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Inspiring Stories from North End & Downtown

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North End & Downtown below.

Johnny Fayad

Eat Your Coffee started when my co-founder and I would joke about eating coffee after running late for our 8 am financial accounting class at Northeastern University. We really didn’t like energy drinks or other unhealthy alternatives when we wouldn’t have time for coffee, so we thought, why not just put a cup of coffee in a snack bar. Read more>>

Hakeem Ottun

My last year of college I helped start a blog, and over time we were able to become a staple in our community. At the time we only had one photographer/ videographer. This was the first time I had picked up a camera. I figured I would pick it up so that I could help out with the blog. Read more>>

Sarah Michalik

I’m a Boston-based artist and owner of Charged Glassworks. I split my time between the glass studio and what I like to call my mobile gift gallery, where I sell my artwork at over 100 pop-up locations throughout the year. I love to blow glass and create with my hands, so sharing my work just came naturally. Read more>>

Lisa Bean

My journey in the beauty industry started when I was 22. I went to college for social work but decided that was not what I really wanted to do. I was way too sensitive for it and was worried I would never find my passion. My father thought sales was perfect for me as I always seemed to get my way. Read more>>

Paul Weisman and Michele Simos

My wife and business partner, Michele, and I met 11 years ago during a business meeting. Very quickly, we realized our passion was identical: both of us wanted to help people achieve their personal and professional potential. Both of us are coaches, organizational development practitioners, and trainers of communications skills programs. Read more>>

Brian Keenan

I started my company a week after my 26th birthday, in the Fall of 2016. In my previous experience working as a financial advisor, I realized that the majority of my clients were lacking exceptional service in other areas of their life. I noticed that clients would get different mortgage rates from different banks, different levels of services and fees for tax services, as well as for wills and trusts. Read more>>

Jimmy Prudente, Anya Prudente

Our story began back in 2009 before we were married and even before we graduated college. As we were in our senior year of college, a friend of ours was getting married and had asked us to “take a few photos”. Without hesitation, we said: “Yes”. And that yes started this journey. Read more>>

Colleen Hamilton

My journey has stepped me in a variety of colorful places and environments that have shaped where I am today. Like many kids growing up in the 70/80s I was inspired by Star Wars and that set me on a path to pursue aerospace engineering. I majored in Physics at Northeastern, it was a blast and torturous all in one. Read more>>

Eric Christopher Perry

I grew up in a small farm town in Central New York State where music and theatre was surprisingly celebrated as much as our high school basketball team. Yes, I did grow up in a musical family. I learned how to harmonize with my father – I would join him in renditions of Simon and Garfunkel tunes; he would play guitar and sing lead and I would cover all the high Garfunkel-y stuff. Read more>>

Janelle Bruno

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved pictures. I used to spend hours looking at photographs of my family and friends, and always had my disposable camera in hand when I was in college. I never considered taking my interest any further and decided to pursue a path in education, moving to North Carolina to teach for a couple of years before ending up in Boston and earning two masters degrees from Boston College and Harvard.  Read more>>

Silvia Via

I have always been an artist. I never went to college to study art. I honestly believe a true artist is born with the gift. You can learn anything but a true artist is born. I come from a culture a civilization known as The Mayan Inndians. I was born in Guatemala. Where the Mayan Inian weaved tapestry, cooked tortillas, and the men worked with their hands. Read more>>

George Foreman III

I am from Houston but I attended boarding school at Fay School in Boston, MA, from 7–10th grade. I then attended Culver Military Academy for 11th and 12th Grade. I Enrolled in Pepperdine University to study Business Administration and during my junior year I transferred to Rice University. Read more>>

Polina Raygorodskaya

Prior to starting Wanderu, I was running my own boutique public relations firm that catered to clients in the fashion and lifestyle sector. I had started the company while attending Babson College, which is consistently ranked as the #1 school for entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Chris Welles

We took a family trip to Kenya ten years ago and had an amazing experience. Through that trip we were introduced to the African wildlife and culture and wanted to have a deeper connection. Our friends in Kenya invited us to participate in an annual event, called the Rhino Charge, that raises money for wildlife conservation and especially the endangered rhino. Read more>>

Alison Sinclair

My name is Alison, and I am an alcoholic and addict living in recovery. I actually just celebrated 6 years of sobriety on August 3, and I’m not going to lie – it feels really, really good. It took me 33 years to get to my breaking point, and those last 4 or 5 years were ugly and out of control and so painful. Read more>>

Sonja Tengblad

I sing with the Grammy-award winning ensemble Conspirare whose annual concert series includes programs centered around a poet. I was asked to curate one of these concerts with tenor Eric Neuville (Seattle Opera regular) and pianist Michelle Schumann (Austin Chamber Music Festival’s artistic director) based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson. In our search, we discovered a treasure trove of music written after the year 2000 and decided to feature these settings in particular. Read more>>

Patrick Gabridge

I’ve been writing plays for a long time, starting when I was still in college. I started my first theatre company in New York, when I was 23 years old, to produce my first full-length play. Then moved to Colorado, where I helped start another company, Chameleon Stage, that was a playwright-run company, dedicated to new work. Read more>>

Hillary Wen

The last 25 years of my life revolved around a single identity–the gifted child. That was the identity given to me by the adults in my life, so I accepted it and promised to devote my life to something worth their faith in me. This promise to myself would define all my actions to follow for 25 years. Read more>>

Johnson Le

Photography started as a hobby for me in middle school but after my camera got stolen, I had no intentions of purchasing another camera because I couldn’t afford it. After I quit my job in 2016 I decided to use my last paycheck and decided to start taking pictures again. Read more>>

Tyler D’Angelo

I was born in 1996 in Gray, ME. I lived there with my dad, sister and mother. We lived for the country life. I grew up with horses, cats, dogs, goats, you name it, we had it. Until suddenly one morning I woke up and realized that my mother was not home. I quickly told my father and he went looking for her. Read more>>

Giancarlo Tiberi

I always loved Real Estate. I used to look through the globe and call the brokers to talk about their listings. My parents suggested that I get my real estate license. I decided to take the course during the summer. It took a month to complete and then I took the test. I was attending BU at the time but wanted to focus on a career in finance. I graduated and began my career in residential lending. Read more>>

Chad Pytel

When we first started, we said “yes” to everything trying to make ends meet. As a result we were everything to everyone, which is a recipe for mediocrity. We were burnt out and not working the way we wanted on things we wanted to work on. Read more>>

Amanda Rosenberg


In 2016, I graduated with a BA in Journalism from Indiana University, I began working at a large media company full-time, after interning there throughout college. I worked in various departments and learned so much from my mentors, whom I’m still in touch with quite frequently. Read more>>

Patrick Gabridge

I’ve been writing plays for a long time, starting when I was still in college. I started my first theatre company in New York, when I was 23 years old, to produce my first full-length play. Read more>>

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