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Inspiring Stories from Roxbury

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Roxbury and surrounding areas below.

My’Kel McMillen

My name is My’Kel McMillen, I am 26 years-old and the Founder and of Mack’s Soles Inc. “Mack’s Soles” was born in January of 2017 in honor of my late father Charles “Mack” McMillen. Growing up with my father in a single parent household in Boston was not easy. Read more>>

Anna Zimmerman

A lot of people ask what inspired me to be a musician. Honestly, I just woke up one morning and knew. I was in high school, which is beyond late to start training. Everybody thought it was impossible. I started taking lessons from Julia Bushkova at the University of North Texas. Read more>>

Emma Brand

I was immediately catapulted into life here in Boston. Right after I graduated from college, I picked up my bags and moved, knowing no one beyond the lovely family that housed me. I had no job and very little direction. Every day I count my blessings, grateful to have been granted the incredible opportunities that I have been presented with. Read more>>

DaVan Johnson

I am a trauma survivor! I am from Detroit, Mi and have spent a majority of my life here in Boston, MA. Outside of my personal traumatic experiences, living in areas where pain is clearly present and communities are literally acting out this pain through violence my sisters and I. Read more>>

Tariq Ramsey

I have always been interested in and loved music growing up but I never took it super serious. While hangin around with friends making money to pass the time we would freestyle rap over beats about whatever we saw or where the person before left off. Read more>>

Itamar Cohen

ZIPIT began when a 24-year-old Israeli student was tasked with a design school project that involved making a 2D item into a 3D creation. While sitting at home working on this project, he came up with the unique idea of creating a pouch made from a single strip of zipper. Read more>>

Dan Whalen

I started The Food in my Beard in 2008 as a way to remember what I was cooking. I had no cooking or photography experience at that time and wasn’t really taking the website seriously. After about a year I lucked into a few good photos and got some traction and views on my site. After that initial bump, like many bloggers, I became addicted to the thrill of views and positive feedback I was receiving. Read more>>

Jamilah Unique and Jet Flee

Art Plug began with a need to friends be confident in their work. We saw so much potential in their friends, at times, more than they saw in themselves. We saw our community breaking apart and being broken down and we needed to see art live on and for the creators to be appreciated and paid for their work. Read more>>

Dacia Jordan

It’s funny because my plans were never to become a pastry chef. When I was younger I dreamt of becoming a pediatrician or a pharmacist because I liked taking care of others. But somehow I always found myself in my grandmothers’ kitchen. Fast forward to high school I attended Madison Park ‘09-‘13 where I met some amazing faculty and was given the opportunity to better myself. Read more>>

Suzanna Guidone

For as long as I remember I always loved the arts. As a kid, art classes were my absolute favorite and I would jump at any chance to create with whatever you put in front of me (LOTS of Mod Podge collages & friendship bracelets… where are my 90’s kids at?!)! I carried that same love with me through college with a minor in Visual Arts and concentration in Photography. Read more>>

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