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Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire 11.13.2017

Susan Tribble

After obtaining a B.A. from the University of Virginia and M.B.A. from Boston University, I spent the majority of my professional career in finance and higher administration. While it paid the bills, it didn’t provide me much personal satisfaction. Read more>>

Jodi Wilkinson

I start Wilco Marine in 1980 at the age of 20, my first job was restoration of the gondolas at Wildcat Mountain, we started a mobile marine from Maine to New York. Mobile business was an instant hit with customers! We moved to 3 bay facility on rt1 in Newbury so I could be more creative from building molds, custom paint jobs, complete boat restoration, building Ferrari kit cars. Read more>>

Susie Curtis, Kristen Goodrich and Annette Thomas

We started out as friends and neighbors who enjoyed some girls’ nights together. Between our families, we have 7 children that range from 1-8 years old. We would often talk shop on the sidelines of the t-ball games about the similar populations that we worked with, we all had established solo practices with More Than Words Counseling Services, Seacoast Play Works Therapy, and Power Up Physical Therapy & Fitness prior to joining forces. Read more>>

Ralph and Julie Kinscheck

Julie and Ralph have been doing music all their lives and this is their story! They make a living in music. At Kinscheck Productions they write it, play it, produce it, record it and pass it on! Read more>>

Dr. Jody Ransom

I believe that every person deserves to feel the internal freedom of self-acceptance and to feel at home in their own body. The Embodying Compassion approach is derived from my 30 years work as a psychologist, during which I had the privilege of journeying with people who were trying to free themselves of the constraints of eating disordered thinking and behaviors. Read more>>

Stefan Mercier

We are a company focused on class trips and campus tours for students, parents and teachers. Our motto is : travel – engage – learn – experience. GO has a fantastic team of dedicated travelers all working together to create memorable travel experiences for students and teachers. Read more>>

Francey Slater and Lydia Sisson

Mill City Grows started in 2011 when Lydia and I (co-founders) took a leap of faith to launch a Food Justice initiative in Lowell. We were both commuting outside of our home community of Lowell to go to work each day: Lydia was running a 75 member CSA in North Reading, MA, and I was working at a school garden nonprofit in Cambridge, MA. Read more>>

Erika Sargent-Grasso

As a young child with dyslexia and learning disabilities my elementary school teacher told my parents I would never be college material, ironic that I ultimately became a teacher! I was also over weight which means dieting started early for me in life. Read more>>

Susan Walker

I’ve been photographing people for over 20 years (and even longer than that in my mind), but always as a side hobby. It was about 6 years ago that I made the decision to go into business. Read more>>

Ritu Harlalka

Cooking was always my passion and I love to experiment with food. As word spread, one thing lead to another and soon was catering food to large gatherings and occasions and ultimately ran out of capacity in my home kitchen about 8 years ago. Read more>>

Paul Sumner

In all honesty, I never wanted to work at Opto-Line International. As a kid I spent some summers working in the lab, performing monotonous work that made very little sense to me. Every so often I was asked if I had any interest in the business and my answer was always an emphatic no! Read more>>

William Lee

It was the 66th letter that I sent out in 1997 to apply for a post-doctoral position in US universities that got me to work at Massachusetts General Hospital at Boston. Although I was born in Malaysia, I finished all my three degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Tokyo in Japan. Read more>>

Janie Haas

I began my event planning journey almost 40 years ago before it became recognized as a career path. While I was in graduate school, my sister and I began writing invitations for people in the form of creative verse and soon there were requests for centerpieces to complement those invitations. Read more>>

Carl Norloff and Paul Weiss

Prior to forming Rheebo, I had technology leadership roles for some great companies including Walt Disney, Zone Labs, M&M Mars and recently Zone Labs. I met my Rheebo co-founder and CMO Paul Weiss when we worked together at S&H greenpoints, a digital incarnation of the iconic S&H Green Stamp company. Read more>>

Dr. Nicholas Liatsos

My story goes back to 1987 when I was a student at Lynn English High School and my good friend, Tim, was attending physical therapy for shoulder rehabilitation from a baseball injury. He came to me one day and said, “Physical therapy is really great! Read more>>

Peggy Russell

In 2010 I was seeking a change from a 25+ year career running my textile design studio Iro Design, in Boston’s SOWA neighborhood. I had traveled endlessly across the country doing juried art shows, trade shows like the New York Itnl gift show, The accessories circuit and The American craft council shows to promote and wholesale my line of hand painted silk accessories and clothing and home wares. Read more>>

