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Inspiring Stories from South Boston

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from South Boston and surrounding areas below.

Emma Ramadan

My co-owner Tom Roberge and I first met when Tom was working at the French Embassy’s bookstore in New York City, Albertine. I am a translator of French literature, and Tom read one of my translations and reached out to me. A few weeks later, I walked into Albertine, and the path to opening Riffraff was begun. We had both been working in the book industry and had both dreamed for a long time of opening a bookstore and bar. Read more>>

Marissa Daniels

After 6.5 years, I was burnt out from the retail aspect of my job and left in pursuit of something greater. I learned about permanent makeup years ago, but it wasn’t until I saw the art of microblading that it really clicked in my brain; this was something I wanted to do and knew I could excel at. It was less like a “click” and more like a bolt of lightning hit me. I felt like “this might be what I was born to do.” Read more>>

Sam Kane

The boring details are I graduated high school and was steered away from going to cosmetology school post-graduation. So, I was swayed to get to a four-year college because “I’ll have something to fall back on if I don’t want to do hair” I was pissed because I knew deep down I wanted to do hair but part of me was wondering if my extended family was right. So, I agreed to apply to one college. Read more>>

Emily Coulter

In 2014, I was waitressing at night and raising two small girls during the day. Out of the blue, the owner of the islands oldest flower shop called me and asked me if I wanted to buy her business. I didn’t hesitate. It was a big yes. I had never worked with flowers but she was a family friend and thought I had what it takes. Over the last four years, I have completely updated the aesthetic of this old island shop and have taken a few classes. I have taught myself so much and feel like it is something that has always been inside of me. Read more>>

The Lawn On D Powered by Citizens Bank

The Lawn On D was conceived in the Summer of 2014 as a temporary urban space, designed to activate D Street and the surrounding area. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority engaged a design team, Sasaki Associates and Utile, to help shape a vision for this new vibrant district. Thanks to the power of social media, The Lawn On D quickly became a viral sensation, garnering extensive press coverage and multiple awards (Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Honor Award for General Design; Boston’s Best 2015, 2016 & 2018, Improper Bostonian, AIA National Small Project Award, American Institute of Architects; Downtown Merit Award for Public Space, International Downtown Association; Honor Award for General Design, American Society of Landscape Architects). Read more>>

MB Jarosik, Anne Callahan, Karen Dendy Smith

While attending an AIGA conference “Love, Power, and Money” in Chicago 27 years ago Anne, Karen, and MB, had dinner, a few bottles of wine, and mapped out a business plan. We had a longing to work for ourselves so that we could treat our staff with respect and work for clients who we truly believe in. Once we are back in our hometown of Boston, we developed our company name kor group. kor is the phonetic spelling of the word core kôr/ which means the central or most important part of something which also defines our branding and design approach. Read more>>

Eddie Fleury

My journey begins back when I was a little kid. I have always looked up to different athletes and wanted to lift weights to stay in shape. When I was in high school, I joined a local Golds Gym at the age of 15, and a few months later was offered my first part-time job. I learned a lot from that gig and was able to pick the brains of many people in the industry including competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, and personal trainers. When I entered college, I decided to pursue a degree in community health and wellness with my focus being movement studies. Throughout college, I worked a part-time job at another local gym that focused more and athletic training and I was able to start molding my craft by learning from some of the best trainers in the state. Read more>>

Karen Covey

I started The Coastal Table magazine after finishing the events and publicity for my cookbook (of the same name). It was a way for me to continue the momentum from the cookbook, but to expand on the overall concept on a national level in another medium. And as a cook and former creative director, starting a magazine was a blend of everything I professionally loved to do and it felt like the right time to take a leap of faith and start my own brand. Read more>>

Ant Reckart

Pinto Graham is a New England Stoner Rock band that plays throughout the region. Our debut album, UNO, is available in CD form or from all of your favorite online streaming and download sites. Even if you don’t purchase the album it’s nice to know folks are listening and enjoying the music so stream all you want and please add the album to your favorite playlists. The band is a Trio comprised of Andre Roman on guitars, Brian Harris on drums, and Ant Reckart on bass. Read more>>

Ken and Mary Davis

We opened our hair salon in Newton in 1991 after working in the industry for 13 years. Our focus is on the customer – we are committed to providing a high-quality experience that clients can count on to make them look and feel great. By focusing on our clients’ needs and offering convenience – coupled with our commitment to stylist education – we are able to maintain our position as the leading hair care experts in the region. We started out by wanting to create a salon that focused on the client experience, and 27 years later that remains our goal. Read more>>

Kate Brandy

When I went to graduate school after leaving a healthcare architecture firm, I was encouraged to marry the way I observe the world with the way I love to create. I observe the world around me with the most focus when I am waiting for something and I cannot do much else. Those I observe are most often waiting too. What began organically as I waited in airports and in cars on road trips grew into a deeper curiosity about the condition of waiting. I now actively study waiting not only when traveling but also in hospitals, medical treatment centers, and elder care facilities. Read more>>

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