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Trailblazers: Mattapan

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Mattapan that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Jocelyn Goodwin

I was hired as a Founding Second Grade Teacher for Match’s first elementary school in the summer of 2011. I taught second grade for two years, which were my tenth and eleventh years of teaching. Read more>>

Nyviana Colon

I went to Boston Arts Academy, the only performing arts school in the date of Massachusetts. I studied theatre and also discovered many other talents like; painting, music, photography writing, poetry and the love of spoken word. Read more>>

Latayven Peevy-Moore

Makeup was never something I was really interested in but I gave it a try, ever since then I fell in love and I encourage everyone to try something different that they never thought about because you really just might surprise yourself. Read more>>

Tekeisha Meade

After being teased from elementary all the way to high school, I knew that I had to reclaim my beauty and feel more confident. Initially, I turned to makeup as a way to hide my eczema scars which are on my face, but makeup quickly turned into an art. Read more>>

Teresa P Joyner

It’s funny, besides the fact that I gave all of my Barbie dolls different hairstyles, I actually didn’t know that I had a love / passion for hair until my high school guidance counselor saw a haircut that I did on one of my classmates, lol. Read more>>

Naya Barcelona

I’ve always been around art as a child but started taking a liking to make up once I got to college and started modeling in an on-campus troupe. I also used to do my face up as best as I could when I would go out to events with roommates. Read more>>

Tracey Azor

I was super nervous because I’ve never done makeup for anyone else besides myself, so I felt like I bit off more than I could chew. I did it and the experience was overwhelming but I knew from then on I this is what I wanted to do. Read more>>

Seth Campbell

To be honest I never really had any intention of going into or even becoming a photographer. For one I had my sights set on other things that had no correlation to it. Read more>>

Roshelle Johnson

Today I am a proud graduate student at Hult and this is because of my unwavering commitment to excellence. For me, this is a dream come true, as the possibilties of someone like myself studying in the United States are very slim. Read more>>

Jeanne Cutrona

Over the course of my life journey, I have experienced abundant joys and blessings, as well as significant challenges and loss. For many years, I found respite from life stressors in a regular, vigorous exercise routine, but over time that was not enough. Read more>>

Catherine Laroche

I was brought up in a rural town in Québec, Canada. After getting a Fine Arts degree from John Abbott College in Montréal, which is where I met my now fiancé and business partner. I then moved to the east coast to attend the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. There, I was inspired by the most incredible professors and was able to hone my skills in the field of ceramics. Read more>>

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