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Inspiring Stories from North End & Downtown

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North End & Downtown below.

Mike Pinksten

When I was twelve, I saw a majestic German Shepherd while walking to school every day in my Chelsea neighborhood. He was a magnificent West German import, guarding his estate beyond the wrought iron gate. I promised myself that one day I would have a German Shepherd of my own and in fact, learn to breed and train them. That was the beginning of what would become a forty year career. From my first GSD experience handling a retired Boston Police K-9 in my teens, to my eighteen trips to Germany to train and compete among the masters with my own dogs, my passion has never ceased. Read more>>

Alec Callahan

Growing up I had many interests such as sports, I loved playing baseball, reading comic books and super heroes which is an obsession still to this day. I would say one of the main reasons I ended up going toward the culinary field was coming from such a large family that was cooking all the time. No matter what time of day it was it felt like my mom and aunts were in the kitchen cooking. Sometimes I would offer to help but the majority of the time I would just complain and ask if it was ready yet. I grew up with my older brother and 2 cousins who are basically my sisters. Read more>>

Davis Franklin

The Bubs were founded in the spring of 1962 in the basement of West Hall. Our founder, Tim Vaill, was on a mission as soon as he got to Tufts. Upon leaving for college, his father (who was a Yale Wiffenpoof) told Tim, “If there is an a cappella group, join one…if not, make one.” Tim did just that. He and his friends started singing some classic barbershop tunes, and it took off. Pretty soon, Jumbo’s Disciples (as we were known then) were a campus hit. As the Jumbo’s Disciples became more of an established group, the amount of performances they did increased. One night, the group was waiting to be introduced before a big performance, and the emcee asked them how they wanted to be introduced. Read more>>

David Howard

The company was founded in 1972 by my Father R. Bruce Howard. I started my career as an Electrical Engineer at a local MEP Engineering firm in Boston. In 2003, I decided to leave the engineering firm and join my father’s Electrical Contracting business. Since 2003, we have grown from 10 Employees to 100 employees. Now, we are one of the most respected merit shop Electrical Contractors in the region. It has been a fairly smooth road. The major struggle is finding young talent that want to join the building trades. Read more>>

Lennox Chase

I grew up in Dorchester, which is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. My mother was a detective for the Boston Police Department and my father was the owner of an auto repair shop. My parents were big believers in education and self-motivation, which greatly influenced my career. My mother’s social justice leanings and my father’s entrepreneurial spirit are the cornerstones of my law practice. Life is all about relationships. Over the years, the practice of law has allowed me to facilitate connections that support my work numerous nonprofits. Read more>>

Sherry Burnett

Big shoe box full of crayons, drawing pads, pencils, sketching my grandfather at the kitchen table, doodling in my school notebooks – these are my young childhood art memories. I have received numerous recognitions for my artistic talents during my school years, and during the summers I would take art classes. After making a tough decision to not formally study art, I attended college for a degree in electrical engineering. While at Georgia Tech, I kept my interest in art by enrolling in life drawing classes and art appreciation at the School of Architecture. The life drawing instructor encouraged me to continue but engineering studies took up most of my energies. Read more>>

Amy Rada

Growing up on a tiny family farm in Iowa, I was exposed to ingredients that were organic long before organic was the trend. Summer days were spent outdoors, and desserts in our house began with what was ripe and how many eggs we could gather. Fresh strawberry milkshakes in the early summer led to homemade pies in the fall. As an Iowa farm kid eating apples, pears, and cherries right from the tree, I took this early glimpse of the “farm to table” idea completely for granted. Baking completely from scratch was just what you did. In 2001, I moved to the East Coast and spent a lot of my time in the Boston hospitality industry. Read more>>

Robert Noblett

Behnisch Architekten is an architectural practice that originated in Stuttgart, Germany in 1989. We worked largely in Europe until winning our first major commission in Cambridge, MA in 2003, for the Genzyme Center, which became one of the first LEED Platinum projects of its size in the US. In 2006, we were awarded the commission for Harvard University’s First Science Complex in Allston, which was of a size that we opened an office in Boston, near the corner of Arlington and Boylston Streets. While working on that project we won another major competition for a new law school building at the University of Baltimore, at which point the office began to grow significantly, and we moved into new space on Kingston Street just outside of Chinatown. Read more>>

