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Inspiring Stories from Cambridge

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Cambridge’s rising stars below.

Paul Lyons

Zapotec’s name is based on Lyons’ work as a solar contractor in the mid-1990s in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he observed Zapotec people whose forbearers had settled in the region because of the ideal mix of sunshine, water, climate and soil that enabled them to develop a lifestyle that was sustainable. Lyons designed and installed low-cost solar water heaters for homeowners, schools and non-profit institutions. After leaving Mexico and moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1997, Zapotec Energy was founded as a solo mechanical engineering practice, providing objective advice to a variety of clients to solve their dilemmas related to energy management, conservation and renewable energy production. In 2003, Zapotec Energy began providing design-build services for solar electric systems and solar commissioning services. Read more>>

Miriam Bucheli

I am passionate about art and science, and I strive to bring learning and creativity into my everyday life and my business. I began drawing and painting very early. My parents recognized I had a talent and enrolled me in art classes at a local cultural arts organization. I enjoyed acrylics, oil, and other techniques but I was mostly drawn towards illustration. My passion for art went hand in hand with signs of an entrepreneurial spirit. I would draw and paint greeting cards to sell to family and friends. Read more>>

Helene Parenteau

I started my business part time in 1982 in DC. I was one of the first professional organizers in the country. I started by putting up flyers all over Washington, DC — back in the days when you could walk into any government building, go down the hall to the cafeteria and pin up some flyers. I worked during the day at an editorial assistant at Newsweek Magazine then as a producer at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. So I was organizing in the evenings and weekends whenever possible. Read more>>

An Crumpler

It all started with our love for soba (buckwheat noodle). Soba contain a variety of nutrients that are natural and healthy. It is high in protein essential for survival and growth & contains various types of amino acids such as lysine and arginine. These are essential building blocks for child development, growth and stamina. My partner and I used to go to New York to have freshly made soba once a month since there’s no good soba restaurant in Boston area. My partner is actually the one who introduce me to soba and it was her idea to open Sugidama. Read more>>

Erin Bacon

In fourth grade, my school allowed students to join the strings program and I knew immediately that I wanted to learn the cello! It was several years of once a week, in school, group classes before I started taking private lessons, but the entire time I looked forward to that one day a week where I would get to leave class to play my cello. I enjoyed playing and studying so much that my sophomore year of high school I decided to apply to the world-renowned Interlochen Arts Academy in Traverse City Michigan, and I am happy to say that I was accepted and graduated from IAA. For the entirety of my two years there I worked with a phenomenal conductor and mentor, Matthew Hazelwood, as well as other inspirational teachers, and I think their passion and love of teaching made a lasting impression on me. Read more>>

Mike Salguero

ButcherBox was founded by Mike Salguero when he discovered America was a “meat desert.” Grass-fed beef, the healthiest kind to eat, was also the most challenging to find, making up only one percent of all beef sold. Ninety-nine percent of the beef in stores are grain or corn-fed. Most often, consumers limit their selection of beef to ground beef. Salguero was first introduced to grass-fed beef through a local farmer who sold ¼ to ½ shares of cattle. Once he tasted the high-quality meat, he was instantly hooked. But the cow share proved impractical as it left him with huge portions of beef his home refrigerator could not hold. He found himself distributing his share among friends and family who also loved the natural taste and health benefits of grass-fed beef. Read more>>

Ela Emberg

What would make artists more financially sustainable and able to make their living out of their art? This question was presented by Harvard University President to the entire university community, as part of the yearly “President Challenge”. As an economist and researcher, who also fell in love with art (how? will share this story later), I thought of an original idea: how nice would it be if artists, exactly as in the academic system and according to the academic citations rules, would actually cite each other for whatever gave them the inspiration for each piece of work. Read more>>

Lauren King

I started experimenting with baking around ten years ago, I had this idea for a bakery that sold desserts and alcoholic beverages, but at the time I was looking at going to graduate school so it ended up on the back burner. Over the years, I would bake for friends’ birthdays, baby showers and work events. It allowed me to test out new recipes and screw up without worrying about a bad yelp review. After I finished graduate school I thought about opening a bakery again once I had more free time. I work for TD Garden as an Audio Video Specialist, so during the NBA and NHL season things are pretty hectic. Read more>>

Mette Aamodt and Andrew Plumb

We are passionate about life, not in a bungee jumping kind of way, but in a “la dolce vita” kind of way. We enjoy long walks in the woods, sitting in cafes sipping espresso and listening to the fire crackle. We like to savour life and enjoy all of its wonderful sensual pleasures. We are passionate about life because one day everything changed. Andrew and Mette are partners in life and work. Mette was introduced to architecture at a young age spending time in her father’s architecture office after school. Andrew found architecture on his own. Read more>>

