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Cambridge 5.1.2017

Jane Taylor

I have been involved in the sports performance and fitness industry for about 30 years. I remember in the late 80’s, while working at a health club, researching graduate programs that would marry my love of sports, something I have participated in my entire life, with my new found love of strength training. Lo and behold, one could become a Strength and Conditioning Coach and work with athletes in any number of sports. I was sold. In 1992, I was accepted into the Exercise Science Master’s program at UMass-Amherst and was hired as a Graduate Assistant in the Strength and Conditioning Department. And the rest they say is history. Read More>>

Mimi Loureiro

We have a yoga studio in Somerville called O2 Yoga which was established in 2001. There has been so much community built there over the years, but the space never allowed for people to linger after class. I was on the hunt for a larger space that would allow more options and uses and boy, did we ever find it in our space in Cambridge. I knew that I wanted a cafe at the entrance of the yoga studio. Read More>>

Maureen Nuccitelli

I have always wanted to help people make their lives better or at least cheer them up. I went to college for psychology but quickly learned of the limitations of actually bettering peoples’ lives with that profession. To put myself through college, I worked in the hospitality industry where I quickly became an expert at anticipating customers’ needs and fulfilling them to the best of my ability. And I became a very good listener. I excelled in the industry and worked for many years in it. Read More>>

Brian Miller

My desire to get into the restaurant industry actually started in the front of the house. I went to school initially for business and focused on entrepreneurship, writing my thesis on the industry and opening restaurants. After school I moved to Miami to work with my god father at his newly opening restaurant to learn the ins and outs through a successful restauranteur. Read More>>

Denise Patnod

I began thinking about energy work from an Eastern perspective while working with Women in a prison in 1992, I was a social worker for 18 years in the field of addiction working mostly with a female population. I was 32 yrs. old. I studied with a Mindful Meditation Teacher (Jon Kabot-Zinn) from UMass Medical Hospital. I used the mindful active meditation education to aid myself and then, my clients. The practice helps to slow down busy minds –to effect positive change. Read More>>

Rick Fogarty

Having owned 4 previous salons in the suburbs, I decided that I was ready to open a smaller, more manageable operation in the city in 2008. After analyzing various neighborhoods and demographics, I decided that Harvard Square was the prime location I was searching for. A more youthful, energetic potential was there for the taking. I’ve been extremely fortunate in the staff I’ve assembled. Read More>>

Dia Moeller

I started my apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist in the beginning of 2009 at the same shop I work now, the Boston Tattoo Company ( then the Painted Bird Tattoo ) under the supervision of some very talented artist who I am lucky to consider family. Read More>>

Huan Zhang

We started as a small Tai Chi class in the Dance Company (now called studio 550) at Central Square. We then pushed/moved to many different locations because of we don’t have our space till we locked our own Studio space at YWCA at Temple street. We become more popular and was invited to teach classes around Cambridge Boston area. We currently have classes in our main studio at YWCA Cambridge, UMass Boston, MIT, GBCCA, Cambridge Chinese Language School, etc. We also have additional outdoor class at Sympathy Park, and Boston Islands (hosted by Boston Island Alliances) during summer time. Read More>>

Scott Caponi

I graduated from Suffolk University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Soon after I graduated however, the economy crashed and I struggled to find employment relevant to my degree and previous internships. All throughout college I had also worked various jobs in the restaurant and food industry to help pay my bills. As I did my best to navigate a compromised job market in a poor economy, I still held onto my restaurant jobs because they were a reliable source of income and living in Boston is not cheap. Read More>>

Clay Fernald

I graduated Mass Art with a Media degree in 1998. From there I worked in book publishing for a few years, until I got a job temping in graphic design. I started working nights at Middle East and worked my way up until I finally scored an office job there as an assistant. Fast forward to years later, I was the general manager, and now I am the publicist and press relations agent. Read More>>

Felix Rust

We started taking pictures of our children every single day of their lives. We continued this project for 16 years. It attracted the attention of other parents, then brides… pretty soon we were full time professionals. We love the naturalistic approach and never say, “smile.” Read More>>

Christin Khan

I loved photography ever since I took my dad’s camera out on a field trip to the North End as part of a high school photography class. Even in those early days, I found myself gravitating the most towards photographs of people, and over the years I began taking more and more photographs as a creative hobby. One Christmas I presented the family I was working for as a nanny with some beautifully framed black and white prints of their children, and pretty soon all of their friends wanted to hire me. Read More>>

Tara Hurley

I have always had a passion for photography, or more specifically the printed picture. Something I can hold in my hand that will transport me back in time and make me feel like I am reliving moments that I want to hold onto forever. I became obsessed with photo albums pretty early on and soon I will need a house just for all of my albums! I took photography classes in high school and college, back in the days of film and really loved spending time in the dark room. Read More>>

Nicole Cullinan

I interviewed at beauty school when I was 15. Couldn’t wait to learn the trade. Started at 17 and have worked full time since. Started out on Cape Cod. Moved to Tampa FL when I was 22. Was hired in a color specialist salon. Read More>>

Andrew Mannino

I originally found my way to massage and bodywork while studying guitar at the Berklee College of Music. I started to develop a repetitive strain injury and was feeling the effects of long term stress and tension manifest on a more systemic level. A friend recommended massage, and I started incorporating regular sessions for self-care and injury prevention. This inspired me to pursue massage and bodywork myself. Read More>>

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