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North End / Downtown 5.30.2017

Vielka Cole

I’ve always worked as a member of a team in a spa or a salon, starting in Florida doing mani/pedi’s, then studied to be an aesthetician and moving to Massachusetts. Most recently, I was an aesthetician in a small salon in Marblehead – focusing on skin care, facials, and waxing. When the owner moved out of state for family reasons, I had a choice to make… And I decided to start my own business, so I could continue to serve my clients locally. Read More>>

Angela DeSimone

I have always been obsessed with photos! Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a camera, staged “photo shoots” and enjoyed scrapbooking. Over the years, my interest in photography grew. Unfortunately, I was always told that photography, like many other admirable and creative careers, was difficult to make a decent living doing and even harder to land a successful job in. Read More>>

Jane Lucas

Cooking is a second career for me. I was in graduate school until I was 28. I completed five years of a PhD program and finished two masters’ degrees before I realized that academia was not a good fit for me and I was ready for a career change. Owning my own food business was something that I had always dreamed about, but until then never seriously pursued. Read More>>

Julian Cardoos

As a 16 yr. fitness professional, my journey has been a long one. Growing up the “short & fat” kid, I found a home in the gym in my late teens. I decided to become a personal trainer in 2001 (19 yrs. old) to lose weight through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Read More>>

Jaclyn Lombardo

Photography was something that I grew up with. My mother, a hobbyist photographer, always had a camera up to her face documenting every moment of my life. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school and was given my grandfather’s Canon film camera did I start to pursue the art. Read More>>

Misha Kopusar

Services our company offer are my first job in the US when I arrived as an immigrant in 2008. I myself was working for one staffing company and through them I did work for hundreds of different clients from private homes to catering companies, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, corporations, etc. After more than 5 years of experience and after graduating from UMass with highest honors in Liberal Arts I was on the point to decide what to do with my life next. After looking for work at many hotels in Boston and even the Department of State I’ve started receiving requests from clients to offer services through my own company with people I choose to work with. Read More>>

John Ovens

I started in the hair industry over 30+ years on Newbury Street in Boston. I owned Spa Visage in Norwell and in 2010 my partner and I opened up Rebel Hair Studio in Norwell, MA. Our salon is a renter salon and we have over 21 elite, professional hair stylists! We offer retail products, clothing, jewelry, massage therapy, Permanent Markup and Tattoo Removal Services. Read More>>

MaryKate McInerney

I graduated from Assumption College with an accounting major in 2014. After graduation, I briefly worked for a bank, but I quickly realized that accounting/finance was not my calling. Skincare had always been an obsession of mine, so I decided to attend the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in 2014. Read More>>

Jeff Burger

K.I.C.K. stands for Karate Inspires City Kids. We are a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit, providing an after-school Karate Program for ages 4 and up. It began when Sensei Jeff met his first instructor, Sensei Robert Clary. He fostered Sensei Jeff’s love of karate and all Martial Arts, and is one of the main reasons KICK exists today. Sensei Jeff has spent the last 30 years seeking ways to help reach at-risk youth. Read More>>

Shannon Sullivan

My story begins back in the 2000’s when I was working around the clock in the corporate world. I had the world’s greatest boss who inspired me, kept me challenged, and also put a lot of trust in me, which all fueled my passion and work ethic in an otherwise trying industry. One day all of that changed after a “shift in employment” in which I found myself uninspired by my new team leader. Seeing these varying approaches to business management, I began to develop my own philosophy, but was bogged down by the corporation and its chain of “command.” Read More>>

Phyllis Du

Growing up, table tennis was a central part of me and Henry Hu my husbands’ childhoods. It’s a national sport in China, and in our school, every kid learned the basic strokes and basic sport strategy. When we moved to America, we quickly realized that “ping pong”, as it’s more commonly referred to here, isn’t regarded as a serious sport, even though it’s an Olympic recognized sport. Read More>>

Wynne Huang

I’ve always had an interest in skin and performing procedures. It was one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make–specialize in dermatology/plastic surgery or become a family physician. I ultimately became a family physician because that was my image of a “traditional doctor”–a physician who could provide comprehensive health care for individuals and their families, across all ages. Read More>>

Mike Bron, Boris Bron

The story of Art Carl’s is an interesting one. Art Carl’s has been in Malden for at least 100 years. My inquiries to city hall have unfortunately not come back successful as their records don’t go back far enough. But I have spoken to lots of customers well into their 70’s that remember going to Art Carl when they were young. Read More>>

Nate Raymond, Ian Ricci

Nate Raymond and Ian Ricci are the co-founders of SolBid. We are long time friends and business associates, both with a strong passion for renewable energy. Nate comes from a strong business development background, and Ian an extensive technology background. While discussing the existing complexities within the commercial solar industry, we decided to combine our skill sets and create an easier path for businesses to acquire solar energy systems. Read More>>

