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Meet Bernd Haussmann of Bernd Haussmann Studio in NorthShore

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bernd Haussmann.

Bernd, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
We were walking through the deep woods near my hometown in Germany. A warm summer day. There was this huge anthill. I watched closely, took a stick and poked into it. It was very exciting to see thousands of ants appear within seconds. My father told me to stop but within an instant I had destroyed a whole world, a delicately balanced ecosystem. My father was not angry with me but he explained what I had done, out of curiosity, innocence, and ignorance. How everything is part of everything and inevitably connected. How little we pay attention to our fragile environments in our self-centered selfishness. How every action causes a reaction.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I am an artist. I make art. Art is my passion and profession. Art is what I have been doing all my life. My definition of art making is never standing still and never playing it safe. So, obstacles are inevitable, anticipated, and embraced. They are part of the creative process, of the evolution of a work of art. Uncertainty is crucial in any attempt to go beyond what is.

There is of course also the obstacle of the art market, which is separate from the art making. There are always temptations: money, recognition, fame, buying love. Giving in to the egotistical me, my, mine, needs and wants. Any compromise in the publication of art will inevitably contaminate the product. Which to me means it is of no use, it has no value, I cannot learn from it, I cannot educate or share with anybody. It is not art.

Bernd Haussmann Studio – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
The longer I have been making art the more important it has become to me to share my concerns regarding our natural and political environment, the self and society, through the medium art.

Art can raise awareness and open us up to new ways of thinking and experiencing.

Art can lead to mindful dialogue and critical exchange, beyond social, ethnic or political boundaries and agendas. Art can stimulate selfless action and help create fruitful collaborations, to benefit not just a few but all of us, all living creatures and all that exists.

Art is not exclusive. Art is inclusive. Art is not about fame, power, monetary success or personal gain. Using my art to contribute valuable content and adding a critical voice is my biggest creative goal and my greatest intellectual ambition.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
When I see that my work resonates and I realize that some paint and marks on a surface turn into art, with the viewer’s contribution, in a moment of non-verbal exchange and connectedness.

When someone tells you that your art has enriched or changed his/her life.

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