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Inspiring Stories from Brookline, Brighton & Allston

The heart of our mission at the BostonVoyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Boston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Brookline, Brighton, Allston and surrounding areas below.

J. Rushwell

In January of this current year, a friend and I were having a conversation about what could we do in terms of working within our passion. My passion has always been music. We figure out that there is a market full of people out there that are not necessarily pro guitar players that are always looking to improve their guitar sound. Read more>>

Cheryl Clegg

I moved to Boston after graduating with a BFA in Photographic Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1986. I didn’t have a job, or a place to live (but, I did have a roommate). I began contacting commercial photographers in hopes of assisting jobs. Read more>>

Ruth Plaster

I grew up in Newton. I attended Mass Art during the 1980’s and graduated with a BFA in graphic design. At that time the field was changing to a computer-based application. I loved designing, but my favorite part of the process had been the hands-on manipulation of materials to create a design. Read more>>

Sam Bodian

All of my work is based on survival. Everything that I have ever craved and seen as a necessity all comes back to transformation. This has been a key aspect of my life before I could even conceptualize the thought of it. Being an artist and interacting with the different subcultures around me has always provoked my work and fueled my process. Read more>>

Bianca DeStefano

My story is one of a lot of sweat, tears, and fights along with much passion and determination. I grew up with a very strong work ethic being involved with my father’s Italian bakery. My weekends, after school and holidays, were spent working many early hours alongside my brothers and family to continue the success of the business. Read more>>

Mary Taylor

I found my way into holistic nutrition and wellness while living in LA and working in fashion. The very nature of that industry (the parties, the hours, etc) was wreaking havoc on my mental and physical health. Being as young as I was in that industry, it nursed a shame spiral I would dust myself off from every morning and continue on until I reached a breaking point. Read more>>

Kristen Powell

I picked up my first 35mm camera at age 11 and was instantly drawn to the medium. By freshman year of high school I was immersed in the black and white darkroom, making as many prints as I was allowed with our art department funds in my small town of Coventry, Connecticut. Read more>>

John Hutchings

I got started in concert photography when I was in college. I’d always had a passing interest in it, but had no idea where to start. While attending a concert in Boston I struck up a conversation with a photographer at a show and mentioned I wanted to get into it but had no idea how to start. Read more>>

Tatyanah Belin

I started a year ago. I was at that point in my life where I was getting tired of hair care products that we, as minorities use products that never help with out help or only for a little bit. So one day, I bought an 8oz applicator bottle and made an oil for myself. Due to having hair loss on my right edge. Read more>>

Kris Roller

I started taking film seriously about 7 years ago at the age of 18. I shot about 30 music videos over the course of 3 years. That eventually branched out into a variety of video projects involving different brands, travel, and culture related topics throughout the country and beyond. Read more>>

Greg Justus

Art has always flowed through my veins. Even at age five I went door to door in my neighborhood, selling my artwork, making a handful of change that I didn’t even know how to count. It wasn’t that I wanted to be an artist sometime in the future, when I grew up, I already knew I was an artist. My brain was always thinking, looking at, and creating art. Read more>>

Deborah Sosin

I’ve juggled multiple careers over the years—as a writer, editor, teacher, and clinical social worker. As a child, I was an avid learner, curious about a range of subjects, whether it was classical music or Greek mythology, art history or sports. That probably set the stage for my multifaceted work life. Read more>>

Nicole Barr

My name is Nicole Barr, and I’m a designer and illustrator in the Allston-Brighton area. I’ve been making art since I was young, and always had my sights set on a creative career. I graduated from MassArt in 2017 with a focus in illustration and animation, though I also pursued 3D work and creative writing in my time there. Read more>>

Leonardo Claudio

I will try to give you the abridged version. My whole life I would take photos with whatever I could get my hands on whether it was a roll-up film, a Polaroid or as I got a bit older a point and shoot. When the film developed my parents put into my mind that I had a knack for photography and I just kept shooting. Read more>>

Amanda Smart

My name is Amanda Smart. I had a fairly average life…my parents divorced when I was 8, I traveled, moved, and made friends. In September of 1995, when I was 17 years old and was in the 2nd week of my senior year, I was involved pretty serious car accident. Read more>>

Shanti Zschocke

Growing up my family moved from country to country a lot, and as an anxious and introverted kid, I found the constant change of language and culture difficult. I often withdrew from social settings, turning to digital art mediums as a remedy. Read more>>

Lizzie Johnson

I’ve always loved baking when I was in college! I would find recipes on Pinterest and try to make a new recipe every week. I came from a very conservative University where drinking was not allowed so instead I would throw a ton of dessert parties for everyone! It wasn’t till after college where I was working at a tech company doing social media was when I wanted to get into baking cakes. Read more>>

Miranda Quinn

I started drawing when I was fifteen. Before that, I would always doodle in school but when I got to that age I found that it was something I really enjoyed doing and something that I was good at. When I got to be a senior in high school, I had really cultivated my style. Read more>>

Anngelle Wood

After 10 years of hosting Boston Emissions on FM radio– WBCN, WZLX — I am launching the all-new Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood exclusively online in September. I kickoff a new music series in the heart of the city Thursday, August 30 with three Rock & Roll Rumble alum — usLights, Goddamn Draculas, Old Jack. Read more>>

Roxanna Myhrum

I grew up in Springfield, MA where I took acting lessons at a fantastic theater school called The Drama Studio. One of my teachers commuted in from Connecticut, where he also worked with the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, one of the nation’s hubs for developing new works. Read more>>

Parama Chattopadhyay

Hello, my name is Parama Chattopadhyay. I have a Business and Psychology Degree from MIT in 2006, with minors and concentrations in Theatre Arts, Political Science, and Music. After MIT, I decided to be a part of the non-profits Greenpeace and Americorps, ending that stint as the Marketing and Web Director of Adoption and Foster Care Mentoring and Fundraiser for East End House’s “Cooking for a Cause.” Read more>>

Allison Yee

Entrepreneurship and creativity are part of my genetic makeup: my father is a serial entrepreneur and my mother has always paired her business savvy with a passion for art, fashion and design. As I develop my own business that commands equal parts creative vision and business acumen, I can see their influence every step of the way. Read more>>

Coco Berkman

I come late to my profession as an artist. Having cobbled together an arts education in a non traditional manner by taking adult education courses, keeping a sketch pad and sharpened pencils always in my car and beside my bed, saving up my pennies to go on artist retreats, and finally, my children adults, saying no to my work as a seamstress for 25 years and devoting myself full time to making art. Read more>>

Giana Bucchino

I grew up in a small town where wanting to be an artist full-time wasn’t exactly encouraged. Fortunately, I had an overwhelmingly supportive family. They allowed me to focus on my art and pushed me to do what I love. Read more>>

Gregory Gómez

I am a sculptor and painter, from a family largely of scientists and physicians. While I took a different path, to a certain degree scientific method informs my process and scientific information contributes to my imagery. Read more>>

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