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North End / Downtown 7.31.2017

Amy Kalvaitis

The process of building my business has been gradual. I’ve had the desire to own and operate my own business since childhood. My parents were small business owners in Maine so I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment that I admired and strove to achieve for myself. I wanted to pursue a profession that I genuinely enjoyed and granted me control and flexibility over my schedule. I started designing invitations as a creative hobby alongside my full-time job as a trade-show event planner in 2010. Initially, I set a lot of short term goals such as building my website, Etsy shop and social media accounts. As the demand grew, I realized I could evolve Hobart & Haven from a hobby into a business. Read more>>

Thomas Edwards

I was a sophomore in college and was dating my girlfriend for over two years. I thought I found The One and she was an amazing person. I went as far as asking her parents for their blessing, which they gave to me. A week later, I got a phone call from my girlfriend, thinking we were going to talk about her staying at my place for the weekend. Eventually, she came out and told me she cheated on me with some random dude she met in her class. Everything that I had planned for my life was up in smoke. So I did a little more soul searching. One day, I came across a book called Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and it changed my life. Read more>>

Cindy McCullough

My background is design and hospitality management, having worked at top hotels and resorts. My first introduction to spas started back in the 80’s as an Operations Manager at a luxury day spa in the Boston area. I really learned a lot from the owners back then and enjoyed being a part of the wellness industry. I then went back into the design field, which I love, but after seeing so many people stressed out and not finding a true spa environment locally, I then wanted to personally create an oasis for people to relax and escape to. So in October 2004, with the support and encouragement of my business partner, D. Schweppe of Schweppe Lighting Design, 1 on 1 Self Indulgence Spa was born in Concord. Read more>>

Dan and Deb Clapp

13 years ago, we had two beautiful twin girls, nearly 9 weeks early. Soon after their arrival, Dan received a call from his aunt in Maine wondering if he could take her place on a genealogy trip to Denmark with my cousins. He looked at me, and made the ask “can I go?” “For how long?” I replied as I bounced and bobbed cradling the babies. Off he went to Denmark for a week. Upon his return, he gave me a bottle of mead he had purchased as a gift… we had never had it before. We had brewed beer for many years and even tried our hand at wine too. That bottled stayed in our liquor cabinet a few years and we finally opened it one night when friends were over for dinner. Read more>>

Maribeth Jemmott

My inspiration to become an interior designer started back in high school. My friend, Margie had a baby sitting gig and asked me to join her for the day. We entered this luxurious condo and “WOW” was I impressed. Plush white carpeting welcomed you in. Hanging on the wall was this multi-level irregular shaped mirror that sparkled brilliantly and as I turned to the right was the master bedroom. I was immediately drawn into the room. A modern splendor of red and white. There was a mixture of textures, plush white carpet, red lacquered dressers with red framed mirrors mounted above, and a white leather headboard. The bedding was a fluffy white down comforter. Read more>>

Heather Magill

When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we were temporarily living thousands of miles away from our extended family and friends. People would tell me that I was so brave for not moving home to have the baby, but really I just had no idea what I was getting myself into. My mom was able to come stay with us for a few weeks after the birth, and that was such a bright spot during a time that was otherwise quite challenging (to say the least). Processing my experiences several months later, I learned that there were people, called postpartum doulas, who made a career out of helping families adjust and thrive during that newborn time, and I knew right away that I wanted to make that kind of a difference in the lives of others. Read more>>

Molly Merluzzi

In January of 2016, Molly launched, MM Consulting, an independent strategic marketing firm that focuses on taking the ‘intimidation factor’ out of traditional and social media-based marketing for local, start-up, non-profit, small and medium sized businesses. MM Consulting provides clients with strategic direction and tactical management of marketing, social media and public relations’ efforts including but not limited to content creation, brand strategy, social postings and advertising, email marketing, website evaluation and design to help them tell their brand story in an authentic, captivating way. Read more>>

Leanne Willett

I have always had a love of any type of art including photography. I had a great art teacher in high school who encouraged my interest. I was given a “real” 35mm camera by a friend’s mother when I was 18 as a gift and it opened up a whole new world for me. Shortly after that, I was accepted to Massachusetts College of Art in Boston where I studied graphic design as well as some photography. I married at age 20 and left home to live on an Air Force Base, which derailed me from obtaining my college degree. Years later with 2 young children I found a job at a home photography studio where over a 3 year period I became involved in every aspect of the business…except taking pictures of clients! Read more>>