Carolina Rodriguez Garcia

Established in March of 2012, Ecoverde Maids grew out of a desire to provide an environmentally cleaning option to compete with the multitude of traditional cleaning companies serving the Washington, DC metro area. Through competitive pricing, attractive service plans and friendly customer service, Ecoverde created a strong residential and commercial client base serving DC, Maryland and Virginia. In 2016, Ecoverde Maids expanded to the Greater Boston Area, serving Boston proper and surrounding areas with the same high quality cleaning services. Read More>>

Jody Merrill

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I am a tall drink of water and was this height at the age of 12. Needless to say, I did not excel at sports. However, this did not stop me from participating and trying just about everything out there. Read More>>

Nanci Poulack, Brett Nichols

In 2007 I was recovering from my 4th spine surgery which gave me plenty of time to think about, what next? I knew I no longer wanted to work for corporate so I decided to open a business. My partner in life and business Brett was at the time working in the pharmaceutical industry, a very high pressure job. Read More>>

Lauren Noel

I grew up in Lexington, MA and went to Middlebury College, where I was the captain of the Middlebury tennis team. After graduation, I went to work for Harvard Business School, first in their MBA Career Services center and then within Executive Education. I then joined the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a global network of 20,000 CEOs, running programs for the children and families of the members. Read More>>

Ralph Faia

ThermoCraft Engineering was founded in 1969 by my grandfather Ralph Faia SR. Straight out of the Navy, trained as a Engineer on a battleship, my grandfather worked as an Engineering Manager at a company called AFTCO. They were on the cutting edge of advanced brazements that catapulted a new market. Read More>>

Anthony Annatone

I’ve been in this plumbing business for 40 yrs and it was a very rocky start but I was a drunk and a drug addict but God set me free from that in 1989 then I got my license to drive my plumbers license and my high school diploma and I was off and running , working for different company’s through the yrs and local 12 for 17yrs and then I made the decision to go on my own there are 4 of us and God is really blessing us with talent and lots of work . We do a lot of our work in Mission Hill and Jamaica plain and Charlestown and all over the Boston area . Read More>>

Jenna Petrelis

I started out as a hair stylist, and then years later slowly grew my photography hobby and passion into a business and career I could be proud of. I went to Cosmetology School right after I graduated from Medford High School in 2002. I fell in love with making people feel beautiful about themselves, and loved the idea of giving back to my community. Read  More>>

Christina Elfar

I have been doing hair for 14 years. This entire process has been about self-understanding and self-growth for me. I grew up in a middle eastern household where my parents excepted me to go to school to become a doctor or a lawyer. I was always a very artsy person and could not make myself sit still. My grades in high school suffered as I was not able to apply myself properly. Read More>>

Anna Kondratenok

I started my own dog walking company after graduating from Babson College and spending a few years in the corporate world. I was working for a company in the North End when the recession hit in 2009 and our company started laying people off. Instead of considering applying for other jobs, I decided to start my own company and wanted to do something that I enjoyed which was taking care of animals. Read More>>

Adriana Kopinja

My love for photography is definitely in my blood. Growing up in Poland, I spent a large amount of time in my father’s dark room. He was a crime scene photographer and an evidence specialist, and seeing him in action sparked my interest in photography. Read More>>

David Nguyen

Most people go to Vegas for the pool parties and the casinos. I went to get my small business started. I used to be a delivery driver working for a restaurant and I would drop my phone all the time. I tried YouTubing screen repairs but unfortunately the instructions were never thorough enough and I would have to make time to schedule a repair at the mall anyways. Read More>>

Chris Reed

I grew up in New Bedford as a working-class kid, son of a funeral director and nurse. Great fishing town–we used to get fresh fish, sometimes whole cod, right off the boat from our fisherman neighbor. Learned a lot about diversity and the richness it brings from the folks I knew in New Bedford–and first started to be interested in cities and the design of cities there, particularly because of its cool old industrial buildings and historic waterfront. Read More>>

Betsy Johnson

As a newly minted veterinarian, the first words I uttered were to take an oath swearing to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the relief of animals’ pain and suffering. At that moment I never dreamed that I would do so by offering a specialty in home euthanasia. For me, the simple truth is I might not have become what I initially dreamed of, but I now feel lucky to have become what is so needed. It all started by mistake. Read More>>

Samantha Gambaccini

As early childhood arts educators, we are constantly asked about how families can continue music and arts education at home. Typically, a child may receive one 30-minute art-special class a week in school, and it simply isn’t enough to satisfy their young, billowing, creative minds! We knew that providing a service like what we do in school would be well-received by Boston families because we already work and communicate with them everyday. Read More>>

Amy Parrett

My mother Lea Laschi started this business over 50 years ago. We’re pretty sure that Lea started her life with a blow dryer and a pair of shears in her hand. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for creating and designing hair styles for women and men. As a result, she started her schooling for hair and her passion continued to grow. Read More>>

