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Trailblazers: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Back Bay, Beacon Hill & South End that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Jessie Westreich

Singing and dancing has been apart of my identity for as long as I can remember. When I was young while being involved in choir I also attempted multiple sports including soccer, basketball, and track/cross country. Read more>>

Jackie Foster

I began my love for music at a very early age. At the age of eight, I fell in love with musical theater and my aspiration to perform on stage only grew as I became older. I began to expand my vocal techniques by exploring other genres. Read more>>

Adriana Grimaldi

I’ve been blessed enough to work in some of the most awarded salons and alongside some of the top hairstylists in the city of Boston. That alone has kept me loving what I do. It makes me feel amazing that I’m doing my part in making my clients feel as beautiful as they deserve. Read more>>

Katie McDonald

I had to learn the hard way that I was more than a human doing. That the human being part mattered too. Productivity and measurable results were how I defined my self-worth and only when I got very sick, did I realize I needed a new standard for self-esteem. Read more>>

Madison Rifkin, Lacey Rifkin and Abby Rifkin

Coastal Foodie started when all three of us went to college. Madi was on the East coast at Northeastern and Lacey and Abby were at Santa Clara on the West coast. We are triplets and grew up going to school with each other – Kindergarten all the way through senior year of high school. Read more>>

Ellie M. Zee

My passion for travel and photography was one that had always been so integrated into my life, that I actually didn’t realize how much a part of me it was until I had to make decisions about my career. To tell you a bit about myself – I am a half French, half Singaporean third culture kid, living in the U.S.! Growing up, we moved every two-three years both domestically and internationally. When I was 12, however, is when we moved to my tiny island home of Singapore. This is where I was fortunate enough to explore many countries all over South East Asia, which sparked that passion within me. Read more>>

Katyayani Krishnan

My relationship with art began very early on in my life. I had many phases – I wanted to become a painter, a photographer, a ballet dancer, a jeweler, a musician, an animator and the list goes on. Being an Indian born in Singapore allowed me to experience many different cultures all at once – the city is brimming with art and heritage. Both my parents were very encouraging of my little artistic endeavors, enrolling me in lessons, buying me beads, googling the perfect ballet bun and whatnot. Whatever album my dad played in the car on the way to horse riding lessons was my jam. Pink Floyd, Sting, Bryan Adams, The Eagles were our go to’s. Read more>>

Giorgina Uzcategui

I have been very girly since I was little, and I knew that one day, I wanted to work with something related to fashion. The moment I found out that I could use my Instagram to show the girls (specifically my friends) how simple it can be to create a look I started doing it as a hobby. However, I became consistent about it and suddenly, brands started to contact me to collaborate and that helped me to get exposed. I realized I could monetize something that started just for fun, so I took the opportunity to do my first sip & shop event with Au Rate New York in Boston which is a jewelry brand that is very delicate and sophisticated. Read more>>

Lyndsie Lord

I have always known I wanted to be a photographer, I’ve had a camera for as far back as I can remember and it really all started because of my dad who was constantly taking pictures of our family. Makeup became more prominent in high school, I was always doing my friend’s makeup for homecoming, prom or just for fun. I can’t remember exactly when I decided that I loved makeup, but growing up my mom was a cosmetologist and I would always steal her makeup and play with it for hours. I honestly don’t even know how I learned because it just came so naturally to me. I definitely have my parents to thank for helping shape me into the person I am today, haha! Read more>>

Kaitlyn VosWinkel

Before I started blogging, I loved watching other Instagram stories and coming across sales and trend alerts. Around December of 2017, I was really considering walking into this world. After working and studying marketing, I had the skills to create a website and to be honest, I’ve always had a shopping problem, thanks, Mom! It took a few months, about four, to really convince myself that I could do this! Before I started blogging, I would maybe post a picture a month. The hardest obstacle to overcome was “what will everyone think if I just start this fashion blog?” Read more>>

