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Inspiring Stories from Cambridge

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Cambridge’s rising stars below.

Kayla Crugnale, Janet Kinasewich

Jan and Kayla both worked at the same real estate company when they decided to combine forces and become the “Jan and Kayla” team. Jan had been a real estate agent in Cambridge for over thirty years and had built a strong network of clients. Read more>>

Darrin Korte

In 1929, a group of Black ministers concerned about the health and welfare of children in the Coast neighborhood of Cambridge founded the Cambridge Community Center. In the 88 years since, the Center has initiated many Coast firsts, including the establishment of the first nursery school and the first varsity basketball games open to African Americans. Read more>>

Bonny Lamb

Most of my work experience has been in writing and marketing–working in an ad agency; financial marketing company; marketing department in a real estate development company–then doing an impractical about-face and opening an art business, for which I was educated, but at a bad time in the economy. Read more>>

Carl Vause

At the beginning of the decade, Professor George Whitesides from Harvard University helped rewrite the rules of what a machine could be with the development of biologically inspired “soft robots,” as part of a Harvard and DARPA collaboration. The challenge was to create a robot that could make its way underneath a pane of glass just three-quarters of an inch above the surface. Read more>>

Shuhan He

It was in 2013 when I was working in a neuroscience lab. We were measuring subtle cognitive changes in mice from small strokes that can occur from things like pollution and atherosclerosis or plaques in the blood vessels. We had to measure very subtle changes in their behavior and realized that most of the tools that existed in the industry were too poor to detect what we needed. Read more>>

Dr. Neal Klein, Alli Reese

Dr. Neal Klein began teaching an academic west coast swing course at Lesley University in 2009. While the students were hooked from the moment they started the class, west coast swing is first and foremost a social dance; thirty minutes of dancing at the end of class wasn’t enough for the students to truly practice and grow their skills. Read more>>

Nick Israel

I started writing music at a young age as a means to escape since at the time, I just moved to a new secluded home and felt left out from the world. I was by myself mostly so I would consume many books and records religiously. Being raised in Haiti, an entertainment career was considered taboo and not well perceived so getting my parents acceptance was near impossible. Read more>>

Jason Slavick

I began my career in Boston as a company member of Boston Theatre Works. I focused on Shakespeare and new play development. When I left BTW in 2006, I looked around for what I’d do next. I had been commissioned by the Boston Conservatory to create an original experimental musical based on an album by Joe Jackson, called “Heaven & Hell.” Read more>>

Liza Shirazi, Nookie Postal

The idea for Crema sprouted while owners Liza Shirazi and Marley Brush were studying and traveling abroad together in Europe. It wasn’t the grand museums and palaces, incomparable shopping, or even the thumping disco-tecas that made them most excited in each new city; it was the cafes – the little neighborhood spots, the ones that had freshly made pastries and perfectly steamed cappuccinos. Read more>>

Duke Rateau

I started Econosurance to fill in a gap that was missing for Boston’s diverse population. Boston is home to immigrants from all over the world, and I saw a need for an insurance agency that serves people who may not fully understand insurance coverages and the legal terms of a typical policy. Read more>>

Sham Sthankiya

My life, and with it my photo journey, has been anything but a straight line. It spans three continents, and many detours along the way. I ended up in Boston via Uganda, England and Canada, where I grew up in various prairie towns in Southern Saskatchewan. Read more>>

Susan Weiler

World Music, Inc. was founded as a non profit organization in 1990 by Maure Aronson. He was originally from South Africa and missed the music he grew up with. He started with a festival of South African music and expanded the concert series quickly to include all kinds of music and dance from the far and near corners of the globe. Read more>>

Gabby Queenan

I joined the Mass Rivers staff in 2016. My first exposure to river advocacy occurred during my independent research project in Panama where I witnessed firsthand the conflict between native populations and the government over large-scale hydropower investments. Read more>>

Jessa Sahakian

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and culinary school seemed like a good way to satisfy the craving. I went to Johnson & Wales and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Baking and Pastry. Loved everything I learned, but mostly, loved cake decorating. Read more>>

