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Inspiring Stories from South Boston

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from South Boston and surrounding areas below.

Brooke Davey

My husband and I meet in our senior year of high school. He had been cooking with his family in their restaurants since the age of 12 and I had been working in the front of house of breakfast and coffee shops since i was legally allowed to work. Eventually I ended up working in his families cafe and we started dreaming about opening our own place. Read more>>

Neftali (Cano) Aponte

Aponte Photos LLC began as a hobby. I always had a love for Photography and an admiration to those that produced great photographs. In 2013 I found myself unemployed for the first time since I was a teenager.
That’s when I decided I’d take my hobby and turn it into a career. I began shooting my kids sporting event which at the time was a part time job of its own. Read more>>

Chef Sean Dailey

Chef Sean Dailey is a culinary trained Chef of the famed Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to his extensive experience in Corporate and Wedding Catering, Chef Dailey has been a private chef for over 15 years. Read more>>

Walter Chomak

I began my career in Information Technology in 1997. I loved everything about Information Technology and continually sought out more challenging opportunities. Fortunately, at this time, Information Technology professionals were in high demand, so job jumping was not frowned upon at all. As I moved up the ranks, jumping from job to job, I recognized I ultimately wanted to work for Microsoft. Read more>>

Andrea J. Gonzalez

My story began in South Texas as the daughter of a very strong, educated and independent woman with public service running through her veins, and an entrepreneurial father with his own construction company and the affinity for purchasing apartment buildings. Read more>>

Kim Poutre

I got was always interested in the beauty field. I loved doing makeup and hair for friends. While in school for fashion merchandising I decided to also get my esthetic license. I stayed in the beauty field in a more corporate role as a manager, regional manager/account executive and a cosmetic buyer. I eventually was a regional vice president for a retail gift chain. Read more>>

Jessica Becker , Daniel Becker

I always wanted a Tea Shop and my partner, Dan, wanted a bar. He’s a Providence native and I am from NY. We moved back to Providence from NYC to open The Duck & Bunny. We wanted to open a European cafe style shop where guests could enjoy their coffee in a real china cup without being inundated by TVs showing the news. A place to escape the everyday. Read more>>

Kathy St Jean

I asked my Mom and Dad at the age of 3 if I could take ballet. I have not stopped dancing yet! My journey in dance began in the performing arts, segued into ballroom dancing, then added in country western dancing (like ballroom but with boots on ). I have taught dance since the age of 16. Read more>>

Greg Page

AXETRIX is proud to be the distributor for a one-off, custom, hand finished guitars. Designed with the musician in mind, these works of art are as playable as they are beautiful. Whether on stage or displayed on a wall, these classic instruments are sure to be conversation starters in any setting. Read more>>

Patrick Smith

Mo Davidson (my best friend and business partner) and I have been boys since middle school, and the plan was always to move to Boston with a bunch of friends post-college. Fast forward to the age of 23, we were living with 10 kids from our hometown in a 7-bedroom house in Mission Hill. Read more>>

Jimmy Johnson

In 1998 i walked into a tattoo shop in Dallas Tx and showed them my portfolio of drawings and tattoo designs and was lucky enough to walk out with an apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship i learned the essentials , tuning machines, sterile techniques , working with skin and making needles, which is kind of an outdated practice these days considering its much more convenient to order pre made needles. Read more>>

Frank Zanti, Joseph Zanti

The Zanti family have been in the fishing industry for generations. In 1898 Guiseppe Zanti Sr. ventured to America from Italy and fished all over the country. Finally in 1950 Commercial Lobster was founded by Guiseppe and his sons Frank and Joseph Zanti. Guiseppe would soon retire leaving his sons to run the business. Read more>>

Billy McClain, Bobby McClain

Billy & Bobby McClain started dancing at the age of 8. The childhood beginnings started as they would imitate a weekly dance show called “Soul Train” and by 9 years old they were doing their “WonderTwins show” for family events such as cookouts and barbecues. Read more>>

Jon Huang

My girlfriend, Dina, and I started a food photo sharing company – before Instagram became the food porn destination – that was born in a classroom during my college days at Suffolk University in 2013. The goal was to get consumers to venture beyond their comfort zones by seeing a visually appealing photo. Read more>>

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