Samantha Matos

Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in makeup. I remember my mom always taking me into Sephora with her and I would play around with all the samples and I also used to collect lipgloss as a kid. In high school, I never really wore makeup. I actually remember the girls bullying me because I didn’t wear any and I think at that moment is when I figured I should. In college, I would wear a basic look, winged eyeliner, mascara, and foundation and would be shy to try anything new. Over the past 3 years, I have gotten really into makeup and playing around with different eye shadows, lip colors, contouring, etc. and I realized I was actually pretty good at what I was doing. Read more>>

Micaella Cattani

I was born in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, in 1997 and have lived there with my twin brother, older brother, and parents since then. Many people say music has always been present in their lives; in my case, I have to say the exact same thing. The only difference is that it was my father’s choice to introduce me to what is now my career. My dad, Mauricio Cattani, sings and plays guitar, therefore, most of my childhood memories include my dad performing “Las Cuatro y Diez” by Luis Eduardo Aute or “El Niño y el Canario” by Leonardo Favio and me trying to sing along and never really getting it. Read more>>

Alissa Hohenberger

I graduated last year from college at UMass Lowell with a dual degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I found myself searching for what things I was passionate about. I took some time after graduation to travel to some new states and countries. I found through my traveling a common theme. I loved the food, taking pictures of the food, and of course eating the food. With all these pictures and a knack for creativity, I decided that starting a food blog/Instagram page could be a great outlet for me to focus on something I’m passionate about (art and food) and hopefully build a career out of it. Read more>>

Liana Rogue

I always had a passion for traveling and seeing different local communities and cultures. My love for running and food helps break the barrier when I travel to any place new or old. I always love trying new things and exploring new places by foot and stomach. My advice for others as cliche as it sounds is to follow your passion and your instinct. Think of the long-term plan where their struggle may be worth the long-term result. I started Liana Rogue originally as Run To Munch when I first picked up running. From there, it grew as I loved to continue sharing new things I discovered from hidden treasures at home, to new cities to visit and new dining spots to try. Read more>>

Jana Geyer

As a young girl, I always loved makeup and had problem skin in high school. My love for makeup turned into a need (at least I thought so) for it. I worked hard creating the most natural way to cover my blemishes. Flash forward a few years, I was a musical theatre actress in New York. I Loved theatrical makeup but started exploring with everyday and more glamorous looks. Here is when I moved to the Boston area and fell in love with enhancing beauty through mostly bridal Makeup. It was the perfect place for me in the world of makeup. Read more>>

Shizuno Furuya

I was born in Osaka, Japan raised in Miami, Florida since 6 months old. I’ve always dealt with being the 1 of 2 Asian girls in my school (we only had about 80 students per grade) for 12 years. With the face of a Japanese girl who preferred to speak English (although I could read and write most of Japanese), I never felt completely belonging to a culture with the language I spoke – except when I played piano, sharing my music as a language. Growing up in Miami, I also was very exposed to Spanish, so I learned how to speak colloquial Spanish as well. Read more>>

Abria Perry

I am pursuing a dual degree in Finance and International Business at the “illustrious” Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. I discovered my love of fashion and style at a young age. My mom tells stories of my desire to take my Garanimals and Gymboree clothing and restyle them to fit my fashion sense. I have been styling my family and friends for over seven years now. In my teen years, during high school days, I was a personal shopper for professional women and rappers in the Boston area. Read more>>

Janelle “elle” Feigley

Janelle “elle” Feigley is an authentic magic-maker that does not believe that “hope is a strategy”. Born with a wild imagination and an innate need to create and to use her body and hands, Janelle has always found herself immersed in athletics and canvas from the start. Read more>>

Lisa Gallagher

I have always since elementary school art class with those charcoal sticks have gravitated towards anything creative. Growing up my Uncle was an artist residing in Cambridge. I thought it was pretty much the coolest thing that you could do what you love. Read more>>

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