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North End / Downtown 5.15.2017

Erin Fitzmaurice

I have always loved photography. I remember when I was about 10 years old I got my first film camera. I would walk around my backyard taking pictures of acorns (who takes pictures of acorns?) In high school I started taking a photography class and that is really when my love for the art bloomed. I purchased an old Minolta camera and, as I learned all the technical stuff, I starting getting really creative. Read More>>

Ellen Lecce

Age 14 I had acne, this is when I started to take care of my skin. During these years, I learn how to achieve great looking skin. Helping others to achieve great looking skin become my passion in life before I became an Esthetician. Read More>>

Christie Walker

Our family loves to travel. We also love the T.V. show, The Amazing Race, and dreamed, along with many other fans, of being on the T.V. show. However, the odds of being selected for the show are about the same as winning the lottery, so that got us thinking… wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to go on our very own “amazing race” in our own city any time we want. Read More>>

Scott Campbell

I grew up fishing on Nauset Beach with my dad and it was obvious I had a love for the ocean and fishing at a very young age. I remember watching the fishing boats from the beach and dreaming about being a part of them. I had an opportunity to fill in as a mate in Rhode Island in the late 90’s and jumped on the opportunity. This is where I really learned the ins and outs of the boat and sport fishing???? Read More>>

Basel Badawi

I was born and raised in Syria, in 1990 I came to the US to go to Dental school as I got accepted at the prestigious Boston university school of dental medicine. After graduation I worked for a while in Boston before I started my group practice in the suburb of Boston during that time I met my business partner Dr Chau Hoang a Harvard graduate and together we started Citidental. With our hard work and patient satisfaction we have grown to 6 locations and over 500 five stats reviews on google. The highest reviewed dental office in Mass. Read More>>

Carolyn Martin and CC Stuart

We are 2 college best friends – fitness fanatics, that began co teaching fitness classes at Umass Amherst… way back when! We opened our first Pilates studio in the South End in 1999. We explored many names for our business but eventually landed on C2 Body (C2 standing for the 2 C’s – Carolyn and CC – (whose name is also Carolyn). We are 2 very real women entrepreneurs -we have developed our business grounded in our family and friendship. Read More>>

Nick Pierce

Throughout 15 years of escalating titles and responsibilities, the titles, bonuses, and bank balance meant less and less. I finally had enough of the stress and walked away from the security of well-paid position. In my next step, I didn’t want to find the same position at another company, but wanted to try something completely different. As a burnt out numbers guy, stress was a very big part of my life. Read More>>

Zachary Cobb

Gracenote Boston is a standing espresso bar in Boston’s Leather District. Tucked in between Chinatown, South Station, and the Financial District, the shop’s location and flow makes for a convenient and consistent coffee service. We have sought to make a space and culture that people can trust as their daily coffee shop by placing equal priority on hospitality and quality coffee preparation. Gracenote Boston opened Fall of 2015 in partnership with Patrick Barter of Gracenote Coffee Roasters and Alessandro Bellino of The Coffee Trike. Read More>>

Maricruz Polito

While working at a salon in Newbury St more than 10 years ago, there were two very specific situations that made me think about changing the course of my career to something I unexpectedly found out I loved…… doing people’s hair in their wedding day! Read More>>

Tris Coffin

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2006 I moved out to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music where I studied Film Scoring and Jazz Composition. On top of a full load and two Majors I worked as a restaurant manager (Downtown Boston) and as a sales associate at an electronics store in Natick. My 90 hour a week work schedule and 15 hour a week school schedule left little time for much else but did give me a solid work ethic. Read More>>

Kate Lemmon

I was always meant to be a photographer and a business owner — even as a child, I used to stage “photo shoots” for my Beanie Babies, and I was obsessed with opening lemonade stands! In my senior year of high school, I was lucky enough to find a family photographer in Austin who took me under her wing and taught me how to legally open my business. Read More>>

Maria Iannessa

I obtained my Massachusetts Cosmetology license the summer of 1996. I spent the first three years of my career trying to find salon environment that felt most like home to me. Where did I think, my career would flourish and thrive the most? Did I want the camaraderie and family-esque atmosphere of a mom-and-pop salon? Read More>>

Krissy McCoy

Owners, Krissy & Kellie have known each other for more than a decade and between them they have 6 kids, two husbands and two guinea pigs. Krissy is a master juggler and event planning is second nature to her.  Kellie has been snapping pictures for family and friends as a favorite hobby for years, and she noticed the growing popularity of photo booths at events.  In 2016, they took the plunge in becoming small business owners, and have been enjoying the ride ever since! Read More>>

