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Yoga & Mindfulness: Conversations with Local Yogis

Yoga and mindfulness practices have flourished nationwide as an antidote to help folks manage stress and host of other issues that affect our mood, health and lives in general. At Voyage we’ve had the great fortune of connecting with many of the city’s yoga, meditation and mindfulness experts and we’ve highlighted some for you to check out below.

Stephanie Paolini and Marla Cinilia of 3 Bridges Yoga

We cultivate community, we serve our community, and we offer lineage-based wisdom to help support the paths of our practitioners through every phase of life. While people can certainly expect a challenging practice, our yoga is not purely physical. We live our yoga out in the world in all we do and we seek to connect with others who do and are learning to do the same. Read More >>

Mike Massey of 33 Degree Yoga

My business is called 33 Degree Yoga. I started out as a man with a mat just trying to convince people of color that we need yoga to heal our ills, instead of cigarettes and liquor. After about 2 years or so I was finally able to show and prove what yoga does and people began to trust me and yoga. At first I found that it was more effective to provide a yoga service that could meet you where you are at; literally. So I did home visits and small private groups. Read More >>

Julie Erickson of Endurance Pilates and Yoga

Endurance Pilates and Yoga is a boutique fitness studio located in the South End. We are primarily a Pilates studio, but we do offer barre, yoga and boot camp type fitness classes for our students. The type of Pilates that we teach is Classical Authentic Pilates using the Endurance Method. Our Pilates lineage is New York style through Romana Kryzanowska and we teach exclusively on Gratz equipment which is made to Joseph Pilates’ exact specification. Read More >>

Gwenivere Lovewell of Shiva Shakti -Yoga Center

I’ve become a specialist at solving ‘Pain and Joint Issues’ partly because I have a leg longer than the other and that at the time led to a lot of pain in my hip and lower back areas. Which meant for me to solve my structural needs, my yoga went a whole new road, and actually created new methodologies so to help myself and also others out of real hip, back, neck, and shoulder pain. My style honors your body as ‘good as is’ and the BEST seat of your practice. From there everything chimes for the practitioners. Read More >>

Shanel Anderson of Soul City Yoga

What sets Soul City Yoga apart is the atmosphere. I am most proud to hear people say how welcoming the environment is. No judgment, no pressure just a relaxed space to grow your existing practice or feel welcomed and supported if you are just starting out. Whether directly or indirectly, there is sometimes a bit of an intimidation factor when you walk into a studio for the first time. Maybe you aren’t dressed like everyone else, maybe you don’t look like everyone else, it can be discouraging. Having experienced this phenomenon first hand, I’ve made it my mission to create a studio experience that I hope is absent of that sort of energy. I like to think that we are bucking that trend of the “clique-y boutique studio.” Read More >>

Matthew and Corinne Andrews of Yoga Center Amherst

Yoga Center Amherst offers very high-level yoga instruction and in-depth training and retreats in the many aspects of yoga. We have asana classes, kirtans (devotional music), workshops in yoga philosophy and meditation modalities, and events connected to our spiritual community, Light Omega. Read More >>


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