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Meet Matt McKee of Matt McKee Photography in Hyde Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Matt McKee.

Matt, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Matt McKee Photography was started back in 1994 with a Nikon and a dream to help businesses and marketers to look their best, on their best day, to their best potential customers.

Back then, I was a young artist who wanted to bring all the potentials of great photography to businesses. Now, I look at myself as a business professional who creates photographs that bridge the intersection of art and commerce.

My client list runs the gamet from bio tech and life sciences to individual consultants to large corporations, as well as art collectors and galleries.

Today, I create images to start conversations for companies and individuals who are upset that their mother was right: you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
My biggest struggle was coming to grips with being an artist in a business world. In the beginning, I knew very little about business, sales and solving someone else’s challenges.

It was very frustrating and challenging.

Slowly, I began to understand that, to create for businesses, I had to understand that I was a business professional providing a service to other business professionals. I wasn’t just an artist, I was a sales person, a marketing professional and a consultant.

Once I began to master those concepts, my business blossomed and my client list grew.

After all, I am a CEO too.

Matt McKee Photography – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
My photography practice has two major sections.

The first is the commercial work, in which I interview my clients and create images that helps them start their conversations with their potential audiences.

Like many photographers, I am considered more of a generalist. I create high quality portraits, specifically designed to tell my subject’s story to their audience. I create illustrative product photography that is both visually appealing and descriptive for products that may otherwise be very dry and boring. And, I create location images that are often used to tell the story of a company’s culture.

The other side of my work is in the fine arts. My personal projects allow me to explore concepts and stories that are important to me. Sweet Blasts! is a minimalist series about food and our role in its creation. It has been written about in magazines such as ArtBeat and ArtScope and has been collected worldwide.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
There have been so many milestones over the last 20 plus years that it is hard to say which one I am most proud of.

Discovering and realizing that I was a business professional is certainly one of the most important.

Getting my first cover image back in the heady internet bubble days was fantastic.

Seeing my work getting used by designers and marketers and having the opportunity to collaborate with them on projects continues to thrill me every time a new web site or tradeshow poster or brochure comes out.

Having Hi, Steaks! (One of the Sweet Blasts! series) accepted into the Danforth Museum’s Biennial last year was a huge honor.

And, purchasing and moving into a 1200 sq. foot studio space 7 years ago really cemented the concept that I had arrived!

Contact Info:

  • Address: Matt McKee Photography
    S-7, Building C
    1 Westinghouse Plaza
    Hyde Park, MA 02136
  • Website:
  • Phone: 617-910-9314
  • Email:
  • Instagram: mckee_photo

Sweet Shrapnel, limited edition photograph on aluminum. Perfect for home, office, kitchen, restaurant and other displays. Collectible artwork.

For use and publication by Casner and Edwards.

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