Natalie Antell

I joined Soul City about 5 years ago, but the band has been in existence since 1988. Our current manager, guitarist Trick Wallace, has been handling things since the mid-90’s. Unlike everyone else in the group, I am completely self-taught. This is a group of very talented and experienced individuals, mostly from Berklee and surrounding music schools. Read More>>

Anne-Cecile Curot

Le Visage Spa opened almost 3 years ago this coming summer. It was not planned at all! The decision was made really quickly after the previous spa closed where my team and I were performing services. Read More>>

Danny Barros

I started working in restaurants and bars when I was a teenager. My first job ever was in a kitchen- mopping floors and making pizzas! As I got older, I tried my hand in a few different fields and then some friends and I started an event promotions and artist management company (D-Squared Entertainment) and I found nightlife to be my true passion. Read More>>

Iqbal Khan

My passion started in 1987 in jewelry business after I served an accountant in a large jewelry outfit, went to Gemological institute of America and graduated 1993 as a Gemologist then opened my own jewelry retail business in heart of downtown Boston at 333 Washington St. jewelry building. Also went to Appraisal school and now I am a senior member at national association of Jewelry appraisals. Read More>>

Ekaterina Mamulashvili

I always loved dentistry. I work with a wide range of patients, from the young to the young-at heart. My commitment to all patients is to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible in our practice, and to treat them as I would like to be treated. Read More>>

Jill Rosenwald

My first real studio was a large space opened with my husband in 1996 in Boston’s Fort Point Channel neighborhood. It was there that we both designed and created our own lines that were shipped to stores like Barneys and Neiman Marcus across the country. The brand has always reflected my personality and interests, so while it’s constantly evolving I wouldn’t say it has changed. I have always loved making beautiful colorful things, and I love that we make them for the smart and stylish people that enjoy them. Read More>>

Aaron Spagnolo

For some strange reason, I love being with a pair that is just head over heels in love. In those cases, love happens organically—I don’t necessarily have to prompt a kiss or a hug. So basically, I’m a wedding photographer and I shoot lovers for a living. I’m a mad little cupid who traded in their primitive bow and arrows for a high-end digital camera. Read More>>

Dr Jacques Delort Dr Jeff Karp

Skintifique’s journey started in Boston and Paris when Jacques and Jeff joined forces with a goal to change and improve the quality of life of people with demanding skin. We have been collaborating for some time when Jacques was the senior executive at Sanofi, the pharmaceutical group and Jeff started his lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and had just published a landmark paper in Nature about the technology concept. Read More>>

Lisa De Simone

Working in corporate America, each day became more unfulfilled than the next. I always had a passion for the beauty/fashion industry, having a degree in fashion merchandising and working part-time as a MAC makeup artist., but I could never build the courage to pursue my passion as a career. Finally the day came when I knew I had to leave the 9 -5 corporate grind and follow my passion. Read More>>

Erica Derrickson

My photography business was born in a moment of crisis. I was working a job I hated and it became painfully clear to me that something had to change. After a lot of inner turmoil, I quit my job to pursue my passions for photography and film acting. It was scary. I remember the day I told my boss that “I quit.” Read More>>

Beth Manning

If you asked me years ago if I thought I would open up a yoga studio, the answer would probably have been no. As a lover of the outdoors, I always saw myself in the field of recreation, having led programs and people on trips for most of my early years, I that was my passion {it still is}. It wasn’t until a tragic life event that I would be steered in another direction, that change in course is what brought me to where I am today. Read More>>

Rich Ruffing

After graduating with a degree in Sports Biology from Springfield College it took me a few years to really figure out what direction I wanted to head in. With my dad being a teacher I thought may be wanted to be a teacher. I also thought that maybe I should go back to school for physical therapy. But I had to do something which lead to me to taking for my first job in the fitness field as a part-time trainer at was once the Wellesley Club and is now Boston Sports Club. Read More>>

Craig Lewin

I started out as a competitive swimmer career at the late age of 13. After swimming throughout high school, I went on to swim for Boston College. Through these experiences I developed a love of swimming both in the pool and open water. I began to swim competitively in open water distance races between 8 miles and 25 kilometers. Read More>>

Matthew Robertson

We started in September 2015 as one of the first franchise locations of the California based company. We provide high quality costumed performers for kid parties and corporate events. We have been working steadily and very long hours to grow our business, it is not unusual for us to answer a call to book a party at 9p! We are fully dedicated to our company and its success. Read More>>

