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Inspiring Stories from North End & Downtown

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North End & Downtown below.

Alix Seun

Starting up a clothing brand was something I’ve always wanted to accomplish but for some reason, I’ve never really gone for it! It’s funny because, around the same time last year, my business partner Steven and I was going through a dark phase in our lives, but we helped each other overcome that obstacle. At that point, I felt like the universe had brought us together and because of him, I wouldn’t have made the decision to create Collective Luna! During this journey, we created a bond that’s unbreakable, Steven Rameriz and Josmar Pizarro had become family. They are the light to this brand and without them, Collective Luna wouldn’t be here! Read more>>

Yolanda Coentro

Growing up as first generation US born citizen with parents who worked several jobs to make ends meet, I didn’t always see leadership as an option for me but I knew early that fighting against injustice would be my priority in life. I was the first in my dad’s family to graduate from college and later earned my MSW. Upon graduation, I set off to work in the nonprofit sector. I wanted to be a social change agent. I excelled in direct service and later, as a program manager. But I was never encouraged to set my sights higher and in many ways, I had already achieved more professionally than I ever imagined I could. That changed when I attended the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. Read more>>

Jack Abbott

While in college studying both Fashion and Finance, my now fiancé was a thriving young hair stylist. His passion for the hair industry and his clients inspired me. He ignited a passion in me that I didn’t know I had. With him and my families guidance and support, I made the decision to start my career in the beauty industry, Once I began my training, it all made sense. I quickly realized I had found what I LOVED to do. Read more>>

Ali Furkan Akin

I always had an interest in engineering before college, I love math and working with numbers. So, I got into Electronics Engineering at Hacettepe University in Turkey. However, after the internships I had during college, I noticed that I feel much more engaged in the commercial side of the business instead of engineering. So, I joined Turk Telekom and started working in the pricing department responsible for broadband and cloud services. Read more>>

Chris Donis

I began playing music in 2001 when I was nine years old. In 2006, I joined my first band and started playing shows around Boston. In 2010, after high school, I played in my first serious touring band, Farewell Dreamer, who released a couple of music videos and did a couple tours around the East Coast. Currently, I play bass in a band called Funeral Attire and am the studio manager at Bridge East Studios, a professional recording studio in East Bridgewater. Read more>>

Jess Lynch

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I was missing a key part – the idea! During college, I was inspired by numbers and the law and decided to get my CPA and go into Forensic Consulting. I spent four years at a Big 4 accounting firm in forensic services – work was always interesting and it brought me to many different cities – an incredible experience for my first job out of college. I started to feel like something was missing so I went back to my alma mater, Babson, for my MBA. Read more>>

Chris Kaos

It all started in high school in 2008. I grew up as a dancer, break-dancing all through high-school. I danced with a crew of friends and also as part of my high school’s dance team. I was tired of listening to the same old stuff on the radio, and having to skip through song after song on all these CDs just to find the right song to dance to. I started making mixtapes filled with the best songs to groove to and even adding a few extra effects here and there. Eventually, I was the one to put together the music for all of our shows. Read more>>

Joshua Albino

My photography obsession started at the age of nine. I always would carry a disposable camera with me and I would capture everything in my neighborhood at the time (New York) and I remember when I would watch old skate videos with my older cousins and that’s how I discovered one of my favorite photographers who goes by Glenn Friedman and hearing him talking about photographing skaters and rappers in the 80s and 90s. Another point in my life when I took photography further was back when I used to paint graffiti with my crew and the whole concept of documenting all the work I did around the city felt like documenting history and underground culture that was happening among the youth in new york and other states I would go to with my crew. Read more>>

Sean Kinsella

I learned the basics of screen printing in high school about ten years ago. Since then, it has always been my dream to print band tees, combining my passion for art and screen printing with my love of music. As life kind of got in the way of my dreams, as it does in your mid-20’s, I tried several different jobs to make ends meet until about May of 2016, I bought a small, tabletop screen press and started to slowly build a workspace in my basement. Read more>>

Brittany Gagliardi

I actually did not think I would ever be a hair stylist, although I grew up with both my Mother and Aunt in the industry. When I was about to graduate, I remember sitting in my favorite high school teachers classroom (Mrs. Burke) the last week of my senior year and talking about what college I wanted to attend to be a special education teacher. I looked at her and told her I changed my mind she looked at me like I was crazy because all four years she set me up in child development classes and programs where I would work with the elementary school. She told me to go with my dreams which I did and she is now a loyal client of mine! Read more>>

Johnny Fayad

Eat Your Coffee started when my co-founder and I would joke about eating coffee after running late for our 8 am financial accounting class at Northeastern University. We really didn’t like energy drinks or other unhealthy alternatives when we wouldn’t have time for coffee, so we thought, why not just put a cup of coffee in a snack bar. Read more>>

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