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Meet Cecilia Villero of Goddess Cecilia in Jamaica Plain

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cecilia Villero.

Cecilia, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I got into the sexuality field somewhat coincidentally, though I had always been interested in it and sought out a lot of the information on my own. While I was in grad school, I attended my first-ever Athena’s Home Novelties party, and eventually hosted my own party as well. After graduating with my Masters in Social Work, I found myself job-less and newly single in a city I was still exploring. It seemed like a good time to start my own side-gig with Athena’s to supplement whatever non-profit salary I was bound to have.

After some time, I was finding that the adults at the toy parties were asking really similar questions to the youth I was working with at my day job. When I was basically forced into unemployment by the lack of funding for youth programming, I decided to focus on sexuality education. At the end of the day, it made so much sense.

As a childhood sexual assault survivor, I pursued an MSW to work towards preventing sexual assault. As a Sexuality & Pleasure Educator, I get to do that by focusing on pleasure as a form of healing and self-care.

Has it been a smooth road?
From body and slut shaming to having too much misinformation, a career in sexuality and pleasure education comes with its own set of challenges. Since sex is still somewhat of a dirty word, choosing a career that focuses on helping people feel more comfortable as their sexual selves certainly comes with push back.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of companies or organizations that hire sex educators, so you really have to find your path on your own. There are a variety of resources out there, but showing up at different events and networking can be the most useful business-building activity. Getting started in the home party business was a great way to get a lot of the assistance and foundation-building of being a small business owner.

On a smaller scale, there have been the smaller bumps: coming home from a party without any sales, losing product at some point in the evening, having to climb up 3 flights of stairs with my presentation kit in the height of the summer. Yet, I always try to walk away from those not-so-successful events as potential learning experiences on how I can work smarter not harder.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
As Goddess Cecilia, I believe that even though most of the ocean remains unexplored, you are welcome to dive deep into the depths of your pleasures as a healthy and healing part of self-care. To help you relearn and reclaim your pleasure, I offer a variety of services that suite a variety of needs.

At an Athena’s Home Novelties party, I present pampering and pleasure products in the safety and comfort of your own home. Though adult toy parties are fun and entertaining, I truly enjoy being able to drop chunks of the sex and pleasure information that was missing from whatever sex ed we may or may not have had in our youth. After the party, if the short time in the private ordering room isn’t enough, I do offer private consultations

Through my Vulva/Body Crafts activity with my sex ed props, Voula the Vulva, I provide an engaging and tactile activity to get comfortable with the anatomy of pleasure. Though this service is mainly available in a workshop format, I can curate the workshop to fit any event. Voula the Vulva, a large representation of a vulva that opens up to expose the internal clitoris, already has quite a reputation. I am always honored when people recognize me because of my giant vulva.

For those who prefer their sex ed with a bit of whimsy, I offer quickie info bites while donning a mermaid tail (sometimes in tropical destinations) during my bi-monthly “Mermaid Monday” videos on my YouTube channel.

If want more in depth information, I also host a weekly live stream and chat on Tuesday evenings entitled “Waves of Pleasure” on O.School, an online platform that seeks to reduce sexual shame.

I am extremely proud to offer pleasure-centered, trauma-informed, culturally inclusive sexuality and pleasure education. To know that I have been a small part of supporting so many people in feeling a little more comfortable in their bodies brings me such profound joy.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Boston is a fantastic place for businesses like mine! Aside from all the colleges and universities which provide a captive audience of folks so eager to get the information that was often hidden from them, there is a constant influx of implants from other parts of the country. This also means there are potential clients in almost every situation.

While there are still many outdated and puritanical beliefs that permeate the culture, there is also an extremely rich sex positive community in Boston and parts of New England. Whether it’s about starting your own sex toy side-gig or facilitating a workshop, if you’re interested in exploring the sexuality field, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Because the field is still relatively new and growing, it truly does help to connect to the community.


  • Athena’s Home Novelties Parties – Free to Host; Products prices range from $3 to $169

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