Hanny Ezrach

One night we had dinner with our good friends where they showed us photo magnets from an event abroad sea. They asked us, why not start a photo magnet company here? We seemed interested in it and got to thinking. It only took one night to realize that this would be a fantastic way to turn my professional photography skills into a family business. Read More>>

Lisa M DeMarco

I first started in the Esthetic business 20 years ago when I decided to go to Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics. After graduating from Grady, I worked for their salon on Newbury Street and then decided to work for a friend of mine in Arlington, who owned a Merle Norman. After that, I decided to make a move to Winchester to be a little closer to my home. Finally, I decided to take the plunge and open my own business 13 years ago, which is currently located in Reading. Read More>>

Catheryn Schoenfarber

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2004 when I graduated from The Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork. I have been working with clients one on one ever since. I own a Massage Therapy Practice called Spirit Wellness Massage where I work with a team of therapist providing massage therapy services. I feel incredibly blessed and inspired by my clients every day. To be able to hold healing space for another and to hold the highest intention for their wellbeing is a gift to the very heart of my soul. Read More>>

Masha Banar

Mesolyft micro-needle skincare technology is a breakthrough in skincare, patented innovation, and a fun new toy for any woman who wants to stay young. You could say we’ve reinvented the wheel. The easy-to-use MesoLyft device combines a rolling tip of micro-needles with a pump of area-specific serum. Mimicking expensive high-tech medispa treatments, it puts the power of science into your hands for both instant and long-term results. Read More>>

Mark Erickson

I had a successful career in the Hospitality Industry and as a musician (trumpet) in my 20’s. Unfortunately those careers came with a lot of bad habits (eating, drinking, lack of sleep etc…). Although I worked out sparingly, one day I decided to suck it up and hire a personal trainer. My trainer helped me lose around 50 lbs and then started me on a muscle building routine which completely lit a fire in me that I hadn’t experienced since I started learning my musical instrument when I was in grade school. Read More>>

Michelle Densmore

I created Lucky13Fitness in 2010 as a way to combine my education in the mental health field with my passion for fitness. As a Licensed Certified Social Worker and Certified Personal Trainer working in a commercial gym, I observed so many frustrated people that showed up every day and went through the motions but weren’t seeing optimal results. I saw the need for a type of personal training that goes beyond the amount of miles run or weights lifted in a gym. Read More>>

Trang Dang

I started much company to focus women who can’t come to the salon. At Nails 2 U, we know your time is valuable and that’s why we come to you! No more searching for parking and trying to find time in your busy schedule to get to the nail salon. We bring the nail salon to you, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Read More>>

Angela Morera Danny Morera

Danny Morera earned his black belt in Karate at the age of 17, at that time he began teaching Karate to kids for another local Dojo. Shortly after that in 1997 he was introduced by his long time mentor and friend, Jack Ellis, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the infamous Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy at the time in Watertown. Danny instantly fell in love with (BJJ). Read More>>

Astrid Ortiz

Growing up in the my native Country of Colombia, without all the technology and what I call “one step crafts” available this days, had in many ways help to develop my creative and artistic mind. My love for children and passion for entertainment planted in my head for many years, to look for a way to incorporate all of this and start my own business. It tooked years to built it from the ground up. Read More>>

Jennifer Wilson

Andrew Michaels Spa and Salon has been in business for 17 years. The owner of Andrew Michaels dreamed of opening a spa and salon that would be viewed as a destination to escape the stresses of everyday life while being pampered with the best products and services. First he had to find a building which would feel like a sanctuary for his clients. Read More>>

Joy Fay

I graduated from college in 1992 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I worked in many different early childhood settings and eventually became the director of a Boston based child-care center. Soon thereafter I left my position to help my sister raise her 3 children. It was during this time that I was introduced to boot camp style workouts and ran my first Boston marathon in 2001. Read More>>

Becky Brandt

I was born and raised north of Boston. I love to live and work in my seaside town. I wasn’t always here thought. I moved to Maine to Maryland to Boston. Read More>>

Bryanna McLean

I have been an Esthetician for just over 8 years now. Waxing has always been my favorite thing to do in the field. Making people happy and feel comfortable in their own skin is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I had never thought about owning my own place, until I stumbled upon Sola Salons. Read More>>

