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Inspiring Stories from Metrowest & Worcester

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Wortcester and surrounding areas below.

Sandra Serkes

Valora started when its founders realized there was not a good way to “link” data from one area to another, even when the associations were readily apparent. We built a software engine to identify patterns in files and associate related information. Read more>>

Grace Samolde

All my life I’ve been active in sports and throughout my professional career I had a desire to start my own business, but for the longest time I didn’t have the idea or concept that gave me the confidence to go out on my own. Read more>>

Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t an avid reader, but I do remember the moment I wanted to be a writer: It was in elementary school and the librarian was reading THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE by CS Lewis to us in weekly installments. Read more>>

Len Sandler

I was doing well in my career. After 16 years of work, I had become Human Resources Director for a 6,000-employee technology company. Something was missing, though. As I moved up the corporate ladder, I felt more and more removed from the “doing” part. Read more>>

Morgan Harriman King

My story basically started when I was a child. Growing up in the 80’s my parents took me to yard sales, flea markets and antique auctions. I never cleaned my room and remember my father threatening to shovel my toys into a trash bag. I had a love of stuff. Read more>>

Kristin Thomas

My path to where I am today is paved with bright lights in the ER room, serious digestive disease diagnoses, and ultimately the best experience of my life. I was that girl who looked bright and cheery on the outside, but on the inside had constant stomach pain and was afraid to talk to anyone about it. Read more>>

Greg Weintraub

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on September 18, 2001. I was eight years old at the time. I was very quiet growing up, and had no easy way to explore this new diagnosis. Several weeks after my diagnosis, I began taking dance classes on a complete whim. Read more>>

Joan Walker

I had been in healthcare all my adult life and got laid off AGAIN. During that last hiatus I became interested in local food and joined a book group (since I now had time to join one) that was looking at the food system with an emphasis on local food and food quality. Read more>>

Bethany Everett

Before I began blogging, I lived in Vermont and worked in Higher Education. Where I lived not many people were interested in fashion like I was so I created my blog as a way to connect with others that were. Read more>>

Jillian Cohen

I started getting my nails done when I was in high school. I loved everything about it but never considered it as a career. During my junior year in college, I received the opportunity to work as a receptionist in a nail salon for the woman who was my manicurist. Read more>>

Crispina ffrench

The year was 1988 and the assignment in my 3d Fine Art Studio was to make a piece of felt and then use that material to create art. I loved the texture and material but was not so into the process – my first Ragamuffin was conjured up using that first felt ‘hide’. Read more>>

Honee Hess

How many stories begin with “I’ve always been interested in…”? My story does: I’ve always been interested in art, literature and how we learn to express ourselves. So college led to majoring in studio art and English which led to an accidental job in an art museum, which led to getting a graduate degree so I could work in museum education. Read more>>

Donna Halloran

I have worked in the textile industry my entire life. Certainly my adult life, but I have been consumed with textiles seemingly forever. I learned to sew at a young age and made lots of my own clothing and soft home furnishings. My high school and college years jobs were in textiles. Read more>>

Fiona Tennant

I was 25 years old with my first son, and had finally earned my R.N. From there, I began working in Pediatrics at Miami Children’s Hospital. On a vacation to visit my sister in Boston, though, I unexpectedly fell in love with the city, and transferred to Boston Children’s. Read more>>

Dashiell Berri

I was working in the funeral business and the bar business (both include lots of drinking). I felt really unhealthy and needed a change. I came across a groupon for a Pole Fitness class and tried to give it a whirl. I immediately fell in love with the movement. Read more>>

Sasha Pacek

I come from a family of artists and musicians who supplemented their passions with their success from being nurses and engineers. Growing up within the thick woodland areas of central Massachusetts. Read more>>

Michelle Morse

My Etsy shop is named TwinMomDesignStudio because I am blessed with a very hardworking husband that gives me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom to our three year old twin daughters. Our miracle babies! They are my everything. They are my why. Read more>>

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