Beth McDougal

We moved into an old warehouse building without many people in it. To create a community to work in. Because the building is so big we decided to rent out the additional office space that was available in the building. We have about half of it rented and are looking for innovative creative companies to move in. The road has not been smooth, as some people think of Chelsea in a negative way. Chelsea is a great small city and is growing fast. Since we have moved in, there have been numerous articles about the growth in Chelsea and we are now receiving more inquiries for rental space. We have started a very cool business in our building and are looking forward to the future. Read more>>

Louis DeGeorge

I was in the corporate world all my life. Dating back to Wang Laboratories and Data General. Most recent corporate positions were with New England Cable News and the Rendon Group where I held executive marketing positions. My dad was diagnosed with ALS so I decided to take some time away from work and help take care of him for a year and a half. In dealing with my dad’s death I decided to except an opportunity to serve on the board of directors of the Massachusetts ALS Association of which I served for 5 years. Read more>>

Joseph Bianco III

In 1960, Joseph Bianco Sr. perfected his formula and made the first batch of sausage in his Revere, Massachusetts meat market, establishing Bianco’s roots as a meat and sausage manufacturing company. In the 1970s, Joseph Bianco Jr. joined his father in business, where together they recognized the growing demand for their high quality meat products, especially sausage. They worked with a dream of building a business based on the objective of “quality”. Presently, Joseph Jr.’s three children, Francesca, Lewis and Joseph III, are working by his side as the family legacy endures. Bianco’s continues to grow and change in order to best serve those customers who desire quality sausage and meats. Read more>>

Michael DeAngelis

Entering its tenth year serving the Merrimack Valley, DeAngelis Studio of Music offers lessons in all instruments, voice instruction, bands, musical theatre and much more. DeAngelis Studio offers private one-on-one lessons for children and adults, beginners through advanced levels. Convenient on-site parking, professional lesson rooms, concert hall, recording studio and an awesome staff are just some of the reasons DeAngelis Studio is the most popular music school North of Boston. Read more>>

Jen Briggs

I was working as a project manager for a major pharmaceutical company and leaving my two young children in childcare over 10 hours a day. My daughter developed anxiety and would cry about going to school every day. I was struggling to grow professionally and was told by my boss that I was a mother in birthing years and should not expect a promotion any time soon. I realized I needed to focus my attention on myself and my children and go back to using my degree in education and apply everything I learned in business management to start my own school. Read more>>

Dan Starmer

“Dave Starmer opened his first gas station and repair shop in Wayland, Mass in 1962. Sometime in 1965 a septic truck was towed into his garage for service. The truck needed extensive repairs and when presented with the bill, the owner said: “Keep the truck”. Dave parked the truck outside with a ‘for sale’ sign on it. Later that week, a customer came in and asked if that was a septic truck parked outside. Dave said: “Yes, it is”, he customer replied: “My cesspool is overflowing. Could you pump it out for me?” Dave drove the truck over the customer’s house, pumped out that cesspool and made $50 for a half hour of work. That night when he got home, Dave said to his wife; “I think I just got into the septic business”. Read more>>

Pamela Sargent

Growing up, I was always into sports. I was a gymnast throughout my childhood, and played soccer, girls football, softball and then eventually basketball throughout high school. I guess you can say that I have always loved friendly competition! After high school, I went to Salem State University, and graduated with a Marketing and Advertising degree. I bartended after high school and throughout college to pay my bills, and decided to stay in the nightlife industry where I managed and bartended at two clubs in downtown Boston. It was hard for me to give up that kind of money and start at an entry level position at a marketing or advertising firm, so I didn’t. Read more>>

Amanda Capone

Originally from Sarasota, Florida, I have worked with animals for 12 + years. I began working at the Petco Training Camp, where I learned how to handle and take care of small animals (rodents, birds, and exotic pets). I also attended classes at Pet Smart’s Animal Career Center. I studied through Penn State and its sister school Penn Foster Career College for Grooming, Animal Psychology, Pet Behavior, Animal Science/Anatomy, Animal Care, and Pet Training. I worked for local grooming shops in Peabody, Massachusetts as an assistant groomer. Read more>>