Jumana Bootwala

I learnt Henna growing up,from my mother who is an accomplished artist herself. Henna is a important cultural part in India and I used to get henna all the time. When I moved to USA with my Husband and 7month old daughter, I used to volunteer Henna for friends and community center. Read More>>

Moonin Mookhiruntara

I was born and raised in Wayland, MA and went through the Wayland public school system. I began going to the gym and working out Junior year of high school and began seeing how beneficial it was to all aspects of my life. Originally simply lifting weights for bigger arms and a 6-pack, I soon noticed decreased anxiety, enhanced focus, increased energy, improved overall mood, and a strengthened muscular and skeletal system for lower injury risk and superior performance in every day activities. Read More>>

Stephanie Theisen

My background is in marketing and web design but when I was expecting my second daughter, I decided to learn to sew. I was hooked from the first stitch! I was working from home as a graphic designer and started an Etsy business on the side selling handmade items. Eventually, I started selling fabric as well. Read More>>

Steve Levin

IDEC Displays has been in business since 1967. The company was founded by my father, Herb Levin, who also owned Win Deco Display Company which set up all the conventions at the then newly built Hynes Convention Center, which was built in 1966. IDEC Displays was founded to fulfill the need of people looking for display items that they didn’t know where to find elsewhere. Read More>>

Kelly Quinones

For me it all started when I came to a point in my life that working as a dental assistant was not enough to provided for my family. I felt insecure about my job more and more younger girls did this position. It was physically demanding especially being in a managing position without the title. I could see it now the older me not being able to compete with the younger assistants. ” I’m still in my prime” I thought to myself if I was going to change careers it needed to happen soon. Read More>>

Patrice Monahan

I started when I was 6yrs old singing and playing piano. Through high school ,thespian, playing piano in jazz band and orchestra, alto sax in summer band, guitar, singing in girls glee club, performing and tap dancing in CYO shows. My parents thought a music career was not for the 1970’s so I became and RN, always performing and pursuing the arts. Read More>>

Jim DiBenedetto

About three years ago I began the pursuit to start a small business. After doing some self analysis and reviewing my strengths and weaknesses, my interests and skills I decided on trauma remediation and restoration as the field that sparked me as the best fit. It has been an educational and a worth wide pursuit thus far. I work constantly in one capacity or another, but it is also rewarding both professionally and challenging to grow the business. Read More>>

Barry Steinberg

When I got out of the Army in 1969 I went to work for a tire wholesaler. 4 1/2 years I decided I wanted to try it on my own and I found a building in Watertown and opened my first Direct Tire and Auto Service in November 1974. I wanted to create a business of real customer service in an industry that was always focused on price alone. Read More>>

Melissa Nierman

We’re actually only two months old! I always say that it all started on the new moon. I was moving from NY, but really had no idea what my next step was. I happened to be visiting friends in Salem, and saw a poster in the window of Hauswitch Home + Healing for a New Moon Meditation that night. I ended going on whim, and my life completely changed. Read More>>

Annie Andreeva

Xpress Movers was founded back in 2006. The idea started when our CEO was working nights as a valet. He saw a need for people to have access to a reliable, affordable, and professional moving company. It was there that Xpress Movers was born. Today we have expanded and we now have 15 employees. Read More>>

Nancy Beaurpere

Dingo’s Dogsitting began as a means to socialize and exercise my dog dog, Dingo, who I was bringing to the office of my other business, First Call Trucking & Courier, daily. But as anyone who has owned a young puppy can attest, I quickly realized that Dingo needed more attention during the day than I could lavish upon her whilst still trying to do my job. Read More>>

Marta and Wesley Thomas

We open our doors in 2008, despite everyone’s opinion of the economy. We followed our love for color and the uniqueness found in flowers. We started to built our interest specifically in weddings! Flowers have always been an intricate part of any celebration or emotional event. Read More>>

Karen Nottonson

I came to Boston in 1973, to attend M.I.T.-yes, I am a real geek. However, I’ve loved gems and jewelry ever since I was little- my first job (age 13) was in an antique jewelry store. I ran an antiques business called “The Silver Spoon” to earn extra money during graduate school, doing the finer local Boston antiques shows. Read More>>

Joe Nasr

It all started about 4 years ago… I had a 2013 limited edition Frozen Blue, BMW M3. The frozen blue was a matte paint finish. Very sexy looking… and very different! Read More>>

Diane Onorio

My career began in the Performing Arts at a dancer as the age of 3. I was enrolled in a weekly dance structure of ballet pointe, jazz and tap throughout childhood and adolescence. Later moving into a competitive dance environment, technique as well as a pleasing esthetic to a dancer’s alignment became the greater focus. I soon began a structured regimen of practicing the Pilates method. Read More>>

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