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Inspiring Stories from Quincy

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Quincy and surrounding areas below.

Matthew Peck, CFP®, Derek Gregoire, and Keith Ellis

The principals of SHP Financial joined together in 2003 to offer independent retirement and financial planning devoted to the conservation of assets and lifetime income. After spending their initial years in finance working for a larger brokerage firm, they quickly realized that they wanted to be independent. They didn’t want to be beholden to any particular bank or institution, forced to offer only their particular products to clients regardless of what may be in their best interest. So, in 2003, they came together to start their own independent financial and retirement planning firm and have built it to the industry leaders we are today. Read more>>

Andreia Makkas

I went to Lesley University and completed my Human Services course and worked in this area for 6 years. I was always trying to fulfill an empty spot inside me and I discovered that art was my passion and most likely the art of photographing people. I went back to school at New England School of Photography and learned photography. from then I become very involved to the Professional Photographers Association of America and MA and acquired my Craftsman degree, became a certified Photographer and it all made me a better professional giving me the confidence and providing my clients a great experience when they’re photographed. Read more>>

Suzanne Lee

I have been baking since I was 12 years old. I would bake cinnamon rolls and bring them to my mother’s work on my bike. I have always had a dream of opening a bakery. I have been baking at home and delivering my finished products. I named my company after my mother. We lost her when she was 47. We miss her everyday. I think her name on my bakery makes very special to me. It has been a bit of a struggle trying to get my name out in the community. I do have customers that order frequently which does help. I also have a newly designed website. Read more>>

Steve & Ed

S&E Auto Sales started out in 1985 in a one bay garage on route 53 in Weymouth, MA. My cousin Steve and I were only 20 years old when we decided to start our business. We had a small amount of capital and no equipment, but our passion for cars helped us quit our jobs and open a small repair shop. Steve and I were the only two employees, but we took on all repairs major or minor, and even had to change oil on our backs before we could afford a car lift. Although our repair shop was not fancy, Steve and I were honest, hard-working, and inexpensive compared to the other big-name car shops. As word of mouth spread, business rapidly picked up. Read more>>


We started with a few friends and an idea that car service can be run by genuinely nice people, two unflattering cars, hard work, networking, trial by fire, and determination. We painstakingly researched the industry. Our founding partners each took an area of the business and gathered key background intel on what it would take to launch a fruitful and profitable car service with a team first attitude that cared. We applied for and was granted a federal government contract to transport MassHealth clients for the state of Massachusetts. Read more>>

Colleen Coughlin

One Christmas morning when I was 3 years old, I was awoken to a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy kissing my face. I was hooked on puppy kisses ever since! I started volunteering at local animal shelters when I was young and have worked at local Animal Hospitals. I realized I was the happiest, not sitting at a desk, but getting to help and spent time with animals! I at that point had multiple people asking for pet sitting and decided to build a team of true animal lovers that is now known as Boston’s Crazy Dog Ladies! Read more>>

Mark Kilduff and John Heisler

My Grandfather was a Boston Cop. In 1919, he was involved in the strike. He was forced to fend for 6 children so he started pushing a Fruit Cart in Roslindale Square. By the time the 1940s arrived my Dad was in the Navy as a See Bee. He was honorably discharged and started helping his dad sell produce to the area merchants. From there it morphed into a company still running to this day providing fresh produce to the Boston / Massachusetts Area as far south as the Cape and North shore and inland alike. Read more>>

Therese Desmond

A desire to combine my interest in art with large scale public garden design led me to my early work which ranged from designing park facilities and playgrounds for the City of Quincy, streetscape designs for Miami Beach, seascape landscaping in Provincetown and community planning work with the City of Boston. Over the years in my position as Superintendent of Milton Cemetery, I have helped to uncover and enhance the natural beauty of this 104 acre historic garden cemetery designed by contemporaries of Frederick Law Olmstead. The many visitors to the cemetery enjoy passive recreation and quiet contemplation within a landscape that is a natural setting for gardens, art and wildlife. Read more>>

Tommy Mills

I grew up in Somerville where I got my street smarts then my high school years in Holbrook where I found my lifelong friends. I worked at Thom McAn selling shoes through my first three years of college, 2 years at Massasoit Community and a few months at UMass Boston. I dropped out of College in 1991 to move to Hollywood to be an actor. I had no acting experience. My best friend and I drove across the country and on our way to CA, stopped in Vegas. I loved it. Instead of going to Hollywood I got obsessed by Vegas and learned how to play every game, as well as a love for the nightlife. Read more>>

Ellyn Moller

It’s as if each piece in the collection has a secret. Each piece held special meaning to its original owner who’s wish it was to donate it to the Milton Art Museum. Items came from local families and collectors who believed art was to shared and the museum supported. From homes, through travels, and via private collections, the museum proudly exhibits over 270 objects of Asian and Western origin. This is the spirit in which the museum was founded. Our vision is to maintain the mission of the Milton Art Museum which is to exist as a local cultural center to exhibit art objects for the enjoyment of adults and children. Read more>>

Michelle Lydon

Michelle Lydon purchased the business from her father and became the owner of Lydon Funeral Home. At this time, she decided to take a risk and change the name of the funeral home to Lydon Chapel. This new name brought new meaning to her business, rather than being just a funeral home Michelle transitioned her business into a spiritual chapel not only for funerals but also for weddings. Being a Justice of the Peace for over 2000 weddings and being a funeral director for over 25 years, over 100 cases a year, Michelle finds balance in not only helping people in the remembrance process of their loved ones but also sharing in the celebration of joining two people together on their wedding day. Read more>>

Kerry Hopkins

I started working for Leni’s Textiles after college in 1982 as a handweaver. The company was owned at the time by Ms. Leni Joyce, who was an interior decorator in the Boston area, as well as the owner of a showroom in The Boston Design Center. I continued working with the company, often weaving at home, as I raised three children. In 1999 the mill moved from Watertown to Canton and at that time, I became Production Manager and Senior Designer. I took on the role of Vice President in 2007. This past January, I bought the company from Leni’s son, Mark Albion, and became President & CEO. Leni’s, Inc. Textiles weaves luxury upholstery fabrics for the private aircraft industry, as well as high-end interior design firms. Read more>>

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