Elliot Entis

I founded A/F Protein, the biotechnology company that created LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration in 1991. Through the 1990’s we conducted groundbreaking research on the properties and uses of a novel class of proteins trademarked as Cell Protection Proteins® (CPP). CPPs are natural proteins produced by a number of plants, animals and marine organisms that live in the world’s harshest environments, from the frigid Arctic to the world’s hottest, driest deserts. We discovered that CPPs work by “blanketing” skin cells and promoting skin production of more of the natural proteins associated with cell regeneration, healing, and recovery from environmental irritants such as free-radicals, UVA/UVB sun rays, heat and pollutants all the while attracting moisture to skin cells to prevent dehydration. Read more>>

Shannon Rivera

I am the mother to the light of my life, Zachary! My 13 y/o baby boy 🙂 Wife to my darling husband Rey, Aunty/Guardian of my sweet nephew Aiden, Aunty to my 3 beautiful nieces Kailynn, Brianne and Madyson and nephew Logan, Daughter to my beautiful parents Debby and Bobby. It is all of them that makes me the person I am today! I will not say that photography has always been a passion of mine because I didn’t know it was until my husband bought me a nice camera about 6 years ago! I played around with it, did some sessions for friends and family, after that was when I realized my drive and want to learn more about my camera and how it worked. Read more>>

Stacey Sao

We started BostonCentral started back in 2001, when my husband & I relocated to Boston from Austin, TX. We had been living in Austin for a couple of years during the tech boom – but once we were expecting our first child, we knew we wanted to get back to New England to be closer to home & family again. The idea for the site was originally a relocation site. I had started collecting information in a spreadsheet for our own move, (places to live, things to do, local utilities, school systems, etc..). Everything was so scattered back then so I thought – “hey, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a site that had all of this information is one central place”? Read more>>

Maura Longueil

I’m the photographer behind Abbey KnollPhotography. I’m a married mom to three active kids in Hanover. After years of working in the banking industry, I decided to return to doing what I love, make a dream a reality, and enjoy life and the little things that really matter. So, ten years ago, my photography business was born. I’m chasing a passion, and loving every minute of it! Soft. Pure. Natural. My style of photography wrapped in 3 words. I am passionate about capturing families and have a special place in my heart for parents and children. Read more>>

Christopher Bates

My farther Art started the business in 2003. He had been a local flooring rep for years and had dreamed of finally opening his own store. I joined him in 2004 and we have been working together ever since. We have come a long way since we first opened. Tile and flooring is like clothing. Styles are constantly changing and new looks and ideas are coming out every day. We constantly update our sample collection to reflect the current trends. We work with local contractors and designers as well as home owners. Read more>>

Abbey Hoffman

Compared to how long this business has been around, I’ve been here a very short period of time! Thwaites Market is coming upon its 100th anniversary and I’ve only been here full time for 10 years (playing “store” and part time since the age of 5)! My family actually lived above the market so after school we’d drop off our back packs and see if there was any work that needed to be done. All 4 of my sisters and over 15 or so cousins always “checked in” from middle school on! After graduated from UMass Lowell in 2008 I asked my father, Ken, if I could come on full time and help him with the store. It’s been a fun ride ever since! Read more>>

Frank Harris

We are from Oregon. Sold our house and business much like what we have here to a customer and then came to CT. Stayed there for 2 months until we found our Major John Gile House c.1763 which we also operate as a B & B Our store is located on the property in an old saltbox brought over to Nottingham from the coast of Maine. We sell primitive antiques, early lighting, and seasonal decor out of the store and out of our house. We have been here 3 years. The restoration of the property, which was featured in Early American Life Last Fall, started in 1985. Read more>>

Mark Cohenno

As the founder of National EMS Institute, I had passion for Emergency Medicine from an early age. I had grown up with my mother who is heavily involved at a local hospital and my father was an entrepreneur. This was the seed of my drive to make both of my worlds collide. After working as an Emergency Medical Technician myself, I saw the flaws in the training of EMTs and I wanted to provide a better, faster, and more hands on experience for those interested in this profession. Generally, training courses took nearly 6 months to complete and seemed to be mainly lecture based. My vision was different. I developed courses that were accelerated and filled with simulations to spark student interest and retention. Read more>>