Daniel Nakamoto

Dan Nakamoto has had a long career in human services that has spanned several state agencies as well as work in the private non-profit sector. Three years ago he took the helm of a small mental health agency in Lowell that has been serving the greater Lowell community since 1953. Read more>>

Ed Wall

SnoopWall was established as an LLC in 2013 and became a Delaware “C” Corporation in 2015. We started in the mobile applications space and then in 2015 reacquired technology and patents that the company sold previously. Read more>>

Lauren Bouchard and Katie Hurd

We started out in the medical field as registered nurses. However, we always had a passion for the cosmetic and beauty industry. We wanted to use our skill set and medical knowledge to combine the “art and science” of beauty. Read more>>

Ken and Brad Murray

You should really be talking to my son, Brad, but he’s completely consumed with work right now. Brad started this business after studying finance for four years. I think he was motivated by my work history and he chose a similar gas analyzer field. Read more>>

Rue and Sallie Nijhof

Rue was born and raised in Holland, had his very first job in the United States right on this property. Originally, this was a high end restaurant and function room built by Rue’s uncle, his wife and their best friends. Read more>>

Monique Chretien

The I Hold Anything was born out of necessity. With nothing available to hold a coffee cup while shopping, I began making prototypes at home and then in a sewing class. After several prototypes that failed, the I Hold Anything was finally developed to perfection. Read more>>

Carrie Jose

I started CJ Physical Therapy and Wellness in Sept 2014 after moving to Portsmouth from Washington, DC. I had already been working on my own as a solo-practice owner and was becoming quite successful. Read more>>

Jeffrey Paige

Named one of the most promising chef’s of the 90’s by Yankee Magazine, New Hampshire Union Leader and The Boston Globe, Jeffrey’s simple comfort food cookery, coupled with his appreciation for New England’s rich culinary history and love for the Shakers, was the inspiration for creating the award-winning dining experience at Canterbury Shaker Village. Read more>>

David Steadman

After spending my young adult life working in concrete construction, I wanted to seek a healthier career to support my growing family. In 1999 I stumbled across a help wanted add, listed in a local newspaper, looking to hire a Climbing Arborist apprentice. Read more>>

Edith Onderick-Harvey

After grad school, I started my career in a boutique consulting firm in Atlanta that was focused on transforming companies by engaging everyone in the firm in solving business issues. It was pretty radical stuff in the late 80’s. Read more>>

Samuil Palchevskiy

I started the business the beginning of summer 2017. I had the idea towards the end of the spring semester. I was about to finish my junior year of college down in Florida, and go back to my home in NH to work and try to make some money for the next school year over the summer. Read more>>

Cornelis de Jong

Cabonnay started as a seemingly simple idea that snowballed over a 3 year period into what it is today – at-heart it was designed as a place where talented hospitality professionals, chefs, artists, bartenders, service staff, gardeners and musicians can play with ideas. Read more>>

Brett Scott

I began my first business when I was 12 years old. I saved money raking leaves to be able to buy my first ATV. I turned around and sold it the next day for a profit and that began my first business buying and selling ATV’s, dirt bikes, and jetski’s. Read more>>

Heidi Bea White

I set forth in my career after my son was born, I had finally graduated High School attending the night adult classes. I was a loser in my family’s eyes. Pregnant teenager running off to get married and moving to New Hampshire at 17 was not cool. Read more>>

James Tambone

It all started growing up around the success of my grandfather and father working within the various sectors of real estate. My grandfather, Anthony Tambone, was an Italian immigrant who came to America when he was a young boy. Read more>>

Denice Kelly

I’ve always loved art and have a background as a cosmetologist and makeup artist. When a friend asked if I’d ever tried face painting I figured it was worth a try and here I am 17 years later. Read more>>

Scott “Stonewall” Miller

I have been in the musical instrument industry for most of my life. I built my first electric guitar in high school. My high school actually offered a guitar building class. I’m still friends with my guitar building teacher, Mr. Hoyt. Read more>>

Lindsey Foley

According to my family, I was born with the “fashion gene” as I come from a long line of entrepreneurs in the business. Apparently this goes back many generations, but what I witnessed growing up was a grandfather in the shoe business and a father manufacturing clothing that was sold wholesale all over the country. Read more>>

Dr. Gregory Baker

I started my dental career in Hanover, NH in 1981 as a general dentist. After 8 years of crowns, silver fillings and root canals, I decided to go back to school to study orthodontics. In 1989, I received my certificate in orthodontics from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Read more>>

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