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Meet Slone Mathieu of Dream Spa Medical in Brookline & Canton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Slone Mathieu.

Slone, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I started out as a makeup artist almost 20 years ago. At the time, I was living in Washington, DC doing media makeup for the networks. I received an assignment from CBS News to go on-location at the Senate Office Building and get Ted Kennedy camera ready for a television interview. He was a very busy man, so the application would have to be performed during his staff meeting. He was seated at the head of a conference table, with 15 team members watching, and two giant dogs resting at his feet. It was not unusual to work under such conditions.

The only odd thing about this particular job was that the makeup I applied kept peeling and rolling – I couldn’t get a smooth finish, which had never happened to me before. My usual male makeup application took 20 minutes, but this was extending into an hour. He and the staff were becoming a bit uncomfortable and I was embarrassed at drawing attention to myself. I kept thinking that if I understood what was going on with his skin I could have prepped him better and gotten the job done quickly.

In the end, he went on camera with some flaking that thankfully didn’t read on camera. He was very gracious about the whole thing and kept talking about how good is was to work with a girl from MA. Despite his kindness, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being ill-prepared. I signed up for an Aesthetics program at The French Institute the very next day. I thought it would help me with my makeup career. I never expected that the science of skin and skincare would interest me so much. It helped me realize that I would rather help correct a condition or solve a cosmetic complaint, rather than cover it up with makeup.

After my schooling, I went on to work with one of the best Dermatologists in the area. He mentored me and taught me so much about diagnosis and therapies, as well as the histology and physiology as it pertains to different skin types and different ethnicities. I eventually went on to run his private practice and manage all of our cosmetic patients.

When I returned to Boston I wanted to keep moving forward with my career and my passion for skin care. I thought working for a Plastic Surgeon would be the next obvious step. I did some research and found that Dr. Russo was not only a successful practitioner but also a savvy businessman. I cold-called and sent resumes, but never managed to get in the door. Eventually, I just booked an appointment – a tactic that could have backfired, but he was so humored by my effort and hes simply a wonderful human being. He sat and talked to me for a full hour.

During our conversation, he mentioned that he was opening a Medical Spa and about a week later his partner, Diana Brouillard, called me for an interview. Since then I have stepped-up from a part-time employee to the Spa Director, and I’ve truly loved every second of it!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Starting a Medical Spa from the ground zero is really difficult. We’ve been very fortunate that it’s been a happy a fun road to travel. Diana managed to bring in a core group of solid and skilled Aestheticians and Nurses. Working for Dr. Russo encouraged many of them to commit during the slow process of building a client base. Beyond that, the real trick is staying ahead of the game in this ever-changing industry.

For instance, all of the providers are certified in laser hair removal and advanced therapies, but they were not necessarily familiar with the specific brand of lasers we have. There was also some trial and error with the product lines we were working with. You have to find offerings that are unique and effective.

We faced these challenges by training like it was boot-camp. A habit we still maintain all these years later. However, now we get to focus on the scope of the industry, and not just the technology we have in-house. It gives us a competitive edge and allows us to keep advancing in our offerings and services. It also gives us a greater understanding of what we as looking at and treating as patients spa hop. We hope that our insight and the information we share, as well as our results-driven treatments and customer service, will make this the destination of choice for the clients in the end.

We are still building, but time has allowed us to fine-tune our service menu, refine our clinical protocols and document our results. This is truly a time-consuming endeavor and we all feel really good about our individual contributions and the overall progress we’ve made.

Dream Spa Medical – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Dream Spa Medical offers a wide range of medical spa services that are custom tailored to help you achieve your aesthetic and cosmetic goals. We understand that everyone has a different definition and expectation when it comes to dealing with their appearance. Our emphasis is not on vanity, but rather well being: we want your skin to be healthy, we want your mind to be at peace, and we want you to be comfortable and well-informed as you consider the possibilities.

Our consultations are provided by skilled Nurses and advanced Aestheticians, with over 100 years of combined experience and expertise. Standard facials to advanced chemical peels allow us to clear and correct surface problems. Our superior laser technology gives us the power to blast away unwanted hair or brown spots that indicate damage. More refined therapies can inspire collagen and elastin production or body contouring. Even our Nurses can go beyond the standard cosmetic injections to offer you natural alternatives based on your comfort level.

Options, consistency, education, and outcome seem to serve us and our clients very well. We know that It’s a very vulnerable position to be in – makeup free and talking about the things that bother you – and we have great respect and appreciation for the opportunity we are given to help. We also take into full consideration, the limitations of time and budget. Simply put, we train hard and work hard because we genuinely care about our clients. It’s a bonus that we care about one another as well. It’s like a family, and when you walk through our doors, you become a part of it.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
By a business standard, our success is determined by client retention and positive reviews. For me, part of the success is when you can genuinely connect with a person and help them feel better. Some clients are just maintaining and preventing – like exercise for the skin. Then there are the clients that are burdened by their complaints. They’re embarrassed by their appearance, and that embarrassment is compounded by the fact that they’ve been told that the way they view themselves is superficial or silly. There is so much conflict around our desire to look good that occasionally our consultations are more like therapy sessions.

I relish in taking away the doubt and encouraging the client to own her desires, Sometimes that’s as easy as telling the client they’re already beautiful. Sometimes it requires more work than that – like the client who doesn’t realize that the brown spot on her cheek is actually damaged skin, and she doesn’t have to simply “get over it” when there is a solution.

Life is too short to waste time hating on yourself or the reflection you see in the mirror. Life is also too short to be obsessing over every imperfection, and for those clients, we encourage them to commit to some real therapy before anything else. In either scenario, I have to really listen and care. That’s my marker of success: when you develop real trust.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Dream Spa Medical Brookline
    1223 Beacon Street, Ste. B Brookline, MA 02446
    Dream Spa Medical Canton
    2184 Washington Street, Ste. 4 Canton, MA 02021
  • Website:
  • Phone: Bline; 617-906-8115 Canton: 339-502-8070
  • Email:
  • Instagram: Dream Spa Medical
  • Facebook: Dream Spa Medical
  • Twitter: Dream Spa Medical
  • Yelp: Dream Spa Medical

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