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Meet Chloe Marsanne of Marsanne Brands in Cambridge and New York City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chloe Marsanne.

Chloe, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My story consists of many different puzzle pieces that are still coming together as my life forms in tandem with Marsanne Brands. I began my journey in Boston. I worked part-time at a store on Newbury Street, whilst commuting into New York City weekly for an internship at a boutique fashion house in fashion production. At this point, I had come to the conclusion that my passion was fashion, although it took me awhile to realize that.

From there, I took off. I slowly worked my way into public relations at high-end fashion houses. From assisting VIP/celebrity dressing to handling various global communications events at New York Fashion Week, I was living up what felt like my dream – but felt that a large part of me was missing. Ever since my childhood years in Cambridge and Somerville, my creative outlet bonded me with the world. I output a lot of art over the course of many years that helped me get through a lot in my life. In other words, my sketches helped me create my own story. After realizing something was missing whilst working at said fashion house, I decided to start my own passion project: my very first shirt. I took my art and printed it on a shirt, just for fun, to wear. After it was completed, it felt awesome. I wore it to work one day, and that very day, received an order for the same exact shirt from someone in passing. I was surprised, and then it just clicked. This is what I wanted. I wanted to share my voice with the world in a way that didn’t have to be spoken but could be worn. The garments of my brand are second skins. Because with life and experience we carry new skin and shed old. From this point until now, I have been working twenty-five hours a day just to bring brand exposure and continue creating garments.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has not been a smooth road, but an interesting, rocky, intertwining one, nonetheless. It has been a beautiful journey, and I’m really looking forward to more struggles because each struggle leads an optimistic turn and has brought Marsanne Brands to where it stands today. All of the struggles have included trial and error to some degree because there isn’t a handbook on how to deal with some situations one may run into. Building a brand is extremely difficult, but being authentic and staying true to brand identity is key. A struggle is a helping hand – because although at the time it may feel like a light out, it is instrumental to the health of a brand. As long as you keep the lessons learned with each struggle close, you will grow with the seeds of the struggles and bloom into something far more. Struggles do not define you as long you keep moving forward and learn along the way.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Marsanne Brands – what should we know?
Marsanne Brands is artistic streetwear that is a creative statement which enables you to demonstrate your confidence, uniqueness, and self-expression. Marsanne Brands makes custom, unique pieces that are all one of one. At Marsanne Brands, we do everything by hand – painting, embroidering, sewing, sketching, embellishing, and more. All artwork is done in-house and is all original work. We are a small team of artists’ at large building a community of like-minded individuals. We are a size inclusive brand and aim to dress the world. We fight the mold of fast fashion and truly admire the individuality of the world.

Marsanne Brands is for all those pupils who have lost track or sound. Of any age, young or old. Seeking. Believing. Struggling. Daring. Hoping. All who wish that speaking was a choice. Because it is one. When color and darkness are swirled, and intertwined in a perfect balance.

For those who seek harmony, aspire to discover an extraordinary logic in chaos or anarchy, trust a finite list of well-defined fabrics and colors to take some input and, by following movement, yield a singular output. Project the wonder that we are. An algorithm without a computational procedure. All embedded in the magic of the garment.

For all the moments and pulses that the world has missed. The equations that we cannot seem to solve. Maybe, do not even see. Only intuit. Maybe.

Garments can silence in their own right. Then they claim a new voice, fashion the outspoken, rethink humanity. Ours. Because with life and experience we carry new skin. And shed old. These garments. These shirts. Are second skins.

We are proud of this spirit and hope to illuminate the world with it.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I am ever so grateful for members of my team for being the innovative, creative people they are and sharing it through the outlet of Marsanne Brands to the world. I am also extremely thankful to the people that have given Marsanne Brands the opportunity to create custom garments for themselves or their client(s). Marsanne Brands’ customer base is pivotal – we would be nothing without our supporters. They make us who we are, and their creative identities contribute to the larger good of society and fashion at large.

Moreover, I’m grateful to the world at large for accepting innovative, small brands like mine and being open-minded. Without the various inspirations and wonders of the world, Marsanne Brands would not be able to pump the emotion into garments that it does now. Marsanne Brands is the face of pupils worldwide who feel like they have lost sound in their own world(s). We hope that they will wear Marsanne Brands and feel like they are tied to a community with roots that run deep of positivity and meaning.

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