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Meet Elena Selivan of PowerHouse Kickboxing and Fitness in Belmont

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elena Selivan.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Our founder, Konstantin Selivanov, or Coach K. as clients call him, is a professional trainer. His degree is from Russian Sports University, major in Exercise Science and minor in Boxing. He started practicing Martial Arts when he was 15, and that led him to compete in various disciplines. He has studied Taekwondo-Do, Karate, Muay Thai, Kung-Fu, Boxing, and Kickboxing. He has worked as a Personal Trainer and Martial Arts coach for almost 40 years now, constantly growing in his passion and expanding his knowledge.

In 2000 when Konstantin was invited to play a part of a Russian gangster in Miss Congeniality movie, he began to travel more doing a little bit of acting on the side, meeting new people, building his clientele along the way. That is when someone suggested he opened his own club. After moving around, coaching in different parts of the world and United States, Konstantin and I (his wife Elena) finally settled down in Massachusetts and started building a business. PowerHouse Kickboxing and Fitness was born in 2005. A One-on-One based training, customized program for each individual, whether their interest is in learning self-defense, losing weight, or improving their sports performance. With Konstantin’s chill, positive personality, and at most respect for his clients’ privacy (he has worked with some of the Boston’s elite athletes and entrepreneurs) plus his vast experience, knowledge, and expertise he builds long lasting relationships with most of his clients. With some, he has been working for close to 10-12 years.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
This has been a huge learning curve! Our first US location was in Cambridge. Very successful from the beginning, a first of its kind in Massachusetts, a small, boutique style, private training facility. It was a great business model, and with our success, we had dreamed of opening a larger facility. So after 10 years of operation at 91 Sidney St in Cambridge, we closed that location and moved into a new beautiful 4,000sq.ft. space in Belmont. It was wonderful and we worked very hard and with much passion on that project. What we underestimated, was the amount of involvement, time and energy we had to dedicate to just operating the new business, Konstantin’s personal clients were no longer a priority – all of his and my energy had to go on hiring, training, developing programs, marketing, accounting, payroll – our longtime dream, in reality, was not what we had actually imagined it to be. There was no time left for the family, for kids, for ourselves, for K’s clients – thankfully we quickly realized that and had a lucky break where the landlord was selling the building and we were able to get out of our lease and move on. Was it a mistake? – No, we do not believe so. It was a stepping stone if that was a mistake – then a great one to learn from. That beautiful space in just one year was used to shoot some great videos, a short movie “Boar” which K. produced and acted in. We have met amazing people along the way and build some great corporate and school accounts to come in and train kickboxing and self-defense for them. At this time, we are looking for a new space. And with such an amazing and supportive Martial Arts community in the Boston area, we are able to rent space at other gyms for those of our clients who prefer to come to “our” location. The only thing we miss about the large gym are kids! Kids’ classes were very popular, and it was such a joy to see their progress and their enthusiasm.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
The biggest differential, the reason why K. is such a thought after trainer – is his solid background. Back in the 80th Russia was a sports machine – producing some of the top athletes in the world, and to become a coach you did not just get a certificate after few months of training – you had to get a 4 year college degree, plus you actually had to be a competitive athlete in the sport you choose to train in.

K.’s college education included anatomy, biology, body mechanics, sports massage, physiology, stress management, phycology of training, sports medicine, injury prevention, and nutrition. I mean, he does not only know how to lift weights correctly, or how to teach a killer round-house, he can tell you how to eat better, he can massage your sore shoulder, practice breathing and meditation techniques with you – he was taught to work with professional, competitive athletes! And of course, on top of his degree, he after-all did study Eastern Martial Arts most of his life.

Plus he is funny, smart, had a very interesting life – clients just love hanging out with him. They have a good time.

What were you like growing up?
Well, since we are talking about Konstantin here, and he is the Man behind PowerHouse Kickboxing, I guess I should talk about him here. I mean we have been together for the most part of our lives – we met in 1990, so going on 27 years.

Growing up in Soviet Russia, Konstantin’s only two interests have always been fighting and fighting (action) movies, watching movies, studying them, reenacting the fight scenes with his friend. He participated in many theatrical productions and channeled this passion, interest, and energy into studying the art of fighting. So you could say that now in his 50th, he is in the best shape of his life, and doing what he has always dreamed of doing – he fought professionally back in Russia, he dedicated his life to the study of Martial Arts and Fitness and he occasionally gets a chance to be in a movie 🙂


  • A private lesson with Coach K. is $150 (can be a private group of up to 3 students $50 each) – 1 hour.
  • Package of 10 classes is $1350
  • For corporate rates please contact us via website or call Coach K. at 617-510-0835

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