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Meet Lisa Zarcone of Lisa Zarcone – Author/Advocate/Public Speaker/Inspirationist/Blogger – I am from Western Massachusetts

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lisa Zarcone.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I am the author of The Unspoken Truth A Memoir. My story is raw, riveting and real. I grew up in a very dysfunctional household as I describe in my book as the house of horrors. My mother was severely mentally ill and the abuse I sustained by her hands as well as others is nothing short of hideous. Unfortunately, my mother did not get the proper help and support and her poor judgment let me down a path that opened me up as prey for others who came to claim what was never theirs to take in the first place. I write my story through the eyes of a child giving the reader the child’s perspective of abuse right in the moment. My story starts out at the tender age of 6 years old losing my brother to Leukemia. That is when my little world came crashing down around me. I was young, innocent, scared and confused, with only loss of innocence and blind faith leading me through this unbelievable journey.
I decided to write my story about 8 years ago after the death of my father, with his passing it brought up a lot of old memories and feelings that I had buried so many years ago. I lived with this silent pain for far too long the emotional damage burst into overdrive. I did seek counseling and during that time I began to write down my story, and as I made it through the process I not only began to heal but I wrote my memoir! I became dedicated to seeing it through to publication, which I did on my own. I had to learn everything from soup to nuts. What a huge task, and learning experience, as this is my first book. I read, researched and studied everything that I could to help me through the process, and I made it happen. I am now a published author and with this accomplishment under my belt I pushed forward becoming a public speaker and Child Advocate/Massachusetts Ambassador through NAASCA (national association of adult survivors of child abuse). I use my title as a platform to share my story and raise awareness to these strong subjects that need to be talked about repeatedly until change can happen. My motto is “Embrace The Journey” because you never know what life may throw in your path.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The road that I traveled to get here was extremely hard in many ways. First of all writing my story through a child’s eyes I had to dig deep and tap into these old disturbing memories and not only write about it in the truest form, but deal with it at the same time. I had to mentally and emotional work through each memory one by one and it was really hard, painstaking at times. There were times when I would have to step away for a bit to take a breath. My story is so profound that some of my own writings still take my breath away and I have to remind myself I am OK.

Also, the process of writing, editing, formats, query letters, marketing, this was all new to me, and I had only myself to rely on. I did the research and I put in a lot of time studying in between living my daily life which is filled with my family. My husband and I are raising two of our grandchildren, so we are doing it all over again. They are ages 10 and 5. Our 5 year old grandson has autism, so I had to step away from the workforce to stay at home and care for him. This was another path of learning through ABA Services, learning sign language and a picture binder so we could communicate with him. This alone was a huge task, so I call myself the constant juggler of many hats. I spend my days continually switching from one mode to another.

The balance between all that I have to do daily, as well as my writing, advocating and blogging can prove to be challenging some days, but I am a firm believer in organization so I try to prioritize and stay in the moment of what I am trying to accomplish. This is easier said than done, but I manage to squeeze it all in. My grand-daughter calls me “Super Memah”

Lisa Zarcone – Author/Advocate/Public Speaker/Inspirationist /Blogger – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
As an advocate for child abuse/safety and mental health illness/stigmas I network every single day trying to get the word out there to raise awareness. As the Mass. Ambassador for NAASCA I use my voice to help others who have the same unspoken truth as myself. Our organization is on a mission to help, support those who struggle and offer hope. We are a guide helping others through the personal storm they are on. I also speak publicly and travel all over sharing my story to help promote healing, educate and bring awareness. Through my work I get people talking and that is what it is all about. The people who have suffered silently may feel now they have a voice because I raised mine. Others will talk because something I said resonated with them on such a level that now they want to stand up and ask the questions. As for educating, there is so much to learn from my story and  ( I  take out )  my next goal is to get my book into the hands of educators so that they can use my book as a teaching tool for our future social workers, therapists, health care workers, law makers/law enforcement.
I am well known for my Facebook Inspirational page, my poetry, and my blog on my website I reach people and touch their lives on a very special level. I am always amazed how people share their personal stories with me, feeling safe to do so.  ( I  capital )  know I am doing something special because people are responding in a positive way.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
There have been many proud moments like after I give an author talk and someone will come up to me and share something deep and painful, then tell me this is the first time they have ever said it out loud. How profound when you are the one inspiring someone else to finally step into the light and share. That is when the true healing can begin and to be a part of that is truly awesome.

I am proud that I accomplished this goal for myself being a published author of this very deep, dark story and to stand in front of a room full of people to talk about it with strength, conviction and confidence talk about coming full circle!

I am also proud to say that since the release of my book I have not had a “non-selling month”, which is exciting because its not about the money its about spreading the word! I am talking and people listening. This means that as my story continues to get out there into the world, I am promoting change. The next generation deserves to be safe, loved and protected and I am now a part of that.

My book is now in The Yale University Book Store and The Lillian Goldman Library at the Yale Law School, in New Haven CT. What a great accomplishment. Our future lawyers and law makers will now have the opportunity to read and study my book and help educate them what can happen behind closed doors. Also teaching (were) (should be where)  the responsibility lies when children are in need, and how easily it is for them to fall through the cracks. It all goes back to education.


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  • Instagram:lisaunspokentruth
  • Facebook:LisaZarcone11
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  • Other: Linkedin – Lisa Zarcone Author/Advocate    Amazon Author Central –Lisa Zarcone    Goodreads Author –Lisa Zarcone

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  1. Tiffany Davignon

    December 11, 2018 at 2:40 am

    You are so Amazing Lisa. You worked so hard to write your book and jumped through so many hoops to get it to where it is. And that’s only the start of where your book is going. I feel so blessed to know you and to share this lifetime with you. You are a much needed light in this world.
    You did a great job in your interview. You’re frickin FAMOUS!!!! And I’m your biggest fan!!

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