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Meet Angela Thornton of Artisan Organics + Artisan Skin Care in Cape Cod

Today we’d like to introduce you to Angela Thornton.

Angela, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
A dream that came true 🙂 Artisan Skin Care’s location was once called Exteriors Skin Care and was in business for about 15 years. I then purchased the business and renamed her Artisan Skin Care!

It was a VERY trying time back in 2008, the economy hit the middle class really bad. I remember a friend of mine said “You’re either the biggest idiot, or the biggest genius right now?!”

So with that I took a leap of faith…We (boyfriend now husband, in-laws & I) did a HUGE renovation to Artisan (to say the least.) We put in new floors, rooms, walls, lights, paint, windows, furniture, bathroom, sinks, etc.

We have put a tremendous amount of blood, sweat, and tears into my business, and I couldn’t be more proud (and don’t regret a thing!).

So now with over 10 years in business (and growing) I am so very grateful!

During my 6th year of running my brick and mortar shop, Artisan Skin Care, the economy was struggling and thus, my small business in a tourist town was struggling, too. As an aesthetician who is passionate about using natural products, I started to get frustrated by the fact that I was buying and selling other people’s expensive products that in the end, didn’t even match my values because they weren’t all natural and I couldn’t even pronounce most of their ingredients.

I felt lost–I’d lost track of who I was, I’d lost track of my business, and I’d lost my passion for what I was doing. One night while eating dinner with my husband and expressing my frustration about where I had found myself, he suggested that if I was so fed up with the products that were available, I should just start making my own. Given that I had nothing to lose at this point, I agreed with him.

Shortly thereafter, I connected with a Biologist who was starting a school geared towards people who wanted to make their own skincare products. She suggested that I become her student and because it felt meant-to-be, I took her up on the offer. The rest, as they say, is history! The floodgates opened from there and another business was born; Artisan Organics!

Creating Artisan Organics has been another dream come true and these little products and the science experiments behind them have helped me rediscover myself, my passion, and my cause. Each and every one of my products are created by hand with love and passion for nature, human beings, the earth, and the circle of life.

I am so grateful to all of my clients for coming on this journey with me and I look forward to continuing to spread the word about natural skin care treatments and products as I grow my spa and my product line and share my love for science and nature with the world.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I was actually homeless when I first bought my business to be honest with you. I was reading the want ads in the newspaper at a local pizzeria. And I saw there was a spa for sale in Orleans. Let me make something clear. Yes I was technically homeless. But I always had a job in fact I worked at a very well-known resort during the day and made pizzas at night. I was homeless but never helpless. I’m very proud of this.

Anyways, I drove down to check out the spa. Having no money on me… I went ahead and met with the owner. Her name was Carole. We liked each other from the start. She explained to me that her biggest problem right now besides selling her business was she needed coverage for the month because she was going on vacation to Florida.

I agreed that I could help her.

As the month went on I fell in love with the 400 square-foot little space and I fell even more in love with the customers. Carole came back from her trip and said

“OK… Let’s talk business. I like you, and the customers really like you. So what do you say will you buy the business?

I paused… And confessed the truth… “Carole? I have no money… In fact I’m in and out of homes right now to be completely honest. Carol took a much needed deep breath and said “Ok, tell me why you want this business and I wanna know the truth?”

I replied with watery eyes “Because I know I can make this place better than it’s ever been.” Carol smirked and said “Is that all?” And I replied with my head looking down “Also because I would be the first person in my family to have their own business… I just need a chance… one chance.” At that point Carole changed the course of my life and said “Angie? That car that you are driving… Do you make car payments on that car?” I replied “Yep.” (I wanted to die of embarrassment at this point.) “Can you give me payments like you would your car?”… I looked up puzzled? And said “Ummm? Yeah? I can do that.”

“OK. Sold. The spa is yours…congratulations.

And that’s how I bought my first business.

(I tell this story not for pity, but to remind people there is always another way. So be open minded so you can find your way.)