Marveil Builou

We started first with a concept of making people feel good about themselves and being comfortable in their own skin without the pressure of trying to compared to another individual. So we decided to express this concept through fashion. We started off with just a team of four and then slowly over the last two years added two more members. We started off selling just street wear on our website and locally to people we knew. We were looking for a way to expand our brand to more people outside of the Northshore area and out of state. So thanks to a good friend of mine we were able to enter our first fashion show in March of 2016 in Boston and from there we took that opportunity to showcase and ran with it. Read more>>

Jason and Josh Howard

Jason started working for Ross Furniture when he was 12 years old. Helping put together furniture and sweeping the sidewalk in front of the store. He worked his way up from delivering the furniture to doing sales, and finally buying the beloved place he worked at all his life from the previous owner. Jason has brought the store a long way and has done an amazing job keeping up with trends and most importantly keeping Ross Furniture’s perfect customer service that we have been known for, for so long. We are family owned and operated, having over 20 employees who have families of their own. We strive to keep food on the table for every one of our employees. Read more>>

Brynn Tornabene

I feel every opportunity I come across is a starting point in itself. Prior to graduating from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics I had dreamed for years of becoming what I believe is the a very rewarding career; a teacher, I had second thoughts and decided senior year that was not the path I would take. I enjoyed working at a local bank in my hometown of Wrentham until I came across the chance to work in the busy city of Boston at UBS Financial Services. I jumped at the chance and off I went. It was a huge change, taking the Commuter Rail an hour every morning and back every evening. Read more>>

Ann Fisher and Margaret Yancich

We began making our own products about 17 years ago. Ann has two sons with skin conditions and was looking for a different approach to helping them. Ann and Margaret’s mom was also undergoing treatment for Breast cancer at the time and suffered from terribly dry skin due to the treatment. We wanted to do something to help her. We started off with handmade soap and simple balms and salves, then got into lotions and creams, facial products and all sorts of bath and body fun stuff. We began doing craft shows and fairs and opened the first store in Holliston in 2005. Ann and Margaret’s mom lost her battle to cancer, and they felt it would be nice to name the store after her. Read more>>

Paige Doyle

About 6 years ago, I was overweight and unhappy. I was carrying around about 35 extra pounds of fat (which was very noticeable on my small frame). Most significantly, I didn’t feel good. I had constant low energy and brain fog. I had headaches every day, and was sick all the time. I knew the weight had to come off, so my first attempt at weight loss was through exercise. I tried to start running, but I felt so tired that I could hardly make it off my couch, let alone on a run. I tried cutting calories, but eating less only made me more tired. Dr. Doyle (my father) and I began to dig through the research on food and diet, using me as the guinea pig until we put together a protocol that not only helped me lose weight, but helped me reclaim my energy, mood, and health. Read more>>

Quinner and Stephen Machnik

I first came to America from Taiwan in November, 2014 for a brief visit. I had taken time away from my flower shop in Tainan, Taiwan to visit Stephen in the Boston area. Upon my return in December, 2014 I began planning to close my shop in Tainan and relocate to the Ashland, MA. My flower business in Taiwan was a combination of designing floral pieces for individual customers, and supplying flowers for a major retailer throughout Taiwan, the Carrefour Company. A friend of my new husband knew of a flower shop in Weston, MA which was being run by a woman in her eighties, with no apparent successor with the expertise required to successfully take over her shop. Read more>>

Max Gabriello

My brother Andrea and I, have always talked about opening a business together. At the very beginning, we were not exactly sure what that business would be, however, working for ourselves was always the goal. The idea of opening a coffee shop/bakery was a natural decision as we pretty much transitioned from what we enjoy most and shared it with the public. Breaking bread and sharing great coffee with family and friends is the foundation of a great life. This daily act explores who we love, what we find funny, differences of opinions and pretty much the entertaining reiteration of life’ s events. Read more>>