Yoni Heilman

Millennials are known for a lot – but one thing they are not known for is labels. Particularly when it comes to religion and politics: Millennials are less likely than any other generation to accept political or religious labels. For Sasha Gribov and Eitan Ingall, two undergrads at the University of Michigan in 2008, this was an unavoidable truth. Read more>>

Federico Erebia

As a kid, I had many interests, but my focus was to get into medical school. My college education centered on pre-med science classes. Because it was a liberal arts school, The College of Wooster required that I take classes in the humanities. Over time, I realized that my favorite courses in college were those in art, art history, religion, and geology. Read more>>

Olivia D’Ambrosio

Bridge Rep was founded in 2012 by a group of six theatre artists, all under age 30 at the time. We had $10,000 in start-up funds, called ourselves Founding Artistic Associates, and committed ourselves to creating intimately staged, live theatrical productions ranging from Shakespeare to musicals. Read more>>

Nora Maynard

WholeTone Opera would never have gotten started if it hadn’t been for Fresh Squeezed Opera in NYC, headed by Jillian Flexner and Maggie Roscoe, the original creators of La Zombiata in 2014. The audacity of their pursuit in composing, producing, directing, and performing in this show both astounded and inspired me. Read more>>

Lawrence “Stroker” Rogovin

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and watching ideas take physical form. I guess I caught the bug “helping out” in my grandfather’s basement shop, and it only sunk deeper with the tinkering I did in my teens. Read more>>

Laura Ratcliffe

I was the Vice President of an Emergency Warning System company and expecting my first child. I had a difficult pregnancy and delivered my sweet girl early. I knew that my daughter needed me home for longer than six weeks, which was all that was covered by short term disability. Read more>>

Ariana Lewis, Sarah Ducas

Sarah and I have always shared a love of crafting and flowers. In 2013, we decided to start crafting our own candles made with 100% soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils. We loved the idea of making something that was able to evoke memories and times throughout our life all while making our home smell lovely. Read more>>

Rich Kim

I have been a licensed and producing real estate agent since I was 19 (junior year in college). I run my own development and management company Metro Boston Group, worked for the Related Companies with their development and lease up for The Clarendon – One Back Bay in Copley. Read more>>

Mark Stone

The FSH Society was founded in 1991 by two patients, Daniel Perez and Steve Jacobsen, and is today the world’s largest patient-driven organization for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, or FSHD, one of the most prevalent forms of muscular dystrophy. FSHD affects an estimate 1 in 8,000 individuals, or nearly one million people worldwide. Read more>>

Elizabeth (BZ) Catalano

My name is BZ (Elizabeth) Catalano and I started Body Zen Skin Care and Wellness in October of 2012. I have a BS in Athletic Training from Northeastern University and am a Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Kripalu trained yoga instructor and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® guide. Read more>>

Maura Cunningham

It was definitely more of a spiral path than a straight line. As early as I can remember I had an interest in the realm of spirit and a deep sense of awe for the natural world. However, I didn’t grow up in a home where these matters were openly discussed, so I spent enormous amounts of time in libraries and metaphysical bookstores reading and learning about as many spiritual traditions and holistic practices as I could. Read more>>

Chrissy Bonadei

My name is Chrissy Bonadei and I am the owner of Salon Richard Anthony. Many people say it was always a dream of theirs to own a salon but for me, that was not the case. I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until years later. When the opportunity came I took it and ran, my husband TJ, was my biggest supporter. We worked day and night in our little salon trying to make it our own. Read more>>

Ryan Habbyshaw

Our story starts at an ad agency in Boston. Arnold Worldwide, where Kimberly and Ryan Habbyshaw worked together as a brand experience producer and designer team. We designed, executed, and managed trade shows and branded events for the Arnold client list at the time which included Progressive Insurance,, Ocean Spray, Southern Comfort, and Carnival Cruise lines to name a few. Read more>>

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