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Inspiring Stories from Quincy

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Quincy and surrounding areas below.

Harry Roulet

My love for filmmaking began in high school in 2002. I took a video production class as an elective and I knew right then and there that I would pursue this as a career. I studied film and Video Production at Fitchburg State College where I discovered my passion for Cinematography and Business. Read more>>

Jake Krajeski, Adam Pratt

Alpha Omega Hobby started as a couple of lifelong gamers who wanted a place to reflect what the ideal hobby game shop should be. With nearly two decades of experience in the hobby and gaming industry, and more than three decades of business management, we felt ready to tackle the challenges associated with operating this kind of business. Read more>>

Robyn Fatseas

As far back as I can remember I knew I wanted to work with children when I got older. As a 5th grader I decided to be a therapist; in fact, I began providing “therapy” during classroom downtime that year. I offered an ear for anyone who wanted to problem solve, or just needed someone to listen. Read more>>

Yulia Berry

I grew up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the beautiful city built by finest Italian architects, with its fascinating palaces, parks, canals, suburbs and rich cultural life. There I fell in love with the flute – a beautiful music instrument, which sound reminds me of a female voice. Read more>>

Janine Halloran

Even when I was in elementary school, I knew that I wanted to work with children when I grew up. My first jobs involved kids – I worked as a camp counselor and a neighborhood babysitter. Read more>>

Candace Bouffard

As a cape cod native I always wanted a clothing brand, went to MassArt in Boston to study graphic & fashion design. Created the brand Beach Bum Surf Co. combining my love for surfing and the beach with fashion, love of cape cod. Read more>>

Francisco Marques-Nichols

My family has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Whether it was hotels, housekeeping, personal assistant; you name it, we have done it. So you could say I had always been around the service industry. Read more>>

Adasha Sage

I was born and raised in a religious commune called the Twelve Tribes. I left at age 15 where my aunt took me in for a little bit. I was really lost in a big scary “outside” world and not sure what or where i wanted to go in life. Read more>>

Samantha Gottlich

Throughout my life, I’ve used art to express myself. I play guitar and sing. I’ve published poems and copy wrote and directed plays. I’ve acted in musicals and modeled. About a year ago, I was in the hospital for a heart procedure and was diagnosed with Lupus and Chronic Pericarditis. Read more>>

Mikel Wisler

I became involved with The River Church in 2010. This was small and unique faith community dedicated to diversity and unafraid to deal with really big and scary questions about life’s meaning. All perspectives are welcome and we don’t have to agree to get along. Read more>>

Debbi Kickham

Debbi K. Kickham is a former Editor of Robb Report Magazine – “The Millionaire’s Magazine” ( — and a current and veteran member of the Society of American Travel Writers, A professional travel journalist for more than 25 years, Debbi has criss-crossed the globe. Read more>>

Ricardo Lopez

In 2008 I was living in Washington DC, at the time I was a lobbyist and a political activist. It was around 2010 that I moved to New England to help a friend of mine run for congress. After the campaign I decided to make Boston my home despite the cold weather, at the time I had become sick of the beltway and I needed a change in scenery. Read more>>

Leslie Libeskind, Kimberly Morin

In 1996, Leslie Libeskind was working from home running her small sales promotion and advertising company. After years in the marketing department at Polaroid, Leslie was happy to have the freedom that running a small, home-based business provided. Read more>>

Cara Finnerty Coleman

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was very young, I even wrote and illustrated a little handmade book when I was three. If I recall correctly it was about my friends in the neighborhood and probably made no sense at all, but the passion was there even way back then. Read more>>

Michael F. DuBois

I’ve thought about my artistic journey quite a bit and I’m fairly certain that it began when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was pregnant with me and faced quite a battle ahead and I think that it truly put her, and eventually me, into the mindset of talking openly, loving fully, and living with intention. Read more>>

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