Allison Ducharme

Interior Design has been my passion from as early as I can remember. A lot of my influence and aspiration of design and artistry comes from my father being a furniture designer, so I was (and still am) constantly surrounded by creativity. When I was in High School, my admiration for décor increased and I was always excited for the latest furniture and accessory catalogs (Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, etc.). I would then list certain items within these catalogues for Birthday and Christmas gift-ideas. I was always excited to update my bedroom “look” and evolve my interior creativity. Read more>>

Raquel Perlis and Sarah Herlihy

24 years ago, I was introduced to a pelvic floor physical therapist in Chicago. It changed my career path! I discovered a whole new physical therapy approach to women’s health issues that I have never known could be treated. With extensive training, I felt confident I could open my practice to help women of all ages overcome many different pelvic floor dysfunctions. It was difficult at the time to find healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses that will be able to refer us patients. The research papers were so few and there was not a good understanding on how PT could help a patient. Read more>>

Yury Klimovitsky

I was born and grew up in Ukraine. Have two advance degrees: in Electrical Engineering, in Sport Training and Ph. Ed. Worked as a track coach with high performance/pro-athletes. The last position was a head coach of Olympic Training School. Came to US as a refugee with my wife and two daughters in 1997, but no cash, English, job prospect and even driver’s license. First job was in pizza delivery, then part-time at local fitness club, as a personal trainer and a track coach in one of the high schools. In 2003, I left the club with 20 clients to open my own studio in Concord, MA. My wife Svetlana joined me in business shortly. Read more>>

Nancy Beaurpere

My paternal grandfather, John DeFazio, Sr, was in the transportation industry before the combustible engine was mainstream, delivering meat and produce via horse and carriage to vendors throughout Boston’s historic North End. When I was a small child, he would regale me with stories of his fleet of horses, the star of which was a horse that was orbitally challenged named “One Eyed Dick”. My grandfather’s stable-hand was named Nick so you could often hear us — a toddler learning to speak and a wrinkled yet spry septuagenarian — singing the phrase, “Hey Nick, bring down One-Eyed Dick!” in our own practiced cadence. Read more>>

Michelle Coppolo

After 12 years as a stay-at-home-mother of two, I decided it was time to go back to work. My career before having children was marketing and sales in the financial service industry. I realized it would be hard to pick up where I left off in that field, and didn’t really have the desire, so I decided to do something I had always dreamed of – owning my own business. I started by taking courses at Suffolk University on Interior Design and Space Planning, then I set out to find a job where I could use my new founds skills. I started working part-time at Darby Road, a 5,000 square foot home furnishing store, located at 1395 Main Street in Waltham, MA. Read more>>

Sarin Tin

I have always had a love for family and cooking. I have found food is a great way to bring people together. Growing up in Cambodia, my family used to have picnics as a way to bring us closer. Those picnics are some of my best childhood memories. When I moved to Lebanon, I saw families and friends on the Lebanon Green sharing laughter and entertainment together and it brought back those good memories. I thought I could make a great contribution to that Lebanon Green experience with tasty, fresh food for all families and friends to share. After discussing with my family, in 2015 we start selling food at the Hanover farmers market. Read more>>

Laura Zohman

I began my employment as a chemist, working for a research and development company, testing resins for paper coatings. I got sick from the toxic chemical fumes. I have a sensitive body. For the sake of my health, I quit this job and my dreams of becoming another Madame Curie went up in smoke. I investigated other work possibilities, but circumstances led me to a new Food/Restaurant/Hotel Management Program, at Bunker Hill Community College. I had a great time, safe from chemicals and in one year graduated with an Associate’s Degree. My first position, in this new field, was at the Harvard Club as assistant to the function manager. Read more>>

Peter Souza

Three Sheets to the Wind was started about fifteen years ago after Peter Marston of Starboard List and Voyage of the Mimi fame as Captain Granville decided to stop playing sea music. Peter graciously handed over the baton to me and I ran with it…settling finally down with the Three Sheets branding. Many years of placing the building blocks in place via small events, private functions and sing alongs at friends homes evolved into a full blown chantey and sea music group starting ten years ago. Pub sings were established in Gloucester with three hour sessions that met weekly for songs and chanteys. Read more>>

Kevin Buckley

I’ve been in a kitchen pretty much every day since I was 13, a lot of times two kitchens, working two jobs. I started out as a dishwasher at a pizza shop and between culinary school and working in restaurants in New York, providence, Boston and south shore Massachusetts have fell in love with making food that people enjoy to eat. There have been several struggles along the way. You will never know if people will like your restaurant before you open. it is the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through. We specialize in Italian style cooking using locally sourced ingredients in an upscale dining atmosphere. Read more>>

