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Our Favorite Foodies

Boston’s food scene is one of the most vibrant in the nation – but without the city’s prolific foodies, many of us would be in the dark about much of the amazing new food offerings in town. Their photos, blog posts and insta and snapchats bring Boston’s food culture to life. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite local foodies below.



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A delicious first visit to @flatbreadbrighton. ✨🍕🍧✨

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Thought I get you all little close up on our Infamous Titi Monkey cocktail @cafeartscience since, I get plenty of DM every time we do Instagram stories on this particular drink. The cocktail is inspired by a critically endangered Titi Monkeys found mostly in Peru, Southern Colombia and Brazil. It is estimated that a population reduction of 80% has occurred over the last 25 years due to massive deforestation of this species' preferred habitat as a result of increased human population pressure and intensification of agricultural activities and a lack of concrete conservation activities and for human pet. Recipe : Matcha, Sandalwood,Sugarcane, Egg white, Pisco, orange peel & Lemon. Garnish : edible printed monkey in a suit & Passionfruit flavor soy lecithin emulsion edible foam #bostonmixdrink #bartender #cocktail #makeitnice #titimonkey

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Chocolate rum and chestnut trifle. #dorchester #boston #dessert

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Who else is in the mood for some burrata 🍕 @oldrosenyc?! #GirlsWhoEatNYC

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First time to @lamplighterbrew #beer #brewery

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