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Inspiring Stories from Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising starsli from Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire and surrounding areas below.

Lina Pappalardo and Lori Gebo

In our combined 35 years of dental practice, we were constantly asked by parents/ caregivers for a recommendation for a children’s book about taking care of their teeth. We had a hard time finding one that followed the guidelines that we recommended while using child-friendly terminology. Read more>>

Raya Al-Hashmi

I used to sit in my second story window sill in England watching the neighbors walk by every morning. I would take notes on what time they walked their dog, what they would be wearing, the license plate numbers of the cars that drove by. This was the birth of my journalism and my love for documentation that would later manifest into the work I do now. Read more>>

Matthew Guard

Skylark was founded in 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia by Matthew Guard, as an experiment in returning to the world of music (Matthew pursued music in college, but post-college was in a management consulting career). The group moved to the Greater Boston area in 2016 and is currently beginning its third subscription series in the greater Boston area. Read more>>

Ryn and Kevin Grant

We met in college in the area, and when we’d leave campus, we felt that the surrounding towns could use a little bit more when it came to a place for people to go and hang out. Bars were too loud to talk at, restaurants aren’t great for hanging out, and all the cafe’s closed early. Read more>>

Posie Mansfield

In November of 2010, my husband of 41 years died suddenly and unexpectedly from a massive heart attack. A month later, while still grieving the loss of him, I got an infection in a knee replacement, and they had to amputate my left leg above the knee. Without John there to comfort me and to be my side, my four kids stepped up and gave me all of their support and were there by my side during the surgery and have been by my side ever since. Read more>>

Kale Baker

I live and work in Newton New Hampshire. I grew up in Newburyport Massachusetts and took painting classes from a young age. I attended Northern Essex Community College and earned an associates degree in General Art Studies. It was at Northern Essex Community College that I became part of an artistic community and painting gradually transformed from a hobby to a calling. Read more>>

Alan Finger

I grew up at the end of the “golden age of radio” in the 1950’s and was always fascinated by radio and electronics. I eventually became an electrical engineer and drifted into the computer and software industry but maintained my interest. When I met my wife, Jane, some 20 years ago, she and her mother were avid antiquers. Read more>>

Marina Griffin and Kelly Jenkins

We’re a family of six artists, who create handmade jewelry, handwoven scarves, and other creative endeavors. Marina, (our mom and head designer), finished raising ten kids and took up weaving and jewelry as her new business. Five of us siblings work with her, creating the jewelry, marketing, photography, web design, and social media. Read more>>

Chloe Davis

I work with a variety of clients that are interested in healing their relationships with food, eating intuitively, learning how to use nutrition to improve their physical and mental performance or even just learning how to navigate eating alongside movement in general terms of having a busy life schedule! Read more>>

Kristen Degeis and Laura Lanzi

We met through our husbands, who were childhood friends. Through time we became closer than they were, we even have children close in age. We have six children between the two of us; 3 each, all ages 4 and under. We love our children but having them so close in age, to be honest, we needed a reprieve. Read more>>

Kristin McCartney

I’ve always been a crafter and planner by nature, so up until a couple of years ago, I did these things as a hobby. Due to the high cost of daycare, shortly after having my oldest daughter I left my full-time job to stay home with her. I needed a way to make a little extra money, so I started making invitations for weddings, birthday parties, and showers, then moved into making custom shirts and home decor. Read more>>

Margaret Fiorella

As a young adult, I was always interested in alternative healing methods. I remember taking a class in college about energy and reiki healing methods, and I was hooked. I was naturally drawn to Indian and Asian cultures, and I started collecting buddhas at a very young age. Read more>>

Amanda Cook

My background is in flute and academia. I hold three degrees in flute performance, and my professional goal was to become a university flute instructor. I always defined myself primarily as a flutist who happened to have wide-ranging interests in other creative activities—namely research and writing. Read more>>

Kathleen Emily Rachel Murphy

About two years ago I decided I needed to pivot professionally. I had been working in high technology global marketing executive roles for over 25 years in the Boston area. The companies I worked at spanned from start-ups to well-known companies (e.g., Constant Contact, Dell/EMC, Hitachi, Schneider Electric), and I felt it was time to apply aspects of the skills I had developed in another direction. Read more>>

Belinda Juan

I started my journey at Whittier Regional Vocational High school in the Cosmetology program (2001). After graduating I attended SNHU as a full-time student while working at the salon, I currently own to pursue my business degree (2005). Read more>>