Pete “Sleepin Pete” Reed

Reed and Sons Music grew out of the long and winding road travelled by “Sleepin Pete” Reed in the music business. Pete began his musical journey in Pontiac, Michigan where he got his first electric guitar, a beat up Fender Telecaster, from his older brother, Jimmy. Pete took to the guitar right off, teaching himself by ear while listening to jazz, blues and Motown. Under Jimmy’s wing, strings were stretched and dues were paid. Before long, Sleepin Pete was traveling the US, playing clubs and festivals with some of the finest and funkiest acts on the road, including The Blobs, the James Street Jazz Quartet, The Pulsations and sax master Bennie Poole. Read more>>

Spencer Poole

The Maine Brew Bus was founded in September 2012 by Zach and Allison Poole, who realized that people in Portland might enjoy a guided safe ride to drink local beer at different small producers. Maine’s Original Brew Bus company began by offering tours on Saturday afternoons to a handful of breweries in the Portland area. With tours gaining traction in Maine, Zach (owner) and Don (GM) met with Spencer (co-founder Mass Brew Bus) and the three decided to take the tours South to Boston. With the experience in Maine and the local connections Spencer has in Massachusetts, they are excited to show off the growing Craft Beer Industry. Read more>>

Pamela Stoddard

I received my start in the modeling industry from the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant System. There, I met the previous owner, Myron Wasserman and began my Barbizon journey. Mr. Wasserman and his team were kind enough to provide me with a scholarship to Barbizon and there my dream began. I graduated from the Barbizon program in the 90’s and started working right away traveling all over the world and working in all facets of the company. I have been extremely lucky to work with many talented, amazing people which made this experience that much more special to me. Read more>>

Joan Schneider

In 1980, I started Schneider Associates from my 200 sq. ft. sunporch in Newton. After working in an advertising firm, at WBZ-TV as a PR manager, as an advertising/PR manager at a major bank and then as a VP in a large PR firm, I decided to take my insider knowledge of journalism and help clients implement media strategies that told a compelling story. While my background was consumer marketing, my first client was a major real estate developer with a series of buildings that needed to be leased. Using consumer strategies, we soon leased all the buildings and other real estate companies were knocking at my door until the real estate crash of 1990. Read more>>

Leigh Lench

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. My favorite doll was a nurse. I have been a nurturer my whole life. My after school job during high school was working as a dental assistant. I thought that I may enroll in Dental Hygiene college, but a patient guided me into the world of travel. I worked as a flight attendant for a short while which lead me to travel school which landed me a wonderful job as a corporate travel coordinator for a fortune 500 company. I loved every minute of it! Read more>>

Sara Cloutier

I had been overweight my whole life. By 22 years old I was close to 300lbs, depressed, alone and no motivation to make a change. My family helped me make positive changes and soon I started to lose weight. The results were addicting, the positive relationships I was building were addicting, fitness soon became my favorite hobby. In 2010, I tried my first group fitness class, it was Zumba. I remember being so nervous and unsure of what to expect. When I walked into the room, I immediately felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming, the instructor was easy to follow and even though I was breathing hard and sweating a ton, I was having so much fun that it hardly felt like a workout. Read more>>

Robert A. Lenahan

I am a native of the seaside community of Montauk, Long Island, N.Y. I graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the New York Institute of Technology. I was fortunate to start my career with the prestigious “Hamptons” New York Architect Francis Fleetwood in East Hampton, NY. In 1998, I partnered with Francis Fleetwood and James McMullan to form Fleetwood, Lenahan & McMullan LLC. In 2008, I moved with my wife Jeannie and our family to Jeannie’s hometown of Portsmouth N.H. Read more>>

Carolyn and Richard Leiter

Our store was founded by Richard and Carolyn Leiter and is inspired by Richard’s love of antiques as well as his passion for breathing new life into old things. With a great eye and an attention to detail, Richard’s limitless imagination REVIVES old furniture back to its original beauty, sometimes transforming remnants of a piece into something totally unique. He likes to call those pieces “Richard Originals.” In addition to these renovated and original pieces, Revived is also a purveyor of new furniture, home decor, classic chic, and accessories to satisfy any style. Our hope is that when you come to our store you will be inspired by our unique inventory and one of a kind furniture pieces to create the home you have always dreamed of. Read more>>

Christopher Merrill

After 20 years of doing research and drug development, at the age of 40 and with a newborn baby girl having just arrived, I left the (relative) comfort and security of the corporate world to pursue work that has true meaning for me. In spite of the fearful internal voice that warned against this (quite loudly at times), I launched an executive coaching firm in Boston. The business has nearly doubled every year since inception, and while not always easy, this transition has led to unimaginable experiences, connections, growth, and fulfillment. I am engaged, challenged, and inspired every day by the people I have the privilege to support as they work to become better leaders. Read more>>

