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Inspiring Stories from Quincy

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Quincy and surrounding areas below.

Christopher E. Sawin

After high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I had neither career goals nor future ambitions in general. About six months after my high school graduation, I had decided that I needed some sort of foundation in my life if I wanted to succeed. I visited the military recruiting offices in Brockton, Massachusetts and decided that the United States Marine Corps was a good fit for me given my twelve years of Boy Scouting and outdoor experience. Three months after swearing into the military, I had the highest honor of earning the title, United States Marine, a title that would define, shape, and guide who I am today as well as whom I want to be in the future. Read more>>

Joseph McGee

It really started with my passion for writing and telling stories. I self-published my first non-fiction book in November 2016 and re-published under a publisher in September 2018 titled, “Leadership Lessons Inspired By a Six-Year-Old.” From here — I started to film video reenactment of my book. In October of 2017, this led me to my fiction book titled, “The White House Is Fake,” which also led to video production. In August 2017 we filmed at an airport, library, police department and under the highway. Read more>>

Ace Eversley

I’m from Mount Vernon, NY, graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a BA in Marketing, and now live in the Greater Boston Area. I am the founder & CEO of Liquor Made Special, LLC – a bartending & promotion company – servicing all of New England. Liquor Made Special (LMS) officially became a legal entity in 2013, but it was a part of me long before that. I’ve always been someone who enjoyed hosting friends & associates wherever I lived. Read more>>

Jaimee Cooke

In elementary school, a visiting artist looked at me and said: “Jaimee, you are going to teach art when you grow up.” Twenty years later, here I am, both an art teacher and an artist! I studied graphic design at Boston University after transferring from Massachusetts College of Art where I took all of my foundational art classes. I decided to make the switch to BU when I found out that they had a five-year program which would allow me to earn my bachelors studying graphic design while simultaneously working towards a masters degree in Art Education. Read more>>

Sean Lunny

I’ve always been a confident person and have always have been outgoing and a total extrovert. I have been given a knack to connect with people of all ages, religions, colors, and creed which has allowed people to open up to me even when it was necessary for them to do so. Back in my earlier years growing up and in high school, I could never figure out why people got social anxiety or didn’t want to talk or go out. Read more>>

Vyju Prasad (Iyengar)

Dance is who I am but I could not have been all of who I am if not for the people who have supported me through the thick and thin of it all. So, the story of how I got started would have to go back to when I was four years old! For any parent who pays for any extra lessons of any sort knows that it is not cheap! If this is the case today, can you imagine the case 36 years ago? My parents and my brother were and still are my champions and always supported me in my decision to take up dancing. No one in my extended family had ever danced Bharatanatyam, but that didn’t stop me or my parents from taking it on. Read more>>

Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon

I’m a former public educator who spent nearly 20 years teaching high school before resigning and becoming an entrepreneur. The HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery is the product of what I saw as a need in my community of East Providence, as there was nothing quite like it here. HeARTspot provides a cultural center in the city, offering classes for all ages, a gallery, and a gift shop featuring the work of local artists and artisans. I like to view it as accessible to all, as I strive to create a welcoming environment for anyone who would like to learn more about the benefits of creating, appreciating or collecting art. Read more>>

Van Latimore III and Rashaud Garner

I am a husband and father of four. My kids range from 15, 13, 7 and 5. My youngest was fully adopted to our family in 2016 of December but has always been a part of our family since she was four months. I started Platinum City Gaming in 2014. What made me start PCG was the passion I had for the gaming community. Video games being a huge pastime of mine I always have seen it much more than that. I always enjoyed gaming not only with myself but with friends and family. I wanted to create a place that not only you could go just to play games but to experience it with those who are close to you. Read more>>

Stellios Karastamatis

Born and raised inside the food industry, and for as long as I can remember myself, I would always be working inside a kitchen. I’ve been through every single position, from cleaning dishes and floors, preparing food, doing deliveries and working the line. As a kid, I loved to cook and when my parents used to own a pizza store in Fall River, I remember myself on top of a stove, making my own food. Years later in college, we owned a pizza-breakfast shop in Braintree. I would go to school in the morning, work at my parents shop in the afternoon, and then my uncle’s pizza store on the weekend’s. Read more>>

Sarah Nobles

I grew up in retail. My mother owned a bridal shop and I used to go to work with her and “help.” She would give me little jobs like picking up all of the pearls that had fallen off of the sample gowns. It was like a treasure hunt to me. I spent countless hours in that store watching and learning. When I was in college, I managed the bridal shop until my mother retired and sold the business. Even though I got my degree in psychology, I kept going back to retail. Read more>>

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