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An Artistic Voyage: exploring local creative and artistic works

Raw, unfiltered creative expression – from stories and photographs to illustrations and paintings – is at the heart of the BostonVoyager.    In the coming weeks you’ll find in-depth conversations with many of the artists and creatives we’ve been introduced to lately, but below you’ll find a sneak peak of some of the art and artists that we’ve been most excited about recently.


Boston harbor sailing ⛵️ . . . . #sailing #boats #bostonharbor #bostonian

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Laying in the open fields of @devilstowernps just past sunset, I left two cameras running timelapses, sent a farewell signal to @jwalter1337, and promptly curled up in my sleeping bag. I woke up in what seemed like 8 hours later, with the night sky and milky way shimmering perfectly in line with Devils Tower. After 11 days on the road, constantly moving and filming for an upcoming @pamolacreative documentary, I somehow found myself getting the best hour of the sleep I'd had in a long while. My head had slowly become a swirling cacophony of thoughts and lessons learned out on the Western plains, and the stillness of Devils Tower finally left everything at ease. They say when making a documentary, one should strive to obtain a PhD on the topic in which they're covering. I can't have a PhD in the way of the Lakota, and I can't ever really know the depth to their own suffering, though I think it's important to try. What I can know and understand is their connection to these wild places, a spiritual haven where native people found sustinence, meaning, and solace for thousands of years. It's hard not to imagine the thousands of men and women who might have slept out here in these fields once and woken up to the stars just like these. I know it happened, and therein lies our real connection with each other. #thatsWY #wyoming #visitwyoming @visitwyoming #devilstower #devilstowernationalmonument @devilstowernps

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peeky zakim

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dreamy summer nights✨

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