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Inspiring Stories from Cambridge

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Cambridge’s rising stars below.

Meredith Brockington

Amie, pronounced (ah-mee) means female friend in French. Amie was born from an affection to support the maker movement and shop locally on a broader scale. I resigned from a very comfortable corporate job to pursue Amie as a woman entrepreneur. I couldn’t shake the desire to create a platform focused on sharing artist’s stories and female, not factory-made products. Read more>>

Patrick Lynch

Started playing seriously when I was 12. I began playing drums around the same time and started off as a two piece with a buddy. We eventually started a band with a friend and played a few backyard gigs and my first real show the day after Xmas 2005. Read more>>

DJ Super Duke

DJ Super Duke started when he was 16 while attending Somerville High School with his long tie business partner DJ Case. Back then I was just rocking the local house parties and graduation celebration but we quickly got a break Djing at the famous Bahama Beach club (BBC) The Palace in Saugus, Ma. Read more>>

Jonathan J. Nelson

My story begins many moons ago on a×600.jpg hot summer New England day in Wolfeboro, NH, with Kingswood Summer Theater for Children. I was up for the title role in “Peter Pan,” the competition was fierce, and the stakes were at their highest. Read more>>

Danny McCraken

I was born in Southern California as a New Year’s baby. My parents grew up in California and so I stayed there for my whole upbringing. For 6th grade+ I was homeschooled using a Christian program, partially due to how much the anxiety caused by public school was affecting my grades, but also my body. Read more>>

Tyson Pickette

I refer to myself as an “Industry Ewok” both in reference to the restaurant/hospitality community in which I work, and simply because I am a self-professed nerd who enjoys an opportunity to reference the Star Wars franchise. However, this label (of sorts) reflects my journey in the industry, which started in my childhood kitchen with my mother. Read more>>

Christine Dore Trant

I’m Christine Dore Trant. I have loved stories from my kiddo bedtime days and Harry Potter-obsessed years. After graduating with an English Literature from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia with a handful of internships under my belt, I started my career in book publishing here in Boston as an editor. Read more>>

Ted Chan

CareDash is the web’s fastest growing healthcare provider review website. We started building it in 2015, launched in 2016, and have been steadily gaining momentum since. CareDash’s focus is on faithfully representing the patients – we don’t accept payment for the removal of negative reviews. Read more>>

Brian Murphy

I received my first guitar as a Christmas present when I was probably 12 years old. Throughout high school, I was in a couple different rock and metal bands and I ended up opening up for a few bigger nationally touring metal bands while I was in my mid to late teens. Read more>>

Josh Filipowski

“Think you’re funny?” read an ad in the paper. I replied having had some funny stories from college, a few class clown moments, and a bit of humorous acting experience. The New York Comedy Club offered a Stand-Up Comedy Workshop led by veteran comedian Chris Murphy. I signed up, stood up and haven’t stopped. Read more>>

Tiffany Mallery

Tiffany Mallery, a freelance illustrator living in Cambridge. I used to live in Illinois which was nice, but I really took to Boston when I went to school here. Plus, all of my 5 friends live here so there’s that!!!! Anyway, I graduated in 2015 from Lesley University’s College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. Read more>>

Christopher Hope

I grew up in Atlanta, GA. My childhood involved spending as much time involved in music as possible — whether that meant learning how to play the alto saxophone, or the turntables or writing rap lyrics. However, it was during my early teens though when I fell in love with radio. Read more>>

Solange Rodrigues

I started my journey in a voc tech school! I knew right away going into cosmetology that I LOVED doing bridal hair and makeup. I started my first wedding in Boston with a group of 10 ladies. The day was absolutely breath-taking. Read more>>

Shantel Manzano

I wish I could say I have always been into beauty, but the reality is I was the complete opposite. As a child, I loved to play and watch basketball, always kept an eye out for the latest sneaker trends, and despised wearing makeup and dressing up. At the age of 12, my mom decided to enroll me into a modeling & acting academy at John Robert Powers in Boston which also taught students etiquette in addition to the ins and outs of makeup. Read more>>

Sam Fish

My mom is an artist and I grew up with creative things happening around me, but at the same time I was left to my own devices and wasn’t taught much. At an early age I learned that if something was going to be meaningful to me, It was because I had figured it out on my own. Read more>>

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