Patrick Smith

It’s been quite the journey to get to where we are today. We’ve caught more than a few lucky breaks, and we will forever be grateful to all the family and friends who have helped us along the way. No chance we could have made it to this point without them. Read More>>

Ralph Mercer

Do you love photography? Do you like to snap photos of your friends, pretty scenery, or anything beautiful and memorable? I do, and have done so since the age of six. Throughout all the phases of my life I have been a photographer. Read More>>

Jonas Cain

I’ve been performing magic since I was a young boy. Most every child dabbles in magic at some point in their life, but they usually stop around their teenage years. But I never stopped. It was my first part-time job in high school and it’s been a full-time career for most of my adult life. Read More>>

Sarah Haase

I had been working in marketing for nearly a decade, when suddenly in early December 2008 my company had a large layoff. I had always loved many aspects of my job, but after being raised in a home where my parents ran their own business, always struggled with the “9-5, do what I tell you” aspect of being an employee. I was honestly tired of the level of stress that came from the non-rewarding task of “selling widgets” and felt that my day-to-day work lacked a real purpose, and I had been searching for a way out for a while; it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was a gift. Read More>>

Elizabeth McLindon

Trained in 1993, I have practiced therapeutic massage in the Boston area since then in Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, and, since 1999, on Cape Ann. I was motivated to become a Massage Therapist after a serious car accident when, in combination with chiropractic care, therapeutic massage facilitated my pain relief and recovery. As a trained artist, I enjoyed working with my hands. Creating art is done primarily in isolation, while massage and bodywork is done one-on-one. Read More>>


As a teenager, I wanted to take lessons like my older brothers; they were studying in the North End, with Professor Joseph M. Ingo — piano and accordion! So of course, I also signed-up to take lessons and decided upon the guitar. I studied with Professor Ingo through my first year, 1974 or so, and then through my high school arts program, I was able to get into Berklee College of Music’s short, summer program with private lessons studying from the William Leavitt Guitar Volume 1, which was doable since Professor Ingo started me out with Nick Lucas’ Guitar Method, a very good guitar course in the jazz style which Berlee was mostly known for back in those days. Read More>>


Embarking upon his ambition to fulfill the American dream, Arnold “Sonny” Canale bought Lombardi Florist in 1957. He had been an employee there since 1943. Lombardi’s had been a successful florist and nursery since the early 1900’s. In 1959, Sonny married Marie “Russo” Canale and merged Lombardi’s with her family’s florist, Russo’s Florist. Russo’s Florist had been in business since the early 1900’s when Marie’s parents arrived from Ponza, Italy. Read More>>

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan’s mission: to bring Modern American Glamour to your life. How? By creating a foundation of timelessly chic furniture and accessorizing with abandon. It all started with pottery. Jonathan first gave the wheel a spin at summer camp when he was 12 years old. Read More>>

Jayne Patrikas

Christiane Bourque and I had been friends for over 20 years when she approached me to open a Spa together. Opening a spa was always on Christiane’s mind as she traveled the world with her all-star hockey husband, Ray. She is very creative and envisioned the perfect Spa, so we worked together with an architect to get it down on paper. When the initial drawings were established we worked together on everything from the floor plan and traffic pattern to the number of treatment rooms necessary to achieve our goals. Read More>>

Maryellen Auger

When I was 48 and a mother of two young children, I went looking for an enjoyable sport that would help me lose weight, get in great shape and be enjoyable. I’d always loved being on-the-water, so when I discovered Hobie pedal-kayaking I was hooked! I felt amazing! I was more relaxed and healthy than I had been in a long time. I found beauty and peace on the water and within myself, too. Read More>>

Jim Quinn

I always liked to draw as a kid and excelled in art. As time went on I ended up doing a few bike shows and tattooing out of a trailer. I did some traveling, worked at a few shops, and then decided to open my own tattoo shop, That was eleven years ago. Which brings you now to Ink Jam Tattoo Studio. Read More>>

Kayla Iacopucci

I attended Fitchburg State University for college originally to take science prerequisite classes thinking that I wanted to become a dental hygienist. During my Junior year I finally decided that after graduating college I was going to go to skin care instead. “AMEN!” my mom said, as I had been picking at her skin for years! I was always torn between a job that I knew i would enjoy but could just easily make more money under someone else roof vs. having to work harder to make a living doing something I really LOVED! Read More>>

Eleni Garabedian

I have been an esthetician and massage therapist for 8 years. In December of 2015 I had the opportunity to start my own business, which was always a dream of mine. Sofia E. Day spa opened in Lynnfield. I love working with clients to make them feel and look their best. We specialize in skin care, eyelash extensions, microblading, spray tans, waxing and massages. Read More>>