Barry Sears

Zone Labs was one of the first biotechnology companies in the Boston area. It was started in 1976 to develop intravenous drug delivery systems for cancer drugs. Over the years, the focus of company has changed to managing inflammation in a wide variety of chronic disease conditions by modulating hormonal responses generated by the diet, specifically the Zone Diet. It was a very rocky pathway because of the need for constant education to the medical community that the hormones generated by the diet can have a greater impact on the modulation of the underlying cause chronic disease (inflammation) as opposed to drugs that only treat the symptoms of chronic disease. Read more>>

Brian Pace

I guess my story begins during my childhood. I used to love watching Marcus Welby, MD and Dr. Tim Johnson on TV. I couldn’t get enough of anything medical or having to do with how the human body worked. My reading for enjoyment would be a biology text from the library to learn how the heart worked or some other aspect of human anatomy and physiology. Although I didn’t always understand it at an early age, I was still fascinated by it. When I was in high school, I thought that it would naturally be the plan to go to medical school. I got my first job in the healthcare field as an orderly in a couple of local hospitals. Read more>> 

Sachiko Furui

I started Japanese Language Class Boston in 2009. It has been 8 years so far. It started only one class of 7 students. Now I have 15 classes to teach and 6 assistants to work with. We teach at the private homes and large companies. Skype lessons are available also. Teaching style has changed in these 8 years. We use a lot of Power Points and TV screens than before. We love people to study Japanese. I am very much pleased to hear the news that my students went to Japan and got a job or marry Japanese. World is smaller than before and people are easy to move around. Read more>>

Quentin van Heerden

Captain Quentin van Heerden, founder of Eureka Charters, hails from Durban, South Africa. He fished the Indian Ocean for much of his early life. Since relocating to the U.S. in 2001, he has taken to mastering fishing in the New England waters and off the Florida Keys. Never far from the water, he made his passion his business. No, boats breakdown, bad economy – I’ve had several part time and full time jobs other than captaining through the years. I’m very happy with where things are today, but certainly there have been times that weren’t as easy. Read more>>

Joe Apolaya

We officially opened the restaurant in April 2017. We began the process late 2016. Opening a restaurant has always been a dream of my dad. He and a friend opened a small Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant in the early 2000’s. Different views on how the restaurant operated lead to my dad selling his half to his friend. If my dad was going to open another restaurant, then it will be in his vision. Luckily, an opportunity opened up on the busy and diverse street of Broadway in Revere. We have been welcomed to the community with open arms. Read more>>

Brad Weiss

Ever since idolizing his childhood pediatrician, Dr. Bradley Weiss always envisioned himself as a doctor helping others feel better. He was first introduced to chiropractic health care at age eight. As an active kid and athlete, Dr. Weiss used chiropractic care growing up to stay healthy and recover quickly from injuries. Dr. Weiss chose to become a chiropractic physician and began his solo practice in Williston, Vermont, in 1984. He committed himself to helping his patients obtain optimum health, while defending their right to access chiropractic as a health care choice. He rose up the ranks of the Vermont Chiropractic Association, serving as President from 1995 until 1999. Read more>>

Earl H. Gray IV

I’m a self-taught hacker. I am not the type of hacker you hear about in the news – I’m just a person who solves problems and I’m not afraid to solve them in un-conventional ways. Being a hacker isn’t always about computers and for me it’s never about breaking the law. It’s about finding the best solution to a problem and being able to look at something and find multiple purposes for it. In some cases, the purposes for things don’t align with the originally designed ones. I’m not afraid to be alone in my efforts as most other people do things the traditional way – but funding has always been an issue for me, so over the years I have needed to do the same things that the larger companies do without costing us anything. Read more>>

Heather DeBerio

Powerhouse Juice started in May 2015. My husband and I have a combined 30 years in the food industry, and have contemplated starting a catering company many times. We decided that outfitting a trailer to become a food truck and drive to local companies as well as special events was an amazing idea. We did everything from salads and yogurt parfaits to acai bowls and fresh pressed juice. That same month we also started selling our juice at local farmers markets around Massachusetts. Our juice flavors were a hit at the markets and got such amazing customer response. It became clear we had something special. Read more>>

Vincent McCauley Jr.

