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Today we’d like to introduce you to Carter Howe.

Carter, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist.
I think my whole “story” and ongoing journey is just a young person on a quest to find how music and visuals coalesce and coexist in life.

For me, it started with taking photos at 7 years old with my mom’s old point and shoot. I was always into drawing and painting and music, and it allowed me to escape from school. Then, amidst a very dark senior year of high school I realized there was a whole community, network and lifelong career that could be made from photography and music. So from there I just used the internet every single day to study different musicians, creative directors, photographers, graphic designers and how they all worked together.

I was still in high school so I began spending more time in the city and focusing on this world that I’d discovered online, full of people from all over the world who cared about the same things I do.

Finally, I began to email publicists and started shooting live shows in Boston because of the thrill, and how it allowed me to escape from school, which I hated. Things progressed and I am now living in LA and working at Interscope Records where I create photo content for the label. Though there’s been some big changes in my life, there’s still nothing in the world that puts me more at peace with myself than music and visuals, especially together.

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do you do and why and what do you hope others will take away from your work?
I take photos mostly, but am beginning to work more with video and other media types. I thought I used to do it solely because I love color and line and geometry, but I realized I also do it because I have an insatiable need to connect with people on a deep and honest level.

Artistically, I’m inspired by Frank Stella, Matthieu Venot, Petecia Le Fawnhawk and a friend of mine named Rachel Knobloch. I think I draw a lot of my creative energy from Christine and the Queens, Kasbo, Tyler the Creator, The 1975 and my friends.

I make art because I need to. I want to do it all the time because it makes me feel happy and I like feeling part of something. It’s not easy to explain but if I need to make it, then I want people to enjoy it the same way I do. I want it to make them feel something. When I see an incredible work of art, whether it be a painting or architectural piece or photograph or music video, I get this mental jolt for a second, a near-carnal feeling of happiness and emptiness that makes me feel real and alive. Even if my work doesn’t deliver that to people, or even if I don’t tell a story or send a message, then I just want to make sure they feel something. Could be happiness, could be irritation, could be sadness or awe. I don’t care, just as it’s not ambivalence.

Do current events, local or global, affect your work and what you are focused on?
If we’re talking about artists developing a world for people to escape to, then I think their role has not changed over time. Instead it’s just become more important than ever. The world feels shitty right now.

Personally, with everything going on in the world today, I have never been so attached to my camera as the past two years. I have never in my life felt more defiant and scared and excited to be a woman in America. With oppression and hate around every corner locally, nationally and on a global level, it makes me feel a need to keep creating and forcing people open and connecting with people. I know I can do it, I’ve seen myself do it with people, both through my art and with conversation. There is so much openness and warmth missing in the world right now. If my art can make people feel okay, or see differently for a second, and escape from the everyday burden of life, then I feel like I have a purpose.

Do you have any events or exhibitions coming up? Where would one go to see more of your work? How can people support you and your artwork?
Most of my work is shared online on my site, or on my Instagram, which is @carterkhowe. I sell prints that are available on my site, and available for purchase with a quick email to me.

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David Miller (for personal photo)

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