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Meet Logan, Hallie, and Eric Wells of CareZare in Lexington

Today we’d like to introduce you to Logan, Hallie, and Eric Wells.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Logan, Hallie, and Eric. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I’m currently a high school senior and this is my first app and company. It wasn’t inspired by a desire to be an entrepreneur or create an app necessarily. I created CareZare because of a personal need.

Five years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and I watched my parents and aunts encounter challenges while caring for her. One area that I thought there was real room for improvement was around communication. The people that were caring for my grandmother, both her family and friends and her paid caregivers, were exchanging a ton of information but there was not a good way to access it all. This always put the burden of information on one of the caregivers instead of sharing it amongst the team.

Three years ago I began learning how to code and developed the first iteration of CareZare to create a platform for a care team to exchange information – appointments, journal entries about a visit, medications, assigning and checking off care tasks–quickly and easily. It’s sort of like project management for a care team.

My parents, Hallie and Eric, really believed in the vision and they quickly joined me. We have worked with professional developers to bring this app to life and our goal is to create a tool for the 40 million caregivers in the US that are providing this incredible foundation of unpaid care for their loved ones (on average 20 hours a week). We hope to make their lives easier, remove some of the stress and provide better care.

Has it been a smooth road?
The biggest challenge of this process has probably been the fact that I’m still in high school! Both of my parents also work full time and care for my grandmother, so developing this app has been a labor of love and driven by our mission of making caregiving easier and providing better care through better information.

We’ve spent many months working with our development team to make our vision a reality, talking with caregivers, advocates and industry experts and bringing the app to a place to help millions of family caregivers in the US. Along the way, I had a crash course on developing an app, user experience, learning what the market needs and more, and I’m sure that there are many lessons down the pipeline as we release CareZare into the world.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with CareZare – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
CareZare is an app made to help caregivers better connect, collaborate and communicate to take care of their loved ones. There are over 40 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States who take on the part time job of taking care of an aging or ill loved one. We found ourselves a part of those 40 million when my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, and are proud to have created a service that we know from personal experience can positively impact the lives of these hardworking people.

Users can create a CareTeam and invite unlimited family members, friends and caregivers to join the team so everyone can be on the same page. After creating the CareTeam, users can track visits, tasks and calendar events while getting up to date notifications on the status of their loved one. If there is any important information for caregivers to know users can also give them a ‘Heads-up’ so all members can stay current on their CareStar.

There isn’t another app on the market that provides such a user-friendly way of exchanging information and focuses on the team part of caregiving. By allowing caregivers to lean on other team members–both paid and unpaid–we can help reduce the stress of caregiving as well as the time spent doing administrative and communication tasks, while providing better, more informed care.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
Boston’s proud history combined with this tremendous spirit of innovation and growth. It is truly inspiring.

Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and Revs…we are Boston sports fans all the way.

The variety of beautiful architecture, outdoor spaces, neighborhoods, food, the MFA, etc. all wrapped together in a very walkable way.

The food all around Boston. My brother and I are burger guys and the whole family loves heading to the North End for cannoli’s.

It is very hard to drive around Boston! I got my license around six months ago and am still getting used to the (aggressive!) driving. Good thing I am good at Mario Kart!


  • CareZare costs $9.95 a month for each loved one being cared for (what we call the CareStar!) and there is no limit to the amount of members who can join the CareTeam. The first 30 days are a free trial.
  • We are also open to integrating CareZare with assisted living facilities, care agencies and other care organizations. Please contact us about integrating the app and pricing.

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