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Inspiring Stories from Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising starsli from Middlesex, Essex & New Hampshire and surrounding areas below.

Noa Magdassi

I studied Art in Academia and I noticed that many nude representations in art are feminine. When I used to visit the museum, all I saw was that many of the works of art refer to women’s nudity. I grew tired of the fact that most of the nude representation in art is of feminine images. Read more>>

James DesRocher

Growing up, money was very tight for my immediate family. Money was so scarce in our house that talk was always about what sacrifices we needed to make because we didn’t have enough money. We missed out on events because we couldn’t afford a phone. My Mom was a waitress and my Dad was a truck driver. Read more>>

Chris Guerra

I started working in the landscape business at a very young age because my grandfather was in the business so on Saturdays and summer vacations I would tag along and learned the trade. In 2003 when I was 17 I left school to work full time, by 2007 I knew I wanted to go off on my own and started promoting myself. Read more>>

Timothy Jennings

My brother, Anthony, has been playing a sport called power soccer, which is essentially soccer in electric wheelchairs, for about five years with the Northeast Passage Wildcats. About a year into playing, my mother, Lisa, attended a Wildcats game wearing a shirt from Under Armour that read “Athletes Run.” Since she is not an avid runner, she wore the shirt mainly to match her new pink sneakers. Read more>>

Don Hopkins

I was born and raised in Waltham, MA. I have spent my whole life here either even throughout college. I attended Bentley University after high school where I played four years on the football team and graduated with a Bachelors in Information Systems Audit & Control. Read more>>

Gina Galante Skillings

After working our way up in the beauty industry for 20 years, my business partner and I , found a need for high quality service at a neighborhood price. After my thought and discussion, and opportunity arose in downtown Waltham and we jumped at the chance to fulfill our vision. Read more>>

Elizabeth Lorayne

I was raised in Seattle, WA, where I spent a lot of my time bike riding, sailing, and cultivating my interests in science, art, and writing. In heading off on my own adventures that took me from North Carolina, to Pennsylvania, to NYC and finally to Newburyport, MA; I have continued to value my childhood experiences surrounded by nature, art, and a strong academic curriculum in the sciences and humanities. Read more>>

Rhonda Gatchek

I have always been interested in history, decorating and retail but honestly, I never knew I would end up combining them to do what I do for a living; which I describe to people as a mash-up between the TV shows American Pickers and Fixer Upper with a little splash of paint. Read more>>

Dr. Joseph O’Donnell, Dr. Geraldine Garcia-Rogers, Dr. Gary Warrington, Dr. Sonia Wu, Dr. Nicole Harrington, Dr. Shannon Duffy

We are a group of doctors and staff who are committed to providing you and your child with a positive, comfortable and safe dental health experience. We care deeply about our patients and we treat them like family. Founded in 1974, PDA Dental Group has served thousands of patients in the greater Boston area. Some of our doctors have been with the practice since the beginning, and have had the pleasure of seeing past pediatric patients return with their own children and as patients! Read more>>

Michael Sterling

I have been taking photographs since I was a teen. My work career was in managing development of worldwide websites for large corporations. While working in NY City, I took number of black & white courses at the New School and at the International Center for Photography. I studied darkroom technique, street photography, and seeing creatively. Read more>>

Tanya Hart

Well, it was a cold and chilly December day in 2013 when I was having brunch with a couple of girlfriends, old co-workers of mine. We were catching up as one had started her own business in the previous months and wanted to know where I was at in achieving my own goal of business ownership. Read more>>

Amy Vander Els

I studied Studio Art and Education in college, earning both a B.A. and an M.Ed in k-12 Art Education from the University of New Hampshire. My teaching career brought me overseas to teach art at international schools in Italy, Hungary and the Cayman Islands. Read more>>

Edward Harding, PTA, Glenn D’Addario, MSPT, DPT

Ed and Glenn met almost 8 years ago while working together at an area, outpatient physical therapy company. Due to poor management decisions, that company was severely struggling; it has since gone out of business. Ed and Glenn had both shared the desire to open their own company for a long time, and had disclosed that information to each other while trying to figure out their next career moves. Read more>>

