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Trailblazers: Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Natalia Provencher

I truly feel that my first start in this need to capture love, was when my parents adopted me and my two siblings from Ukraine. My parents tell the story that when we first saw each other that we locked eyes, and had a moment of love at first sight. Read more>>

Jennifer A. Cabot

I have spent many years serving in the capacity as a counselor, teacher, and mentor. In 2014, I earned my Dr. Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Certification in a near short four months. With a sharp awareness brewing and an undeniable blossoming into my intuitive gifts. Read more>>

Hannah Kazilionis

I can’t begin to discuss where I am today without recognizing where I came from. I grew up in beautiful chaos. Divorced, loving parents, three older siblings, two cats, two dogs, two ferrets, two goats, and many chickens. Our family was complicated, but passionate about getting the most out of life. Read more>>

Ashley Herron Shultz

Feeling beautiful was something I struggled with growing up. But then, my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and my great-grandmother diagnosed with breast cancer – I felt a shift of truly understanding what it meant to be and feel beautiful. Read more>>

Kate Teixeira

I loved the industry but was unsure on where I fit in. It wasn’t until I obtained my lash certification that I instantly knew I found my niche. I fell in love with it. I worked extremely hard and with a lot of determination, My business has been open for two 1/2 years now. Read more>>

Alex Gallant

I started working with clay while going to college in Vermont. I took one ceramics course and fell in love pretty quickly. It was messy, my pots were imperfect, and I was so inspired. I started spending a lot of time at the studio, signed up for another class, and learned a lot from watching other potters at the studio. Read more>>

Kelly Williams

It all began the first day of junior year in high school. I sat down in Mr. Harney’s Intro to Graphic Design, he began explaining what the class would be teaching, he talked about fonts and how they are an art called Typography. That day, I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. Read more>>

Kari Long

I’ve always wanted to be an artist as far back I can remember. I had a play easel and would collect as much art materials that I could find. When I was finally able to choose a career, I never thought it was realistic because of the stigma that comes with being an artist. Read more>>

Ashley Claudino

My journey into hairdressing started when I was in my teens. I remember practicing hair and makeup ideas on myself as well as my mom. I would sit there for hours and just practice! seemed like a fun hobby at the time and from there I would style friends hair for formal events! Read more>>

Ana Zavodini

Ana started her passion six years ago, started art by doing brow for helping clients with some issue like cancer survivors, alopecia or even for who is not good doing their own makeup, but she does not only does eyebrow she is a Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo she also do lips, eyeliner areola reconstruction, stretch mark camouflage, scar, vitiligo… Read more>>

Eryka Shea Wilson

Three years ago, I was introduced to the products associated with a network marketing organization called Arbonne International. I had been struggling for years with weight loss and I had tried literally everything under the sun (including a gastric bypass). Long story short, it worked and continued to work. Collectively, I have lost over 100 pounds with their 30-day program. I had a background in pharmaceutical and healthcare business and I was working for a start-up pharmaceutical company outside of Cambridge at the time. I was doing well for myself at the time. I quickly learned about the income potential and the time freedom and financial freedom that came with using the products and sharing a global business. Read more>>

Raya Al-Hashmi

I got started in business branding photography through an innate desire to document and share peoples’ genius. It began as a passion and hobby and turned into a profession and lifestyle. I studied journalism at the University of New Hampshire and after completing my degree was faced with a world where journalism looked different than what was taught. I knew that I needed to create the outlet, and so was born my company. Read more>>

Betsy Keeney

I was the kind of kid who spent hours handcrafting holiday gifts for family and friends growing up, and loved every minute of it! In high school, I spent all of my free time in the art room, and in college and beyond, I took classes and dabbled in many different art disciplines. One such class was Silversmithing, taken in Harvard Square, back in the late seventies. A couple of years later, what I learned, enabled me to go out into my parent’s backyard, light up the torch, and make my brother’s and his future wife’s gold wedding bands. Read more>>

Heidi Powell

I grew up in my mother’s garden. That’s where I roamed around and played in the summer. Everything smelled like tomato plants; my hands, my clothes, my mom. Today, it is still one of my favorite smells. Watching and helping my mom grow our food I learned a respect for the love and work that goes into it. I went to college for photography at Maine College of Art but food still called me back. When in school, I worked at a record store and, because I wanted to be around food, as a cook, working on the line in a few different restaurants around Portland. After school, even with ‘career’ jobs, I always kept my hands in cooking with a part-time line cook position here and there. Read more>>

Beth Falk

I’ve long been interested in the way our agricultural and food systems play a role in environmental and social issues. I started my career as an environmental lawyer, and after many detours along the way, I moved into specialty food in 2013. I started working in a cheese shop more or less on a whim, thinking it might be fun to learn more about cheese – and then, I got hooked. The art, science, and history behind this amazing food are all fascinating. While working in retail at another shop, I started volunteering with the Massachusetts Cheese Guild, and that gave me the opportunity to see things from the dairy farmers’ and cheesemakers’ perspective. Read more>>

Natalya DeSena

Photography has been my biggest passion since I was a little girl. From a young age I was obsessed with creative imagery, visual storytelling, and the power of freezing a memory with a photograph. My father was a hobby photographer so I grew up with a darkroom in my basement. I watched him develop film for hours every week. My Grandmother was also a photographer and she never went anywhere without a camera. I watched her obsessively capture every moment of life. Read more>>