Level One Sites started in 2012 as a partnership between myself and Scott Martin. We focused primarily on golf course websites, social networks and a golf course review website. After my wife got involved with a local CrossFit gym, we were asked to make a website for the local gym (called a box). After making that first site, we were immediately (within a few weeks) inundated with site build requests, a meeting a Reebok HQ in Canton and even contacted by CrossFit HQ to make sure we were staying trademark compliant. Read more>>

Melanie Reilly

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I decided to purchase a failing preschool in new Bedford. Before long, we were buying an 8000 square foot building in Mattapoisett to renovate into an upscale preschool for infants through kindergarten. More than a million dollars later, our Mattapoisett facility looked like it belonged on Nantucket; beautifully renovated and decorated, looking like a huge home with preschool classes within its halls. My daughter, Sarah Jones and I, direct this school, which within less than a year became very successful. After the crash of 2008, many clients lost their jobs but we hung in there and quickly recovered. Read more>>

Nicholas Prosser

I earned my doctorate at New York Chiropractic College and decided to move to Boston upon graduating. While in Boston I worked at a successful practice in Beacon Hill for two years. Then in 2015 I took the leap to opening my own practice here in Canton. Since then I have grown and started a multi-disciplinary practice that provides chiropractic care, massage therapy, personal training, acupuncture and therapeutic breath work. Our goal here is to provide a central location for the community to achieve wellness, health goals and pain relief. Read more>>

Zack Pietrantonio

Clean Sweeper all started as an idea. I was working as a custodian/janitor and one day I decided that I am really good at what I do, and I always have dreamed to be my own boss and own my own company. That is basically how it was started. I did a lot of research, took classes and seminars, and built my brand from the ground up. I got to where I am today with a lot of determination, accepting failure, and building off of that failure and turning it into positive thinking. Of course, family, friends, and many other people have helped me with building a business. The support from my wife especially has made this process extremely easy. Read more>>

Adrian Iorga

Stairhopper Movers is a family owned business, founded back in 2001 as a result of dedication, ambition and hard work. In a time when most of the customers were looking for service providers in their phone books, Stairhoppers managed to survive and thrive. It was not a smooth ride, but it never is, when you start from nothing and all you can do is work, work, work and try to make yourself heard. In any working field, the customers will not choose you if you have no history and that was the most difficult part for us, trying to make ourselves known in the Boston area. Read more>>

David and Laura Salvo

My husband has always been involved in the food, sandwich and pizza business as a young boy in his family’s food business and has opened several on his own as an adult. I have always talked about a particular sub shop in North Reading where I grew up to my husband and expressed my interest if it ever became available for sale I would love to own it! Prayers answered. One day, my mother was swimming at her health club and had heard that the owner was retiring and passed along the information to me. Sure enough, we came to terms with the original owner and became the lucky new owners of this historical successful sub shop of 45 years. Read more>>

Rich Firicano

My story started in 1996 when a friend of mine convinced me to visit a cosmetology/barber school. See, I was working nights trying to find my calling when he came up with the idea of us going through the school and maybe starting a salon together. When I got there and saw what the barbers were learning something just clicked and knew barbering was it for me. It was my calling! Then the wheels started turning and I started to think about working with a male clientele, talking news, watching sports and discussing the big game, it started sounding really good. Working for myself and help bring back a profession that seemed to be fading pushed me to go all in!  Read more>>

Caleb Nichols

I started glassblowing in 1980, at Tulane University; professionally, since 1985. It takes a long time to develop a unique vision, and my work didn’t really start to take on its present identity until after the first twelve years. Not smooth at all. Glassblowing is very expensive and it is a daunting struggle trying to pay bills and increase the quality of work.  I am a glass artist. I make glass sculpture that is totally unique in the world. Fortunately, my work seems to resonate and people enjoy it. Read more>>

Kannan Kesavalu

Being much passionate about Indian Food, I finished my culinary graduation in India and I got an opportunity to work at Marriott Hotel in Newton, MA. I was very inspired to share my love for the food & culture of native India, so I have formed a great team of chefs to create a couple of Indian & Vegetarian restaurants. Recently, our talented team opened a classy restaurant & Bar in Wakefield, MA “Maya Indian Bar & Grill” which is now Yelp rated as #1 Restaurant in that area. It can never be a smooth road for the restaurant business, as you might know, 59% of restaurants fail within their first 3 years. Read more>>

Bethany Powers

When massage therapy found me, I was burnt out at my job and tired and in need of some way to make money and help people at the same time that didn’t completely drain me! I came across an ad in the local paper for a massage school that had just opened a satellite location in the town next door, I went to visit and met the directors and knew it was a good fit for me. I then had a conversation with my sister, who’s very business minded, she was on the fence on this being a good direction to go in as the market for massage is quite saturated. Though she wasn’t entirely on board she supported my application to the school and when I got the scholarship the school was offering for its incoming class, she helped me pay the rest of my tuition. Read more>>