Jessica Ring

After graduating cosmetology school i began working in a full-service salon in Chelsea MA right away. I love the coloring and cutting hair but quilt learned styling hair was always my favorite. For the last five years I’ve worked at style bars, which include blowouts & updos. I love making people feel beautiful! Read more>>

Emily Neish

Caring for others seemed to come naturally to me at an early age, moving from dolls, to babies and then animals. After graduating from university in Canada, I went to Los Angeles to “find myself”, as my degree in Anthropology and Communications left me hanging on what my next steps were. Read more>>

Steve Coffill, Ron Chane

UC5 is a Classic Rock cover band which performs primarily on the North Shore. All 5 members (You See 5) have been a part of the local music scene for many years. Some of us since the late 70’s! 3 members Ron (Bass), Mark (Guitar), Matt (Drums) had played together for a number of years in the same band. Read more>>

Dennis Cataldo

In 1977 (I won’t say how old I was!), my parents, Bob and Diana Cataldo opened the doors to Somerville Ambulance Service, now known as Cataldo Ambulance Service. I joined the family business in the 90s after attending Malden Catholic High School and Suffolk University, and was fortunate enough to lead the company through multiple strategic endeavors and acquisitions, growing the company to one of the largest emergency transportation providers in the northeast. Read more>>

Michael Oliveira

The story goes a little something like this…. my mother who had been battling cancer for several years had finally lost her battle to cancer in September of 2016. She had always dreamed of opening a family owned bakery. We spoke about it quite often. In October of that same year my youngest son had been born on Halloween Day, my mothers favorite holiday. Read more>>

Remi Ibraheem

My company began 34 years ago when I first entered this country at the age of 10. I didn’t know how to read or write or speak english. By the age of 12, I spoke fluent english and read every book I could get my hands on. I was such an avid reader that a women on my paper route left me her entire book collection when she passed away when I was 13 years old. Read more>>

Mari Cartagenova

I guess I have always been a medium and a psychic. When I was little I would see Angels and orbs in my room and I would talk to them and they would talk back. For me this was just normal. I would always have Spirit communicating with me and I thought that’s how everybody lived. Read more>>

Carolyn Richardson, Amber Barrett

Amber and I met through a shared desire to host women’s healing circles and young girl empowerment circles. We hosted the first Red Tent group in May of 2015. Our intention was to hold space, and to create a gathering where women could truly be seen, be heard and be fully supported in a safe, judgment free environment. Read more>>

Peter Stewart

I am a late bloomer. Where I thought I would go and where I am now were far apart. musician and builder of peace. When I graduated from college, I thought that being a choral director was my mission in life, So, I worked at Shore Country Day and Pingree and was happy. Read more>>

Alessandra Siniscalco Troisi

Well you must know one thing about me, I am stubborn, I have always been stubborn and I don’t image I will change any time soon, ( my husband will concur) when I was a senior in high school, everyone was picking what colleges to apply for, and discussing majors and future dreams and all the usual senior buzz, and it wasn’t until I was applying for my first, ( and would be only school ) that something just sparked. Read more>>

Karen Leeds

I started reading self-help books at age 14 to learn everything I could about these confusing creatures called people. Schools taught history and math but not how to be happy, present and successful. I was shy and focused on pleasing people. I did well in school mainly because I was scared to death what would happen if I didn’t focus on grades. Read more>>

Elizabeth Silva, David Silva

When I lived in Puerto Rico as a young girl I loved to visit my grandmother because she would spend hours teaching me how to cook authentic recipes that had been handed down through generations. Our homes were separated by a long, winding road through the hills and mountains called “El Camino.” When I asked my mother if I could go to grandma’s house, she would say “go ahead and take El Camino.” This road separated us, but at the same time, united us. Read more>>

Jocelyn Haubert

I began my career in the beauty industry at Sephora located at the Prudential Center. Being in the heart of Boston of I was given the opportunity to work with women from all over the world which helped my artistry skills become well rounded from the get go. I freelanced here and there but was scared to take the jump. Read more>>

Michael Hagerty

It all started with a broken baseball bat from a college baseball game. This broken bat eventually was cut up to make a couple gifts for my wife and one of her good friends for their birthdays. They liked them and then I made a few more and had that “aha moment”. I said no one else makes these why not create a new product. Read more>>

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