Gary Anderson

I moved from Minnesota to Boston as a young architect to pursue advanced studies in architecture & urban design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Upon graduation from Harvard, I began working as an urban designer and architect at an area firm that was involved in planning, landscape architecture and architectural design assignments for prominent clients and interesting projects. I greatly enjoyed working with multidisciplinary teams of talented professionals including planners, landscape architects, engineers and architects. Our projects for domestic and international clients were often at the very beginning of the development process when a site had been identified, but no definitive planning or design approach had been established. Read more>>

Andrea Bates McGrath

When I was a Senior at Suffolk University in 1988 I had plans to continue onto Law School but take a year off in between. In discussing my plans with my father one day he inquired as to what I would do during that year off. I replied that I really hadn’t thought about it and that’s when he looked at me with a big grin and he replied back that he had and that he wanted me to come to work for him! I thought OK I can do that and here I am almost 30 years later! I never did end up going to law school and I have not a single regret. Read more>>

Daniel Fisher

I came to Cambridge in 1976 to carry out my residency in psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital, a Harvard teaching hospital. I chose Cambridge Hospital because it was progressive in the mental health world and it was close to an important advocacy group, the Mental Patient Liberation Front. You see I was not only wanting to further my education as a psychiatrist but also to engage in advocacy work to transform the mental health system. I originally obtained a PhD in biochemistry and studied the possible biological basis of schizophrenia. I became very frustrated when I learned that it was not possible to find a biological basis of severe mental health issues. Ironically, I myself was diagnosed with schizophrenia in my 20’s. Read more>>

Patrick Anquetil

I was born and raised in Paris, France and studied engineering at ETH Zurich and MIT. I arrived at MIT during the golden days of the internet boom and caught the entrepreneurial bug. Following my MBA at Harvard Business School, I went on to start three companies: Aretais, Inc. (blood glucose diagnostic device), SynapDx, Corp. (autism diagnostic test), and Portal Instruments (needle-free drug delivery device). The life of the entrepreneur is never smooth. There a few great highs who make-up for a lot of lows. Read more>>

Alisha Hale and Taylor Kruse

We met in Boston at a studio where we both worked temporarily and became good friends. After a while we started dating and as things began to unfold, personally and professionally, we decided to work together on creating The Movement Project. This was almost exactly 4 years ago. We both have backgrounds in personal training. Taylor specialized in a Russian-style of training called The Burdenko Method and is inspired by wrestling, martial arts, dance, and skill-based training. Read more>>

Emma Galloway

I started playing the violin at age 5, and took lessons through high school. When I got to college, I declared as a music major, joined the Sherman Symphony Orchestra, and continued taking lessons. After graduation, I joined the workforce in a 9-5 cubicle position. I worked there for two years, and my music took a back seat to life. I realized I missed it terribly and that I really disliked working in a cubicle. I was fortunate to know the owners of Strike Up The Band in Natick, MA, who offered me a position as a music teacher. Read more>>

David J. Benyosef

I was born in 1986 and raised on the Lower East Side of NYC. I graduated from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH, where I discovered my love for blown glass. After graduating, I studied at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass with numerous world renowned glass artists. I have since continued to create my own unique line of work while residing in Boston, concurrently serving as an instructor for the NOCA glass school and as a gaffer/assistant to many local glass blowers. No never, not knowing when I will receive an order/check. Being a one man show, maker, designer, salesperson and packaging and shipping. Read more>>

Tamara Myles

I started my career working in advertising in New York City. Advertising agencies have a well-earned reputation for a very fast-paced environment and are extremely deadline-driven. In order to stay on top of all the timelines and deadlines without being constantly stressed out, feeling that I was going to forget something, I created systems that worked very well for me. Other account managers started taking notice and implementing some of my systems, which quickly became the standard for all of the accounts. Read more>>

Sarah Anderson

The most common criticism of Model United Nations (MUN) is that it only simulates, without ever making true change. The first person to tell me this was my father. When I was in high school, he forwarded me a New York Times article describing the wild world of American collegiate MUN. Despite his past experience as an avid MUN-er, he strongly advised me against participating. The scenes that the article portrayed – of Ivy Leaguers playing pretend in suits, talking over one another without making any effort at true diplomacy – did not at all seem like the ideal platform for positive change-making. Indeed, it was hard to conceive that waving a gavel around a glamorous ballroom was a formula for world peace. Read more>>

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