Phil Sansossio

I started working for my father in 1992 at his auto body shop after school and then at night, I worked at a local BMW mechanics shop. In 1997, I spent about a year working for a stereo shop doing sound system installs. That year I started road racing BMWs and spent the next decade racing BMWCCA club racing and SCCA Nationals. I spent all of that time building/ fixing other race cars out of my father’s shop. A neck injury ended my racing career after a big impact and by then the car show scene types had “found” me and I started building custom street/ show cars. And now I run SAC which is best described as an automotive boutique. Read more>>

Herbert Myers

This past June, the Massachusetts Legislature enacted, An Act to Improve Public Records, Chapter 121 of the Acts of 2016. Understanding the complexities of responding to public records requests, Mr. Myers partnered with a leading Massachusetts developer of software for the commonwealth, and developed what is now known as FoiaDirect. The FoiaDirect software application is a cloud based solution that assists municipalities and state agencies receive, track and respond to public records requests in compliance with the new law that went into effect on January 1st, 2017. Read more>>

Joel Wolff

Founded in 1985, the Pets and People Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization–run entirely by volunteers–working with site directors to organize 45-60 minute visits from our volunteers and their pets. We offer animal-assisted therapy to residents of nursing homes, assisted living homes, special needs facilities, half-way houses, some children’s facilities, and some senior daycare centers and hospitals. Covering Eastern Massachusetts from Worcester east to the Atlantic Ocean, and from Falmouth north to the border with New Hampshire. In general, we make visits to facilities as individuals with a single pet, and will also arrange special group visits to colleges, universities and other organizations. Read more>>

Michelle Savino

I grew up on the North Shore. In high school, I majored in Art. My plan was to attend college to study Art, which I did for 1 semester. In the back of my head was always a desire to do hair. I quit college and put myself through hairdressing school. The one class I really loved in college was color theory. This proved to be true in hair dressing as well. Color theory and my art background has helped me in my career as a hair stylist and color expert. Out of school, I worked for a salon in Winchester. My boss Maria taught me everything I needed to know from hair to work ethic. Read more>>

Michael Lozzi Jr.

Well, it all started when I was about 14 years old. My dad was building a shed in the back yard and gave me a hammer and a handful of nails. He was always teaching me how to build things and how to build them to last. So there sparked an interest in using my hands, fulfilling my purpose and creating a successful business and a household name LJR Carpentry. At the time, I never thought I’d be where I am today. I started working for my dad when I was a kid helping him build homes in local and surrounding towns. Learning the trade as he saw fit. He taught me how to honor and respect clients. He also taught me how to be humble and taught me to keep a strong work ethic, even when I didn’t want to at times! Read more>>

Jeff Thompson

We started as custom software developers and implementers; solving problems for clients with multi-currency accounting or complex operations management needs. We moved the company to Boston very early on, in the late ‘80s. One of our clients was running a very complex high-rise office tower portfolio. During that project, we kept hearing how there was nothing designed from the ground up to provide information in the way top tier property developers and managers needed to see it; the only systems on offer were either tweaked versions of accounting programs for services and tweaked versions of manufacturing line maintenance systems for building engineers. Read more>>

Harry Milloff

The Moseley Group was founded in 1989 by Tom Moseley. He had a background in wood-working and design, and the company was the first to take many restaurant brands, like McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, and Dunkin’ Donuts into new business channels with smaller format restaurants. The company’s expertise in the systems and operations of restaurants, as well as the importance of experiential brands were sown in our DNA during these early years as these chains found new revenues in airports, colleges, and other nontraditional real estate. Read more>>

Joan Lyons

We have 4 grown children, 1 son and 3 daughters; each one has their very own distinct style and taste which we are mindful of when choosing the perfect merchandise for our store. We enjoy getting to know our customers and anticipating their needs. We love hearing stories about how much their friend or family member loved the specially chosen gift! In a time where online purchasing simplifies life, we enjoy offering an alternative where you have an opportunity to shop by touching, smelling and, trying on what interest you. Read more>>

Kathleen Kankel

I had been working in women’s consignment for 4-5 years and mustered up the courage to go from working for someone else to opening my very own store in January 2012. I knew the Melrose community was very pro-consignment and thought it would be the perfect fit for maternity and children’s clothing – something missing from the scene for quite a while. I’ve been a second hand/thrift shopper since I was a teenager and was ready to take a leap of faith that it was the right time to bring my spin on resale to the North Shore. Read more>>

