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Meet Stefania Silvestro of Trouvé Aesthetics & Wellness in Bedford

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stefania Silvestro.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Stefania. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I have been in the beauty wellness industry for 9 years. My industry skills are well rounded consisting of aesthetics, nail treatments, hair removal, makeup artistry and more recently lash services. I graduated from Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics with 1200 medical aesthetic hours, Blaine Beauty School for nails and Empire Beauty School for Cosmetology and am a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals. Having an array of continuing education certifications and keeping up with industry advancements is always something I pride myself in. You never want to get stuck in the same old rut, clients keep up with the trends and so should a professional. Over the years I have worked in different types of environments from full service salons to day spas to medical spas; this was great because I was able to experience all aspects of the industry and take bits and pieces of what I liked from each one and create my own. Then about a year and a half ago I made the decision to open up my own beauty wellness spa and it was the best decision I ever made!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
For the most part it has been smooth sailing for me and my business. I think the hardest part was taking the initial leap of faith and gaining the courage to venture out on my own. It is a scary thing to be completely in charge of a business knowing it is your passion but also your bread and butter. It could succeed in ways you couldn’t even imagine or fail and you would have to go back to square one. I had great support from family, friends and clients and that definitely made the decision much easier.

The second hardest part I would have to say is trial and error of ideas. You have one “great” idea, give it a shot…then you realize it may not be the best decision so you search for something better. This happened to me a few times with different aspects of the business and I am sure it will continue to happen as I grow and experience different situations. There have been a lot of “I wish I knew this before” moments. But every curveball thrown at me has been a great learning experience and it is only making my business a better place day by day!

Trouvé Aesthetics & Wellness – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Trouvé Aesthetics & Wellness offers an array of customized treatments of skin care, nail care, makeup artistry, hair removal, and lash services. We also have cosmeceutical retail products, and private, one-on-one, personalized appointments where the entire space is all yours for the duration of your appointment with next to no interruptions. We operate a little differently than your typical “spa”. I offer only what I specialize in, there are no overwhelming menu options, and I prefer to completely customize every single service. You will never have to bother with treatment up-sells or having to pick from a list of services unless you choose to. And I always continuously keep pace with all of the latest breakthroughs.

For most of our services your visit starts with a consultation and then I find the most suitable treatment for you. Also we are a cozy space, with one independent professional, therefore we are only able to service one client at a time, and so each individual receives our undivided attention without interruptions. This enables me to really get to know your wants and needs and tailor each service to you. My clients really enjoy the undivided attention and I enjoy being able to spend time with them after the service talking about home care and not being rushed on to my next appointment. To me that is the gold standard of the industry, being able to provide your client with a full service from beginning to end and having them walk away feeling great about themselves, full of knowledge, confident and excited to come back because they know someone cares and listens to their wants/needs/concerns/goals.

Also! And I am very excited to announce, I have recently added a nurse practitioner to my team, Danielle M. Beck, RN, MSN, NP-C. A good aesthetician needs her “tool box” if there is a concern that I cannot tackle I need to go to my tools and help my client out. That is when I decided botox injections, dermal fillers and advanced chemical peels were a must! Danielle has been in nursing for over eight years, she has found that many of her patients who have become healthier and made strides in improving their well-being have asked what to do to get back their youthful glow. They felt younger and healthier, and they wanted their looks to reflect that success. We make a great team and I am happy to have her by my side.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success to me is all about feedback from your guests. When they enter the spa frustrated and about to give up because nothing has worked for their skin and they leave glowing and happy to have a plan and something to work towards. Making people feel good and look good has always been what I consider success. I love to have my clients leave my space saying that I turned their day around inside and out. From the decor to the experience to the conversation and so on, it needs to be a package that has people wanting to come back because they feel good about themselves. That is when I am happiest. That to me is success.

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  1. Lucia veneziale

    May 2, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    My beautiful godchild,I’m very proud of the successful women you’ve become.i wish you nothing but the best and may you business thrive

    • Lena zullo

      May 5, 2017 at 10:22 am

      Not only she is my niece but my professional estetician full of carisma and knowledge. I have always searched for the best products for my skin and guess where I gound them….yes at Trouve’!
      The reatreat atmosphere, the attention and the comfort of this place, gives me the feeling of a complete person when I leave there.
      Stefania with her professionalism, selfless and knowledge has taught me so much for my inner and outer personal care.
      May God continue to Bless her in this beautiful journey in her life and may she continue to thrive in fulfilling her life dreams.
      With lots of love and pride I congratulate her for all of the accomplishments and for the caring person that she is.
      Love you,
      Zia Carmelina

  2. Carmelina Zullo

    May 5, 2017 at 1:22 am

    Not only Stefania is my niece, but a true professional that with her carisma and talent, always makes my every appointment private, pleasant, comfortable and complete. After any treatment, I feel clean, relaxed and happy to have found a place with professionals that devote their time only to you during your appointment.
    The products used here are only the best, because to say the least, my manicure and pedicure always last for at least 2 weeks when Stefania does them.
    I was always trying different lines of products for my skin, guess where I found my favorite one….yes at Trouve’!
    With Stefania educating me on the quality and use of the skin products, I can proudly say that it was a success. My skin now is healthy and glowing and with many compliments that I receive I can say thank you to my niece Stefania!
    You may think that I am bragging about my niece, but I can honestly say that if anyone wants to feel pampered with a retreat atmosphere and professionalism, you should check this place out for yourself and then come back on here and put your own comment.
    For you Stefania, I just want to say…..congratulations in your great achievement for dedicating your selfless time in making others inner and outer nature feel satisfied.
    May God Continue to Bless you and guide you in your every dream to become yours.
    With love and pride,
    Zia Carmelina

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