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Meet Maria Salomão-Schmidt of Coach Me Maria

Today we’d like to introduce you to Maria Salomão-Schmidt.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Since I was a very little kid, I have been mesmerized with solving how to help people go from suffering to laughing. I say laughing because, even as a wee child, I learned that if the adults around me were laughing, I was safe, and so were my mom and brothers. It felt good in my heart to see people stop fighting and start hugging. I was learning a very important life lesson, that from laughter happiness flows.

When we go through icky situations, part of us shuts down and becomes smaller. Parts of me did that, but other parts of me also used my abusive childhood to ramp up my creativity, intuition, and problem-solving abilities.

When I was 12 I asked for a subscription to Psychology Today so I could learn about how people’s minds work. I read voraciously because even though I felt trapped, I knew one day my gilded cage door would open. I learned from the most amazing people who have ever lived, like Alice Walker, Anthony Robbins, Og Mandino, Napolean Hill, Louise Hay, Iyanla Vanzant, Paulo Coelho and Wayne Dyer. I wanted to be ready to fly when that happened. The library was my second home. I wanted to learn lots of deep, diverse, deliciously divine information so that I could create an effective way to make life easier for me, and those around me, who I saw suffering.

When I got my masters in business administration (MBA) at Simmons College in Boston, I started coaching. During the era, I worked in Silicon Valley running my own communications/public relations firm. I got to work and connect with some of the world’s most amazing people and companies like Jane Goodall, Craig Newmark, Mikhail Gorbachev, Maya Angelou, Jack Canfield, Yahoo!, Mathworks, etc. It was an amazing time in my life and instrumental in exposing me to ground-breaking visionary human beings and information! It was during this time that I started formally doing my own research on moving the human experience from suffering to flowing. I began doing retreats, workshops and teaching what I was discovering. At that time I was doing all the “right” things but still felt unhappy. I blamed it on my lack of… well, not really sure what… but it was definitely my “fault”. I just needed to work harder, be more disciplined…

Eventually, after the unexpected death of our beloved daughter Sophia, I began a more sacred journey. Whereas before I was more cerebral in my information gathering, her sudden death shattered my heart and broke me free of the “good girl” chains I had been domesticated to live in. I used her death as a catalyst for how I can help make the world a better place by sharing my life’s research on human happiness breakthroughs. I do this by using the same vehicles I did at the beginning of my career… retreats, workshops, talks, and coaching… and this time, I also have another valuable asset, my best-selling book on Amazon’s Top 100 Books on Happiness…

Finally FULL of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA. What I’ve realized at this part of my journey, is that I’m a TOOL MAKER, FINDER and DISTRIBUTOR… my life’s work is to teach people what tools will help them connect to their life’s work! It is simply what I was born to do… and it feels sooooo good to do it!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It’s been a very bumpy road… I just recently found out that I am now cancer-free after having been diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband also had an auto-immune disease and another time when he almost died. Life is very fragile that is why it is meant to be lived. No one gets out alive. No one. What are we saving it for?

Everyone has “bumps” in the road… our attitude determines if they become “struggles”. At some point, I determine that each major icky event in my life was both a gift and a curse and I was determined to find the gift in each. It’s not always easy but the regards are breath-giving!

We’d love to hear more about your business.
My company is called COACH ME MARIA. Some people label me as a Coach, Speaker, Author and I did too for a long time. But what I really am is… a “TOOLS for HUMANS EXPERT” I have traveled all over the world teaching my life’s work!

I turned 50 this year and took some time to marinate in my life’s adventures, heartaches, and accomplishments. Wow, what a ride it’s been! I believe that each one of us has not a “purpose” but rather a “flavor”. Like ice cream, each one of us we have a number of interesting flavors. The more we explore those flavors, the sweeter life is! If we go about looking for our life’s purpose we will miss the mark because it’s too big! (Now say this with a Maine accent… “Can’t get there from here”) 😉

This is where TOOLS FOR HUMAN BEINGS is soooo very important. This is a critical time for human beings. We are finally transforming from HUMAN DOINGS to HUMAN BEINGS… It is both an exciting and scary time to be alive! It’s important to have the right tool for the job of discovering why you are here… by exploring your flavors. You can discover your flavors by starting to notice what attracts you. Most of us have learned to turn this part of us of.

The icky feelings we feel like depression, sadness, etc is our life giving us feedback that we are out of alignment. When we don’t hear the feedback it increases. We are told that we need to work on ourselves so we try harder. It still persists. We find things that numb us out or continue battling ourselves. This is why there is so much conflict in the world. COACH ME MARIA is my way of helping increase the peace! And grow the LOVE on planet earth! I’ve learned how to unleash my flavors and teaching others is what COACH ME MARIA does! 🙂

What I’m most proud of is that even in the face of abuse, neglect, illness, death, heartache… I still never gave up on my dreams of sharing my life’s work with the world! I have decades of stories of people being helped by my work. Also, reading some of the comments on the Amazon reviews are amazing! Finally FULL of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA is out there making a difference for people! I LOVE THAT!

What sets me apart from others… is that I have my own flavor. If I try to do things like others I fail because I’m not being authentic. Actually, I take back that comment of “I fail”… That is not true. If I try to do things like others I get immediate feedback that it is not in alignment for me. It is so simple, yet so powerful! Amazing stuff and sooo much to learn and play with! 🙂

What were you like growing up?
I was bullied a lot but I also played outside in nature almost every day. I had three brothers so I did a lot of sports (both in the neighborhood and organized team sports.)

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