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Inspiring Stories from North End & Downtown

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North End & Downtown below.

Joel Salinas

Throughout my training in neurology, I was often confronted with patients with devastating brain diseases. There were patients like 80-year-old Debbie, who treated everyone like her grandchild. She arranged the flowers at her church every Sunday. Read more>>

Jenny Luu

I’ve worked in corporate all my life with various positions in the Information Technology field. I was always drawn to the beauty industry at a young age but never pursued it. All my friends were going to college and I didn’t know what I wanted to do but felt like I had to follow the “typical” path in life, high school, college then off to the corporate world. Read more>>

Brian Axelrod

At an early age, I was introduced to organic fresh foods in their simplest form. My mother was going through breast cancer treatment so I quickly learned and became very interested in using food as a modality to heal from disease. Today, I’m every more passionate about creating special experiences revolving around our communities resilient food system. Read more>>

Lee Taylor

REsurety started as my grad school research project: an academic thesis that became a commercial endeavor. The basic problem we were trying to solve? With the rise of renewable energy generation, weather is becoming the new fuel resource (as opposed to natural gas, or coal) – and commodity / capital markets are bad at managing that risk, unnecessarily driving up the cost of capital for good projects. Read more>>

Fuhrer David

WAAV is the first company to engineer and deploy a mobile cellular router for mass consumption of Wi-Fi. Mobile Wi-Fi is predominantly dependent upon cellular infrastructure. A huge chasm exists between static, the Wi-Fi experience in a Starbucks or Hotel Lobby, and mobile wherein the connection is “beyond the reach of wires”. What predominately distinguishes WAAV is our proprietary “Transit” Operating-System that provides connectivity to a “mass” number of end-user passengers upon both Buses and Trains. Read more >>

Julian Teeling

I was previously the Director of Global Sourcing for a Fortune 500 company and began coming to China in the late 80’s. In 1995, my son took an internship with an associate of mine in S. China, and quickly learned the language and gained knowledge of local customs and business culture. Read more>>

Greg Cooper

Grew up in California. Started taking photographs for my high school yearbook and newspaper. Worked for my University Newspaper with a focus on sports. Did an internship with The Reporter in Vacaville, CA. Upon graduation found an opportunity in Austria working for a sports picture agency called GEPA Pictures, now the largest agency in Austria. Read more>>

Rachel Ferrante-Raffaele

It all began with a dream. I had the belief in myself that all things could be brought to fruition with hard work and dedication. I started my business in East Boston in 2010 and received great feedback from the community, teaching dance to the local kids with an abundance of students performing in that year’s recital at East Boston High School!! Read more>>

Gina Swansburg

I caught the retail bug while working with small businesses as a software consultant in 2006. I had 2 dogs at home at that time that I wanted to spend more time with and was hoping I could make a change that would allow that. I was becoming more aware of the poor quality of dog foods and treats sold in grocery and big box stores and found myself traveling far and wide to find the quality I wanted for my dogs. Read more>>

Dan Schorr

Vice Cream is all about unapologetic indulgence with their eight super premium flavors and tagline “Live Life, Dig In.” When Vice Cream Founder Dan was in college, he paid for school by driving a Good Humor ice cream truck during the summer. It was during those hot summer months that he saw first-hand the joy ice cream could bring people. Years later in 2015, life threw him a curveball when doctors told him he had cancer – an aggressive form of lymphoma.  Read more>>

Sherry Lassiter

I started at MIT at the Center for Bits & Atoms in 2001 as an administrator for an innovative research group exploring the boundary where bits meet atoms. On a lark I helped set up the first Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory, or FABulous laboratory) in 2002 in rural India. Read more>>

Melissa Houseknecht

My journey began one day during my junior year in high school, while attending a standard meeting with my guidance counselor. We were choosing the classes I would need to complete the following year, when he looked up at me and casually asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As if this is something we all should have a firm grasp on at the age of 17. I answered that I knew I wanted to help other people, possibly by becoming a physical therapist or classroom teacher. Read more>>

Kelly Delaney

I opened my business 20 years ago and have grown it to close to 27 employees creating over 700 wedding cakes & 12000 custom cakes a year. We are a custom designed cake shop that specializes in creating unique cakes as well as traditional cakes. We are a nut free bakery and offer other ‘allergy free’ cakes as well. Read more>>

David McKenna

The story has it that one day the Sons of Jacob Cemetery had a burial to make, and the man who normally did it was sick, or could no longer perform the task, so they asked my grandfather, John, if he would dig the grave and he agreed. So the story goes, he decided that he could make a better living and work shorter hours digging graves than being a market farmer, working dawn to dusk. Read more>>

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