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Inspiring Stories from Fenway, Symphony & Jamaica Plain

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Fenway, Symphony, Jamaica Plain and surrounding areas below.

Edwin Peralta Jr.

I started drawing when I was very young. I used to compete with my older brother all the time. As much as I used to draw, I never knew where to take it. Only that I wanted to improve. At least until one morning, I walked to the kitchen and I saw my brother drawing. I said nothing but looked intently at what he was drawing. That morning, he made a comic and my mind blew with the possible stories that I could make. I always liked telling fake stories to my brother from popular shows or comics we read. However, it never occurred to me to be the one to make my own. Read more>>

Emily Marvosh

My immediate family isn’t particularly musical or artistic, but they value musical education within and as a supplement to school curriculum (i.e. piano lessons starting age five!). Since I have become a professional musician, my parents have ventured far further into the world and experiences of classical music than they probably ever thought they would have, and I’m grateful for their continued curiosity, encouragement, and support. Their engagement with the local Mid-Michigan performing ensembles stems directly from their experience as parents of performers, and that is one of the less visible fringe benefits of music education. Read more>>

Maddie Sweet

I am an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer. I am currently in my senior year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I love anything pink and I find most of my inspiration through flowers as well as children’s books, I love hearing stories and being a storyteller through my illustrations. I have loved art from a young age. I was raised by artistic parents who took my siblings and me to many museums and encouraged us to love art in all forms, past, and present. Growing up with this appreciation and love of art has helped me become the person/artist I am today. Read more>>

Rob Lew

I always had a passion and a drive to make a difference. To be able to share and express my thoughts and ideas through creativity was the dream. At a young age, I was figuring out exactly what I wanted to do and I found I would always involve myself with entrepreneurship. That led to not only learning a lot about how to create and run a business but also learning a lot about myself. Growing up in the environment that I did, the term “making it out” is what we all strived to do. Being able to see another year of life is something we never took for granted because we saw so many lives that were cut short. Read more>>

Brian Friedland

I started playing piano when I was six years old after my parents signed me up for lessons. My mom would diligently practice with me every day for a half hour, and I was rewarded for the effort with baseball cards. I didn’t have a special talent or love for music, but was at least decent at it and found playing enjoyable. When I was around 12 years old, everything changed. My older brother started taking jazz lessons and writing original music, which inspired me to start messing around to see if I could create music too. Read more>>

Curtis Heimburger and Madison Simpson

Madison: We were hanging out in Curtis’s dorm room with his roommate, Trevin Nelson, and some friends who had just gotten back from the Joe Val Bluegrass festival. They were super pumped from playing their first gig, and somehow we got on the subject of recording them in the room under Trevin’s bed, using his quilt as a backdrop. Curtis had the idea to call it “Tiny Dorm Sessions”, a play off of NPR’s “Tiny Desk” series, and I offered up my professional camera to record with. Without even thinking we set up immediately and recorded our first Tiny Dorm Session at three in the morning. Read more>>

Robert Maloney

I’m a Massachusetts native, my home and art studio is in Jamaica Plain and I also teach at Massart in the Illustration department. I grew up north of Boston, both my father and brother are artists so I was surrounded by drawing and painting at an early age. My father went to Massachusetts College of Art so it was on my radar as a possible destination when I was looking at colleges. I had a bumpy road when choosing a direction but eventually made my way into the Illustration department with a focus on mixed media and experimental 3D work. Read more>>

Ed Stitt

Ed has been living, painting and teaching in Boston for 25 years. His work is figurative and concise, using sound drawing and a strong sense of light to convey his vision of the world. Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Ed first studied painting at Kent State University with Joe O’Sickey and Jack Beal. While at KSU, Ed became a practicing Christian and became very involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, an evangelical parachurch organization. These choices have affected his life and art ever since. Read more>>

Julie Joyal

On the outside, I’m a privileged, white woman, who has certainly been blessed in many aspects of my life. What isn’t obvious is my unusual journey – from dealing with my learning disability to developing a consciousness of the inequity in education and medicine, and then receiving an education degree at almost 50 years old from Harvard School of Education. All of these things together ignited my passion to find an innovative way to address some of the injustices and remedy some of the issues that afflict our society.  Read More >>

Naomi Westwater

Naomi is a powerhouse, indie singer-songwriter, and producer. Mixing organic Americana and electronic indie, her imaginative stage presence, intimate lyrics, and emotive voice inspire and provoke audiences. Like a rose with many petals, Naomi’s music is layered, striking, and tender, mixing organic Americana and electronic Indie. Naomi is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with her Master’s degree in Contemporary Performance Production Concentration and has been working in the entertainment and music industry since 2011. Read more>>

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