gratification and intensity — all important traits for a future entrepreneur. Read more>>

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