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Inspiring Stories from Cambridge

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Cambridge’s rising stars below.

Bryan Last

Before I could walk or talk I was infatuated with trucks. When I was 4 years old, a water line broke on Lincoln Street in my Boston suburb just a few steps away from my front door. I went down to see all the big trucks and watch how they operated. The workers were too frantic trying to shut off the valve and stop the water to notice a young child creeping closer and closer to the excitement. Read more>>

Sue Lee

I graduated from Brown University, Harvard Dental School and Harvard’s Orthodontic program. I developed a shape analysis of the dental arch called Dentometrics. Accordingly, I invented an oral device that shapes the dental arch. It significantly improves the smile line and reduces treatment time. Read more>>

Jules Pieri

We started The Grommet in 2008, because while working at Keds my co-founder Joanne Domeniconi and I saw that a lot of the most innovative and unique products were never making their way to store shelves. Too often, big national chains were afraid to take a chance on new products, so instead of people ever having a chance to buy and try them, they were withering on the vine. Read more>>

Andrew Fersch

My mother, Judith Fersch, started Concord Teacakes 33 years ago from our kitchen at home. This small operation grew into her using the local Elks Club kitchen for a few years until she was able to find a larger kitchen space on her own. From there, recognition grew (especially for her scones and her Emily Dickinson raisin brandy cake), and eventually she needed to open a retail store. Read more>>


It all started with a box of Crayola crayons. At a young age, when I was asked what I wanted to become when I grew up, I would say an artist. Little did I know that a simple answer to a childhood dream would take me on the most fantastic journey! Kidcasso was born in my Watertown apartment. Read more>>

Sarah Gray

I was training as a singer, and I was a sculptor. Stone carving. I went to college after a year in Brasil (Olympia, São Paolo.) And quickly shifted gears from Bachelor’s of art to Conservation of art. Went to Florence, Italy and kept sculpting and learning conservation. Quickly I shifted from just artifacts to hoping to try restoring sculptures and architecture and then shifted back towards music as I passed the instrument collection at the Academia dei Belle Arte, curated by Gabrielle Rossi. Read more>>

Michael Maher

In 2006, I was at a point where I could either continue on with a current employer or try to start our own business. After talking it through with my wife, we decided now is the time to step out on our own. We put a business plan together to try smaller jobs that required unique cabinetry and detailed attention. Read more>>

Rebecca Miller

I wear many hats in my world: producer, director, creative director, writer, designer, interviewer, and editor, and have been a film maker in one way or another my whole career. I studied film making at the Rhode Island School of Design, worked in local television for seven years, and then worked for three production companies, eventually becoming a busy executive producer. Read more>>

Avinoam Lerner

The seeds for my work with cancer patients today were planted many years ago. Originally from Israel, I was only six years old when the Yom Kipur war broke out. Living in a small community called Kibbutz, I vividly remember seeing the men leaving for the battle field, leaving all of us behind. Some to be seen again and some to never return. Read more>>

Olga Goldberger

I came here from Russia in 1984. Being a biologist by training, I started making my products in 1997 because my skin was too sensitive and I couldn’t use many commercial products. I wanted something natural and at the same time effective; I started researching ingredients and ways of mixing water and oil without use of chemical emulsifiers. Finally, I found the way – by using soy phospholipids. Read more>>

Ken Hurd

Like many success stories, there is an element of luck combined with seizing an opportunity when it presents itself. In my case, it was a lunch with a key person in the original Waldorf=Astoria in New York. Read more>>

Jay Bacrania

Our story begins in 2005, with me (Jay Bacrania) and my partner Andrew Magliozzi co-founding a company called Veritas Tutors. The business was an outgrowth of the private tutoring we had both done during our time at Harvard College. Although there were many reputable individual tutors around, we were one of the few companies who became well-known, and we had success pretty early on. Read more>>

Latika Menon

I happen to be a physics professor at Northeastern university. My research expertise is in the area of nanomaterials. We synthesize and look into various applications of nanomaterials. My lab has been researching titanium dioxide, gallium nitride and various other semiconductor nanomaterials for some years. Read more>>

Kathryn Soderberg

Kathryn is the president of Soderberg Insurance Services and has served in this position for over fifteen years. She has an undergraduate degree from Colby College and a master’s degree from Penn State University. She is fluent in Spanish and has led the agency’s foray into the Hispanic marketplace where they are a recognized leader. Currently, over thirty percent of the clients are Hispanic and several members of the staff are multilingual. Read more>>

Linda Papatopoli

I have always had a love of history, literature, and world culture. In my career as a classical pianist and educator, I began programming events that combined these interests, enriching my musical performances with context and variety. Read more>>

Rosi and Brian Amador

We began our music career together in 1984 as co-founders of the popular Latin Band Flor de Caña, a group that met during a cultural exchange tour to Central America and returned with a commitment to singing for social change. When that group dissolved in 1994, we formed our own band, Sol y Canto, which we describe as “Latin roots music to change the world; passionate, poetic, playful and honest. Read more>>

Bob Adams

I have been starting businesses since I was a teenager. Some of my early businesses were quite easy-to-start. I began a house painting business, a bicycle rental business, traded used boats and created maps for tourists. Later, I started more complex businesses. I began a magazine business, a job fair business, a book publishing business, a software company and Internet businesses including, an e-learning platform for business owners. Read more>>

David W. Young

The company was founded in 1995 by three faculty who were teaching in executive education programs at the Harvard School of Public Health. During several programs, participants said they appreciated the learning and wondered why in-house programs were not available so their colleagues also could benefit. Read more>>

Lisa Thurau

I started Strategies for Youth, after seeing how effective training police can be in reducing arrests for low level juvenile offenses. With a training I offered with an MGH psychiatrist, Dr. Jeff Bostic, to the MBTA Transit Police between 2004-2006, we lowed arrests over 84% and saw much better interactions between police and youth. SFY started in 2010. Today we are working in 18 states implementing four strategies: Read more>>

Anton Yakushin

VentureBlocks began as a conversation between myself and Heidi Neck, who was my professor when I was an undergraduate student at Babson College studying business. Heidi is an expert in entrepreneurship education, and is a big supporter of game-based learning, which involves using game mechanics (for example, creating an environment where failure is encouraged in order to learn and progress). Read more>>

Becky Chambers

I am a natural health practitioner and one of the most experienced and knowledgeable educators and providers of whole body vibration (WBV) in the USA. My company, Vibrant Health, strives to bring WBV to the millions of people worldwide who could use the incredible benefits of this revolutionary exercise system. Read more>>

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