Sarah Montani

An avid photographer since the age of 13, I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University. Following the births of my children in 2004 and 2007, I spent a few years home with them. I founded Sarah Montani Photography in 2010 as a flexible way to balance my photography skill with my busy mom-life. Early on, I wasn’t sure how far it would go, but I was able to launch my leap of faith into a flourishing career! Three years ago, I opened a portrait studio in Franklin, MA. The best part is that I get to photograph new people and places all the time, so I get to always stay creative! Read more>>

Marc Hordon

I can remember since I was eight years old having a passion for helping others, especially for teaching. It was such a wonderful source of pride and contentment to teach someone a skill-set they didn’t previously have. Most special was being given the opportunity to work with those who couldn’t afford such services, who were being denied the opportunity to grow and learn just because they were born into difficult circumstances, by no fault of their own. I grew up extremely poor, and for a sizeable portion of my later childhood, in a single-parent home. Read more>>

Eric Brewer, Daniel Card, and Lamont Milton

Accelerated Financial Services, LLC was founded 10 years ago this past January. It was started by Daniel Card and Lamont Milton, Eric Brewer Came on board a little over a year after opening. All three of the owners have managed in the Credit/Collections industry for years and prior to starting AFS Daniel and Lamont also worked in the Debt Settlement field. Daniel Card worked in the Credit/Collections field for about 8 years prior to starting his career in the Debt Settlement industry roughly 12 years ago. Lamont Milton worked in the Credit/Collections field for a few years then started his career in the Debt Settlement industry roughly 15 years ago, where he worked for another company and then decided to open AFS. Read more>>

Kevin Brittingham

At 19 I started a small silencer company in the back of my local gun store in Lawrenceville, GA. I owned it from about 1993, and had great success growing every year. In 2011 sold to a larger manufacturer. At the time, I thought this was best for my family. With some changes and decisions made by management, we parted ways. I tried working with another larger manufacturer but it just wasn’t what I had expected. Which led me to Q – how I started this company was through a severe dissatisfaction with other larger companies within the firearms industry. I got to where I am through some percentage of luck but also passion for the firearms industry and innovation. Read more>>

Shelly and Keith Bedrossian

Secure Lock and Alarm was founded in 1997 by Keith Bedrossian in Beverly. Bedrossian graduated from Marblehead High School in 1991, then attended the North Bennett Street School in 1996 where he majored in locksmithing. Graduating at the top of his class, he earned the “Best in Manipulation Award,” which celebrates the person with the most superior problem solving skills. He chose the field of locksmithing at the suggestion of his father. Bedrossian decided to start his own business because he wanted to call his own shots. Read more>>

Michael Wezel

I fell in love with the profession of physical therapy in high school. I hurt my hip running track and worked with a great therapist that fixed my problem. As an athlete, I was really interested in working with other athletes. I really liked the idea that exercise and manual techniques could help people feel better. I received a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 2005. I’ve spent the past 12 years working on becoming the best therapist possible. I completed a Fellowship in Manual Therapy with the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and also went back to Northeastern to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Read more>>

Carrie Alex

I am the owner/publisher of NH Wedding Magazine. I competed and won the title of Mrs. NH America 2012, going on to compete at Mrs. America in 2012. After that experience, I realized there needed to be a resource guide for girls, ladies and women of all ages in my region for help and preparation within the pageant community. Pageants in New England are as big as in Texas! There are so many different pageant systems, age brackets, and things to know about competing. When I competed for the state title, it was purely on a whim of a friend suggesting I do it as her daughter had done it and held the current title at that time. She told me the experiences she got and the prizes she earned, and the memories she made. Read more>>

Jackie Herskovitz Russell

I was a reporter for daily newspapers, the Eagle-Tribune in Lawrence, Mass. and before that the Connecticut Post and the Cape Coral Daily Breeze in Florida. I loved being a reporter, even if the pay was very low. From reporting, I went on to become a copy editor at a small book publishing company in East Boston where I edited travel and adventure books. The publisher really wanted me to promote the books and obtain media coverage, so I started reaching out to reporters and producers to get stories about the books we were putting out. Read more>>

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