Mallory Ruggiero

I discovered my love of photography when I was in high school, while wanting to capture everything I saw. My mom let me borrow her 1970 film camera, and my love grew even further while I learned about light. For many years, my photography was just a hobby. I’ve suffered from an auto immune disease known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 3 years old. In 2009, I was suffering through a severe flare up and had to stop working for almost a year. Read More>>

Alexander Sepulveda

I have been active in Health and Fitness Field for well over 20 years, Since I was 10 years of age, I have been active in sports such as Baseball, Kenpo Karate, Basketball, and Weight Training. I Played baseball from 1992 – 2003, from 1999-2003 I played for UMASS Boston division 1 where I graduated with a full scholarship. Meanwhile in 1990 I started learning Martial Arts. I became a Black belt in 1996, then in 1997 and 1998 I became a black belt National Champ IKC Champ. Read More>>

Kristina Makris

There once was a little girl who loved makeup. When I was 11 years old I said, “one day I’m going to have my own makeup store.” It all started inside of my moms makeup bag. I started wearing makeup for dance recitals before I could even remember! Read More>>

Molly LaCroix

I was working a corporate job and was not happy at all. Every Sunday I would feel sick to my stomach knowing I was going to have to go to work the next day. It was such an unrewarding job that was sucking the life out of me. I remember sitting at my desk thinking “if I could do ANYTHING what would it be”. Read More>>

Diane Abraham

We started in a small 1000 sq space in 1979. We were one of the first studios in our area to rent our own space and open 6 days a week. We eventually moved several times and we are now in our 5000 sq ft space in the downtown area of Wakefield. Read More>>

Jodi Bradbury

In the winter of 2012, I woke up one morning with the urge to bake, which was rare for me since I had always focused on savory cooking since attending culinary arts school in 11 years earlier. The new obsession with baking continued and finally in April of 2013, I decided to rent space in a shared kitchen facility and open an online bakery as a side business to see if there was a market for my product. For two years, as I continued my full-time job as a Project Manager in IT, the business steadily grew and I began dreaming of someday leaving my job and opening my own storefront. Read More>>

Marc Knittle

I learned to sail in Pennsylvania at the age of twelve. My best friend’s family had a lake house and we spent hours on the water on their fourteen foot Sunfish. We actually had more fun tipping it over to cool off on a hot summer day than we did sailing. Read More>>

Liana Bond Cosgrove

I’m a documenter at heart– I’ve always loved capturing moments and images. I tried photography years ago with a film camera but my thumb always seemed to creep into the photo somehow and it was hard to wait so long for the images to be processed. Then came digital cameras. For the first time, I was able to see my images as I captured them. The images became my teachers; they gave me immediate feedback about settings, focus, light and framing. Read More>>

Hilary Wood

After a career in technology and project management, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue my creative side, my passion for photography, working with people and pets. I took the leap and went back to college and received my certification in Digital Photography in 2006. I built my business specializing in high-school senior portraits, family portraits and weddings. On the commercial side of my business. Read More>>

Bobby Dutton

In 1998, I stumbled into the world of DJ-ing, and knew immediately that it was going to be a big part of my life. I fell in love with the fact that you could combine technical gadgetry with musical performance. It was the perfect combination, and I set out to become a DJ. Read More>>

Matteo Ronzio

“We are Francesca and Matteo Ronzio from Italy, we fell in love with Boston after a trip to New England a few years ago. Here at Real Italian Gusto we love to expose patrons to authentic Italian food and dining customs. It will be just like coming to Italy if you enter our restaurant, which is exactly our goal. Read More>>

Cassie Winkle

I opened The Way in 2011 after working as a licensed massage therapist for 6 years in numerous settings. I wanted to create a space that encompassed everything I loved from my previous opportunities and also take the customer experience to a whole new level. Our mission at The Way is “healing our community” and our motto is “Feel good. All the time. Read More>>

Eddie Knight

I always had a passion for music and by junior year of high school i started taking my journey into the music more seriously, I attended The New England Institute of Art after high school for Sound engineering and simply started developing my engineering skills by working with artists directly from my home studio for several years before officially starting Pro Track Studios a recording studio based in Lynn, Ma. I’ve focused on creating a comfortable creative environment for Artists to fully get into their comfort zone and perform to their fullest abilities. Read More>>

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