As far as current business challenges and obstacles it’s the same as any other business goes… The usual, hard to find good help, keeping the shelves stocked with my products, no real bedtime, late dinners, 15 minute lunch breaks, and working the 10-12 hour days. I guess though for my personal business challenges is to keep the positive energy, education, and encouragement to my customers to follow our brand; Healthy products means healthy skin.

But I do like the challenges in a way… which is the curse of the entrepreneur.

All you have to remember is challenges and obstacles are good for you, they exercise your patience, stamina and Faith.

The only wall you have to climb, is your own.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
A whole-hearted, holistic, skin care experience based on your individual needs. I am passionate about providing professional skin care treatments using real ingredients from nature to encourage your natural beauty.

I’m a licensed holistic aesthetician of eighteen years, I have been offering holistic skin care services for seven years now. I don’t follow trends, I’m against fear-based and image defamation beauty advertising. I want to FREE you from relying on harmful chemicals and allow you to simplify your skin care routine and go with what nature intended.

Your long-term skin health is my priority so I keep my prices accessible to make consistent care possible. I believe that regular holistic facials are not a luxury, they’re a necessity (but a luxurious one, nonetheless!). I pay extreme attention to every detail that goes into my services and formulas; I use only high quality ingredients and products, I set the bar when it comes to hygiene, and I personalize every aspect of your experience.

Artisan Skin Care and Artisan Organic’s clients are women that are free-spirited, independently fabulous, and are not going to accept the fake beauty industry or their fake chemical damaging products! But instead would rather love themselves naturally.

My clients have one thing in common, they are people who simply CARE.

They care and value themselves enough to enjoy only holistic skin care treatments and healthy products. They care about their skin, their health, and their environment. They are true natural beauties. They are looking for natural alternatives to the toxic, animal-tested, environmentally-polluting products that exist in the commercial beauty world.

When people are confronted with the image of beauty, we believe they need encouragement NOT intimidation, positivity not negativity.

Our brand message is simple: if you want to be beautiful, then you must be kind to yourself. My holistic facials and products teach you how to do this. Be Organic. Be Natural. Be You.

Someone asked me once “Angie why is a facial so important?” I responded with “Because people will tend to forget your name, before they forget your face.”

What were you like growing up?
I was a wild child that kept to herself mostly…I loved music (still do) in fact, I followed music more than friends. Lol. I hated school but I loved to learn. I loved science and history. I wasn’t much into sports but I liked gym it seemed to help burn some of the ADHD off…Lol. I was very original and authentic. I didn’t follow any kind of trends whatsoever. Perhaps that’s what made me such an outcast little nerd. 🙂 I was shy, but at the same time up for anything. I loved the outdoors, hiking, biking, swimming, the arts, and nature. Some of my fondest memories was walking with my Grandfather in his garden. He was an Indian (Native American) and would show me the different types of plants. He told me the plants were magic, because they can heal people and animals. This excited me so much and I wanted to keep learning more about it! So from a young age I made it my passion to find out more about holistic health.


  • Artisan Organics Cleansing Oil $38
  • Artisan Organics Soothing Rose Milk Exfolaint $28
  • Artisan Organics Calendula Healing Oil $28
  • Artisan Organics Rose Hydrosol $18
  • Artisan Organics Cucumber Hydrosol $18
  • Artisan Customized Facial $155
  • Artisan Signature Facial $115
  • Artisan Elite Facial $210
  • Artisan Brazilian Wax $65

Contact Info:

  • Address: 195 Route 6A
    Unit 5 Orleans, MA 02653
  • Website: /
  • Phone: 7742121827
  • Email: /
  • Instagram: artisanskincare
  • Facebook: @artisanorganic / @artisanskincarecapecod
  • Yelp: Artisan Skin Care
  • Other: Google: Artisan Skin Care & Artisan Organics

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Lydia Leclair Photography , Jeff Smith Photographer, Chris Esper Stories in Motion, Model: Hayley Sanders

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