Raini Callahan

For me, this path has been so extremely gradual to the point that I only really recently realized how long I’ve been interested in social media and film. When I was little, I would always write scripts for my friends and me to act out or they would tell ghost stories while I would film them on my iPod Nano. I didn’t have any social media until I was a sophomore in high school, and from there, I became highly interested in modeling, photography, and YouTube. While I never really considered it anything more than a hobby, I desperately wanted to start a YouTube channel, so I could finally have a place to put all those projects I was still making. Read more>>

Allysa Hartnett

The first moment that comes to mind of where my love for makeup came from was when I was about 9 years old and my sister pulled out eyelash curlers to curl my eyelashes for a mini makeover. I was both frightened and excited at the same time. I grew up watching my mom and sister always wearing makeup so naturally, my obsession with makeup began in middle school. My cousin was also interested in makeup as well and we loved playing with eyeshadows and eyeliner. She introduced me to my first foundation which was Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline and my life was changed! Read more>>

Jill Tilton

Approximately 5 years ago, I started my journey with makeup. Growing up, I was a very creative person & a lover of all things art, I knew after high school, I wanted to incorporate art in my day to day life, but was not sure how I’d be able to do so since I was going to school for Nursing. While in school, I got a job at a local Salon and Spa and was introduced to YouTube, Carli Bybel, and the entire beauty community. I was so intrigued, that I decided to stop school and focus on working full time. Read more>>

Jenn Wood

My early life involved moving quite a bit between Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois. This offered meeting many types of people and experiencing varied cultures, but also had some less desirable aspects. My family lived in rural and suburban towns. My parents were supportive of my academic and artistic interests and encouraged me to pursue the work I was passionate about. Read more>>

Lisa Beattie

The Stones Common House & Kitchen started as a conversation between friends at a party. Just a few, short years later, we turned our dream into a reality. With all of the owners local to Stoneham, we thought it was the best home for our first venture into the world of restaurant ownership. My husband, James and myself take care of the front of the house operations, while our partner and talented chef, Patrick Campbell is responsible for all of the magic that happens in the kitchen. We have been open since April of 2018, and we are so happy with the way business has been going so far. Read more>>

Shanna Crowell

Adventure, perseverance, curiosity, and love have been woven into my very being since the womb. When my mother was seven months pregnant, the Blizzard of ’78 barreled into Rhode Island, dropping feet of fast-piling snow and leaving her and her car stranded on the side of the road. That day, I had my first taste of adventure and took my first snowmobile ride to the safety of a school doubling as a shelter. For three days, my mother slept on a cot and ate hot dogs and beans before being brought back to our home. Read more>>

Sarah Ghelfi

Two years ago, I decided to branch out on my own, opening a small, one room hair studio featuring organic hair products & holistic color lines. I have since expanded to offer a nine student capacity  event studio, and a four chair hair studio. Lotus is currently looking for one stylist to join the team and looking to expand offerings in both studios. Nothing is ever a smooth road! I opened my studio initially with just my savings! I didn’t qualify for a loan because I was so young. I wondered what would happen if my clients didn’t follow me when I switched salons, product lines, etc. It was amazing the amount of support I got from my clients! I feel so humbled and truly lucky to have such amazing clients. Read more>>

Manaelle Danier and Bianca Falite

Rosemary Park Hair Salon was established in 2011. My husband and I bought the business from the previous owners in October 2016, I am a Hair Stylist and have always wanted to start my own business since I was a young girl. Even though my husband is an Aerospace Engineer, he managed to help me out to get my dream to become a reality. This was such a blessing from God to be able to open this Hair Salon to provide great service to the community. Our focus in that business is to help people feel better and look even more beautiful and confident when they leave the Salon. Read more>>

Elizabeth McCarthy

I always knew something was off with my body. As a child, I was often feverish and fatigued, with no explainable cause. I had shingles at a young age, and was often sick, the result of a poor immune system. This continued into my teenage years. I wanted answers, and I had anything but that. I start nursing school in 2010. My first year was hard, as expected, but my fatigue & frequent bathroom trips made it hard to be present both academically and socially. Read more>>

Elaine Alibrandi

As a child, I could never stay inside the lines of my coloring books. In fact, I disregarded those contours as if they didn’t exist. In grammar school I was “the kid who could draw.” I also began writing poetry at about 12 years old, and when my teachers would choose my poems to read to the class, I felt very complimented when the other kids accused me of stealing poetry “out of a book.” After being urged by a Catholic nun, who posed as a guidance counselor, to forget college and become a file clerk or stenographer like a normal girl, I attended Massachusetts College of Art to study fine arts and art history. Read more>>

Bri McCorkell

Living my dream of serving + empowering women, from home, on my own schedule, teaching workshops in my community, coaching women all over the U.S, being with my two kiddos the way that I want + living the lifestyle I used to dream about. I’m building a life that I love. Read more>>

Jenny Ravikumar

Yoga started over a decade ago for me; a time when I was young, easily heartbroken and unaware of the potential living within me. I began attending classes with my mom during my senior year of college and soon moved my practice to a hot power yoga studio with a carpet. Read more>>

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