Valerie Gates

When Valerie Gates’ aunt passed away, she left a 40–year collection of Cape Cod beach glass. Though intrigued by the worn beauty of the pieces, Gates, an Emmy award-winning art director, at first was not sure what to do with the buckets of the discarded pieces of bottles. But a couple of years later, the simple gift has turned into two collections of sophisticated jewelry that have gained critical acclaim (New England’s Finest in Yankee Magazine) and has been featured in over 20 museums and fine galleries across the country, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Smithsonian, and The American Museum of Natural History. Read more>>

Jay Frontierro

Incorporated in 1983, 7 Seas Whale Watch (then “Seven Seas Whale Watch”) has been operating whale watching trips for 34 years. The company was started by Paul Frontierro, who, after fishing out of Gloucester since his mid-teens, was looking for a new way to earn a living on the water. We begin our whale watching tours each year sometime in mid-April and continue running trips until the end of October. We generally run two trips per day, at 8:30am and 1:30pm. Each whale watch lasts between 3.5-4 hours on average, although the location of the whales may result in a shorter of longer trip. We generally travel 12-20 miles out to sea to find whales, although we may find them just 4 or miles out, or we may travel more than 30…. we just never know! Read more>>

Maureen Woodman

Our story started over 100 years ago in Essex, Massachusetts as a fish/clam market that sold homemade chips, baked goods. Chubby and Bessie Woodman were a young married couple that made donuts and sold clams and on July 3, 1916 a local clammer asked Chubby to fry the clams like they did the potato chips and that’s how the fried clams were invented. Now, a century later, 5 generations of workers and family members shipping, retail, ice cream, catering, a function hall and a scholarship fund, we are still going strong. It has been a road full of many great innovators, survivors, great ideas, and very long hours with a lot of hard work done by many many hands. Read more>>

Nasser Menhall

WorldCare was founded originally based on technology, concepts and telemedicine operations emanating from Massachusetts General Hospital‎ (MGH). A pioneer in the field going back to 1968, MGH was the first hospital to test telepathology imaging. As an MGH spinout, WorldCare adhered to the highest quality standards, initially working with only Harvard Medical School affiliated physicians to provide medical second opinions. Our initial focus was bringing the best of American medicine to a global population that today numbers about 40 countries. Today, we are continuing to expand, including a new focus on U.S.-based populations. Read more>> 

Shaun Atwood and Eric Tucker

My brother-in-law and I got together about 3 years ago, both of us were unhappy where we were working. Realizing both of us have excellent skill sets, we decided to work together and learn from each other to build our own business. It’s been tough but we’ve had a lot of support from friends and family. To any inspiring entrepreneurs I say the sky’s the limit, don’t be afraid to push yourself you’d be surprised what the outcome could be. I guess the biggest challenge has been being confident in ourselves which helps being partners we can learn from and help each other. Read more>>

Gene Kelly

I began my love for music as a child singing in school choirs, musicals, and then studying piano for many years. I began studying Classical piano at the age of 7 years and continued studying piano throughout Bucknell University and later after moving to Boston after graduation, became interested in learning how to improvise piano at the Berklee College of Music. I developed my love for jazz and improvisation through my eventual private studies with renown Jazz-guru, Charlie Banacos. After meeting Charlie I was convinced that music would be a never-ending journey of exploration and development. This inspired me to share and teach students piano and voice, so I began studies for a Masters degree at the New England Conservatory of Music. Read more>>

Shawn Cluen

Ride Right Transportation DBA Winthrop Taxi has been servicing executive clients, Logan Airport Employees, Shopping plazas and the local residents of Winthrop MA for years. Ride Right Transportation DBA Winthrop Taxi also is the preferred choice at several Winthrop, Boston Logan International Airport Hotels and Medical Health Centers. We specialize in transportation. Ride Transportation Inc. started as an Executive Sedan company in 1996 and has expanded into local area transportation in and around Logan International Airport. Winthrop Taxi understands the needs of the business travelers, Tourists and the local community. We offer clean air-conditioned vehicles driven by courteous and professional drivers. 24 hour prompt service with advanced pickup services for scheduled travelers. Read more>>