Kesiah Bascom

I started growing my own food as a freshman in high school, and the hobby continued throughout college. When I graduated from undergrad I found a job at the Food Project in Boston, MA that combined youth development and urban agriculture (two of my favorite things!) and since I have been working in the urban agriculture and food access realm, mostly in the non-profit sector. Read more>>

Kimberly Buccheri

Dog Photography! It’s a real thing! Growing up I had a very special dog that was like a best friend to me. His name was Barron, and he was a German Shepherd. And the most handsome dog you can imagine. His eyes were so expressive, I would sit and talk with him, and his eyebrows would let me know he was listening. Read more>>

Pat Cannon

Beach Plum Flower Shop has been in existence for 25 years in the downtown Newburyport area — The Tannery. It was passed along to me about 3 years ago and I began to solidify the image and brand into a stronghold of the community. We are such a special and integral part of the Newburyport Community– for over 25 years we have been part of celebrating weddings, shop and restaurant openings, funerals, garden parties, corporate events, graduation and births and baptisms to simply the everyday love that surrounds our community. Read more>>

Jillian Oppenheim

I have worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner for the past 12 years, specializing in primary care. During my time in Primary care, I found I gravitated towards dermatology. It was always the running joke that if anyone called or came in for any skin condition to put them on my schedule. Read more>>

Anthony D’Onofrio

The experiences have prepared me for my current role, Director of Graduate Athletic Administration at Van Loan School at Endicott College. Anthony D’Onofrio, current Director of the Master of Education in Athletic Administration program at Endicott College; golf tournament planner at Every Brand Apparel. Read more>>

Laura Lee Medeiros

I started Smart Body in 2016. I got my massage license in 2014. I had previously gone to school for Medical Assisting and phlebotomy. I also have a certification as a chiropractic assistant. I enjoyed helping people feel at their optimal level that I decided to go back to school for massage so I could enhance my abilities and give myself more access to helping people feel their best. Read more>>

Amanda Tapparo

My teacher, Mr. Yutkins, introduced me to the world of photography and how creative I could be with only a camera. Thanks to him and that class, Amanda Tapparo Photography was born when I was just 14 years old, and there was no turning back; I was hooked. Read more>>

Janaye Dion

Hair has always been a strong passion of mine! I always knew that I would attend hair school instead of college. In 2013 I started Empire Beauty School and became a licensed cosmetologist. Right after school, I bounced around a few salons to find the right fit for me which ended up at Icon salon. Read more>>

Reyna Delacruz

For as long as I could remember, I have always loved looking at art. From murals to sculptures, to the little flowers my mother would doodle on envelopes while she spoke on the phone. Growing up, I would watch my mother sit at her vanity and sweep rosy powders across her cheeks and paint her lips of a chocolate tint. Read more>>

Kim Rees

You see, I also struggle with physical and mental health issues. I have been living with Chronic Pain for more than 20 years. I have dealt with depression and anxiety most of my life as well. For years my doctors couldn’t determine what was wrong with me. Read more>>

Alicia Harrington

I worked at a fast-paced salon in Tewksbury, owned by two women who taught me a lot about the hair industry – both techniques and owning a business. I always knew my end game was to own my own business and to be my own boss. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile is. Read more>>

Maria Hernandez

What a journey I have traveled! My intro to the beauty world began in 2003. I was young, beautiful, driven, fun, smart, talented, mature, motivated, hardworking. I had everything going for me and dreamed the most amazing dreams about what my future would look like; I was going to have my own salon one day. Read more>>

Nicholas Ferbert

I have been in the financial services and wealth management industry for about five years now, but it’s always odd for me to say that because my story in finance really began a long time before that. It started when I was 14. As a freshman in biology class, we were studying new pharmaceuticals that were coming to market to treat various illnesses, and I remember my teacher anecdotally saying, “if you were really smart you would go home and buy stock in this company”.  So I did. I went home, opened up a brokerage account, learned what it meant to buy stock, and made my first investment. I put about $200 into a little company in the middle of nowhere with some drug that was “supposed to be a blockbuster” according to my teacher. I quickly learned, as it went bankrupt shortly after, that high school biology teachers aren’t always the best investment advisors. Read More >>

Alyssa Guyette

My interest in art started at a super early age. I was constantly doing crafts and creating art projects any chance I had. I was lucky enough to have parents that fully supported my interest in art, and helped me acquire the tools to feed my need of exploring all mediums of art that interested me. Read more>>

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