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Meet Alex Bynum of Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women in Brookline

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alex Bynum.

Alex, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
In my early 20’s, I was a “hot mess.” From living on a friends couch to a food and exercise addiction, my life was rapidly spinning out of control and I couldn’t understand why. I was doing what everyone suggested. I tried therapy, seminars, books, personal development etc. and nothing seemed to be working. I felt like all of the potential inside of me was locked up and I didn’t have the key.

Spiraling out of control over and over again, my friend Steven suggested that I attend a meditation class with him. “You mean those people that don’t shave and drink green juice?” I asked him. Steven said “Seriously Alex? What do you have to lose?” He was right and thus I agreed to go.

It wasn’t so much about what was being said during the meditation that day as it was the energy in the room. My heart was exploding out of my chest. I didn’t know anything about energy healing but I could feel I found a home.

One thing led to another and after receiving multiple healings, I knew I wanted to open my own practice. If I could shift and transform so much in a short period of time, I knew others would most likely want to experience that too.

Four years later, I have served hundreds of clients and own and operate Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women located in Brookline, MA. Empowher You is the real deal for all things energy healing, meditation, and empowerment.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I feel like whether others are willing to admit it or not, the greatest challenge any business faces is the person running the business themselves.

So my answer to this question? Me! Haha

What I mean by this is that any time there is a struggle with the business I have to really take a deeper look as to what’s going on within me that is producing this external result. There is actually a universal law that states “as within, so without” so whatever is going on within me is what I will experience in my business and thus has been the case. For example, when I am having a week where I’m feeling distracted, I may experience clients that forget they had a session or will be distracted within the session as well.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women – what should we know?
Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women specializes in ancient energy healing for true empowerment. Whereas a lot of seminars, workshops, therapies, etc. deal with intellectualizing how to heal, empowher you gives you the energetic tools to embody your potential and truth.

Empowher You is set apart from the rest because every single healing modality that is facilitated in based in an unbroken ancient lineage. This means every healing that is facilitated has withstood the test of time and I as the practitioner have received training to facilitate it.

As the owner of Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women, I’m known in particular for 2 things. The first is Life Activation which is a sort of energetic reboot. Sending more light into a person DNA as well as rebalancing energetic lines, life activation as a single session has been compared to 10 years of therapy in just one sitting.

The second thing I’m most known for is the 2 day Empower Thyself Program and Initiation. Used by Tesla, Da Vinci, Einstein, Mother Theresa, Churchill, Joan of Arc etc. just to name a few, this 2-day program is the real deal in terms of true transformation and growth. It is a new way of life for all who embark upon it in that it essentially removes the barrier between you and your higher self.

Hands down, Empowher You is most proud of its clients. People from all walks of life walk through the door desiring to heal. There is absolutely nothing more inspiring or beautiful than an individual who has chosen to bring more light to themselves and to this world.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
I am convinced that the two reasons I have been successful in my healing practice are consistency and giving.

Consistency is pretty straightforward in that it’s putting work towards the business each and every day. On the other hand, giving (which can often be overlooked in business) is key. Giving means showing up at a networking event to give to another rather than just to take. Giving means asking “How can I help?” before walking into any room. Giving means it’s not just about me but it’s about you too. While I strive to embody these two principles every day, I am grateful for them as they have been the backbone of my success.


  • Life Activation $200
  • Empower Thyself Program & Initiation $900

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