Justice Born

I started organizing a breakdancing workshop for youth in Lynn in 2003 at Club America and eventually showcases, open mics, battles and over time the consistency of events developed a movement. I called it Wreck Shop Movement because the first showcase was called Wreck Shop which was a play on the fact it took place at a rec center. After a few years, I took a hiatus from organizing events while I was experiencing homelessness, joblessness and struggling with mental health issues. After writing, walking and reading every day I started to get my mind back on track and even organized a community clean up and concert with a group of homeless people while we were all living in a shelter. That started to motivate me to organize events again. Read more>>

Florin Todor

TLC Moving and Storage is a family owned and operated moving company in Boston, Massachusetts providing professional moving services at competitive rates on residential moves, interstate moves and commercial moves. TLC Moving was founded in 2007. The idea of founding this company came to me while I was working as a mover for another reputable moving company that was operating at a larger scale. During that period, I realize that a big company is starting to lose sight once they grow and don’t always provide the best service for the customers. We are operating at a smaller scale and we have a better control of the crews we run and customers we serve. Read more>>

Mary Taggart

I was always interested in art and began taking art lessons at the suggestion of my first grade teacher, I continued to draw and paint and eventually decided to attend Mass College of Art where I received my BFA. I taught for several years before leaving and pursuing other endeavors for a number of years. Eventually my desire to create art led me back to painting when I discovered that my childhood art teacher was holding classes literally around the corner- a very serendipitous occurrence! Around the same time my daughter volunteered me to paint sets for a local theater company. After doing this for a several productions I decided that I could paint murals. Read more>>

Andrew Langlois

Andrew began working in the landscaping industry at age 15, while he was attending Amesbury High School. After earning degrees in Landscape Contracting (Stockbridge School of Agriculture) and Environmental Design (UMass Amherst), he worked as Garden Design Field Manager for Winston Flowers in Boston, where he met his wife, Courtney, a floral designer. Andrew, who passed the Massachusetts Landscape Professionals Association exam in 2011, likes spending his free time with his family in the outdoors as well, camping, fishing, beachgoing, hiking, riding his Harley-Davidson and working in his own gardens. Read more>>

Patty Barish

Patty grew up in her parent’s restaurant in Needham, MA, she worked there from the ripe age of 7 years old. She started in the restaurant business folding pizza boxes with her older brother Joe. From there she washed dishes, and helped by cleaning up in the kitchen. When she was 14, her father let her start serving. In 1982, her parents, Guido & Bella decided to sell the restaurant. One year later, they opened a bakery and deli where Patty and her father started catering. From there they opened another restaurant in Walpole, MA with her brother Joe. In 1988 Patty moved to North Conway, NH where she served tables at various restaurants, always having a dream of, one day, owning her own restaurant. Read more>>

Michael McCullom

CBG is an Independent Employee Benefits Brokerage firm that was founded in Boston, MA. in 1998 and has been recognized by the Boston Business Journal, ” as one of the fastest growing Employee Benefits Brokerage Firms in New England.” (BBJ 2/16). We are a full-service brokerage firm that offers a suite of complimentary administrative, marketing, and compliance services for ALL of our clients. What makes CBG unique is that we operate like a quant investor and use proprietary actuarial algorithms to perform a deeper dive on the many subjective parts of the healthcare brokerage process. We break down your data and assign more realistic assumptions to a Provider’s incurred claim assumptions, coverage values, and Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) claims. Read more>>

Paul Karofsky

After 20 plus years as a third generation member of my family’s wholesale wallcovering business – mostly as CEO, I opted for a change. The industry peaked and it was the right time for a sale. I returned to graduate school focused on inter-generational relationships and graduated with an opportunity to follow a deep passion for education in a newly emerging field: education focused on family owned businesses. Northeastern University was exploring the launch of a Center for Family Business and I was asked to consult to the launch, and then asked to run the Center and I did so for 14 years. Read more>>

Catherine Hull

Back at the turn of the century, Magnolia’s astonishing natural beauty attracted wealthy clientele to its shores and hotels. This luxury vacation destination boasted the Oceanside Hotel, the largest wooden structure on the Northern Seaboard at that time. It hosted the wealthy and famous such as the Sears & Roebuck families, John Phillips Sousa and Lucille Ball to name a few. As the invent of the automobile allowed for greater and easier travel distances and the Oceanside was lost to fire, Magnolia’s hey-day passed her by. She became a sleepy bedroom village of Gloucester, but still revered for her natural beauty and amazing shoreline. Read more>>

Sarah Herlihy

I have been a physical therapist for 20 years. I started my physical therapy career working at a local hospital. One of the opportunities I was given during my time there, was running a weekly prenatal exercise program. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it was my initial introduction into Women’s Health Physical Therapy. I transitioned to an outpatient orthopedic practice where I worked for nine years learning more about individual joints throughout the body. I have been working for Raquel for the past six years. I enjoy incorporating what I now know about the pelvic floor with my orthopedic background to help women. Read more>>

