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Inspiring Stories from Fenway, Symphony & Jamaica Plain

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Fenway, Symphony, Jamaica Plain and surrounding areas below.

Josh Cohen

Real Estate started off very much as a hobby for me. I started my professional career as an electrical engineer with Lockheed Martin for 9 years before deciding to attend business school and become a management consultant. I spent the following 5 years traveling the globe helping large multi-nationals solve some of their biggest business challenges. It was an incredible experience but the grind of weekly travel was impacting other areas of my life. In 2011 my brother Jason and I purchased our first investment property in Boston. This, in my mind at the time, was a fun side project, and possibly a glimpse into my retirement years. Read more>>

Suzanne and Leland DiMeco

We started our business together working for the first year out of our little apartment in Newton. My boyfriend at the time, (husband now) said “baby you need to go get your real estate license because we are going to start a family business together and I need you!” Coming from the green/environmental industry, I was not turned on by the real estate industry… like zero! Shortly after going into business with Leland, I realized while in the shower (of all places), that I could merge the two industries together and raise the bar in real estate by providing high quality eco-friendly solutions to real estate transaction therefore increasing marketability and their profitability. Read more>>

Joe Gonzalez, May-Lisa Chandler and Diaman Wood

We (May-Lisa and Joe) started teaching in different schools and communities and we realize how many youths with so much talent could not afford to be a part of an organization to help further their growth in the Arts. So in 2011, we originally started the company for just teenagers who couldn’t really afford dance and started a company with just them. This involved training and performances. In 2013, As the youth started getting older and realize that they wanted to continue their growth in the arts and make a career out of it, and not only for the Youth, we were noticing that there were a lot of unemployed artists in the city of Boston so we started the first Company, our professional Company. Read more>>

Christy Zarlengo

I am a singer and pianist who came to Boston to study songwriting at Berklee in the early 90’s. One of my jobs after finishing up at Berklee was as a piano teacher, and shortly thereafter as an Early Childhood group music teacher. I quickly fell in love with this job, and opened up a Music Together® center in a church in Jamaica Plain center back in 2001. We grew quickly, and in 2006 we had a wonderful opportunity to move into the old Heffenreffer brewery over in JP’s Stony Brook neighborhood. The brewery was being renovated at the time, and we became the Children’s Music Center of JP back in 2006. Our studio is literally inside of one of the grain hops from the old brewery! Read more>>

Anna Koon

From the time I was in diapers, I was always creating. My parent wasn’t quite sure where I got my artistic nature, but they were determined to cultivate it. My father encouraged me to apply to the Rhode Island School of Design, where I received my BFA. I was born while my father was at Harvard Business School, so throughout my life he gave me good advice about being an entrepreneur. I formed my first business at thirteen-a day camp in my parents’ backyard. I solicited the help of two other neighborhood babysitters, and together we made hundreds of dollars that summer. Read more>>

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