Mark Breton and Kevin Goslin

Construction Technology Group (aka CTG) was founded in 1995 by Mark Breton and Kevin Goslin. Mark and Kevin had extensive and diverse backgrounds in residential, institutional and commercial construction prior to starting CTG. They decided to combine their complimentary talents and go out on their own. They established a company that was diverse and focused on primarily residential new construction and remodeling. CTG has also provided design services and construction management. CTG services are focused primarily on the south shore and we are still going strong after 22 years with hundreds of satisfied clients. Read more>>

Dr. Barbara Fritts

Born and raised in Western NY, I spent my early psychology career working in South Boston in various supportive housing locations for folks with chronic mental illness. A doctoral program in Counseling Psychology took me to the Midwest and then Rocky Mountain west, a natural playground for my love of all things outdoors and photography. Having moved back to the Boston area in May 2015, I bring with me a Massachusetts born husband, two precocious daughters and amazingly sweet dog, whose name happens to be Boston. Read more>>

Celeste Clark

The Raymond Coalition For Youth is celebrating fifteen years as a nonprofit in 2017.
In 2000 the University of NH (UNH) came to the community of Raymond NH and shared some startling information from a sample survey of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. They let us know that Raymond had higher reported use rates of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs, compared to the state of NH results for all schools combined. UNH organized a meeting of towns people in various disciplines that this information should have been concerning to. At the time, I was the elementary school Parent Teachers Organization President and mom of four boys in grades one through seven. This was something that was a concern to me and I wanted to learn more. Read more>>

Jeff Ballantyne

My father, David Ballantyne, started Parcel Room in 1985, I took over the business in 1991. When I took over Parcel Room, it was a nice quiet little Mom & Pop operations which was just fine with me as I was coming out of the construction industry and needed to slow down. I kept Parcel Room small and quiet for a few years until I felt bored and needed to do more. I took Parcel Room to record sales not only for us but for our entire industry. We soon became of the top ten shippers for UPS, then for FedEx. We added DHL and grew our Postal Services. As my father taught me over the years that the business was only as good as its people. Customer service is the key, He taught me to solve a customer’s problem, charge a fairly for the goods and services. Read more>>

Susan Murphy

Happiness is a warm puppy- Charles M. Schulz Wishbones was established in June of 2009 out of the pure love and adoration for our canine friends. Dogs bring so much happiness, joy, unconditional love. I needed to create a business that celebrated, nourished and provided the fun & happiness back to these wonderful animals and their caring owners. My past career was mostly in apparel but worked for a pet distributor for 6 years product developing and absolutely loved it. I ended up moving and went back into apparel and new instantly I needed to get back into the pet business. At the time, I had a rescue dog from Oregon who came down with canine cushing’s disease. Read more>>

Brian Knutsen

After completing my degree in Occupational Therapy, I was fortunate to be placed in a specialty internship at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center with a focus on treating upper extremity injuries and diseases. I gained experience treating a multitude of shoulder, elbow and hand problems including many traumatic injuries and amputations. Upon completion of this internship, I returned to Massachusetts where I worked in a hand and upper extremity clinic with a local hospital system for the next 10 years. During that time, I pursued and earned my industry’s Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) designation and continued to learn and gain experience treating complex injuries of the upper extremity and also fostered relationships with local surgeons as well as hand surgeons in the Boston area. Read more>>

Bruce Maloof

I started this venture in 1996. I had been quite involved in my professional community and served on a number of committees. Everywhere I turned professionals were complaining bitterly about the impact of HMOs and managed care organizations (MCO’s). Their fees had been severely slashed, they were sometimes closed out of participating in provider panels, these organizations were intrusive insofar as the actually delivery of service, and administrative burdens were escalating. I tired of all of the complaining and decided to contemplate a practice model that would work in this altered health care environment. Read more>>

Michelle Roose

Hope for the Children of Haiti (HFC) was founded in 1996 by Marion Austin- a 67 year old, retired Nutritionist who didn’t want to “just sit around”. The first group of children who were taken in are now young adults and we refer to them as our First Generation. In September of 2013 we welcomed our Second Generation- 54 new children. In November of 2016, we welcomed 28 more children who had all lost parent(s)/guardian(s) and/or their homes due to Hurricane Matthew- a category 4 storm that ravaged the south of Haiti. These children have been integrated with our existing Second Generation children. Read more>>

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