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Portraits of Boston

The BostonVoyager is all about supporting creatives and risk takers – from makeup artists, fashion designers and music producers to chefs, entrepreneurs and more. In our Portraits series we try to celebrate their work by sharing some of our favorite shots we’ve come across. We’ve share shots from across Boston below.


Jack Daryl Photography

While we wait for snow in Boston (if it ever actually comes) here’s a behind the scenes shot from our @igersboston @mfaboston event on Saturday night at the @takashipom exhibit. Some of the most talented and fun local photographers are all packed into one shot with @bostonpollen taking center stage! In frame are @mattxdavey @kylebianchi_ @erinofboston @quackieduck @bostonpollen @ddskline and @iliveinmykilt Thrilled to be part of such an awesome group!! * * * #igersboston #bostondotcom #igersnewengland #igersmass #visitboston #ignewengland #bostonglobelife #igersboston25 #cityscapeboston #ipulledoverforthis #nikonnofilter #theamericancollective #raw_community_member #bostondaybook #bostonusa #uspixels #followingboston #bostonsworld #usaprimeshot #igboston #hey_ihadtosnapthat #ig_unitedstates #cbviews #ig_color #visitma #tlpicks #city_features #mfaboston #mfamurakami #murakami

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Blogger, Tech Sales & Spin Instructor Lexy Amaral

Best. Day. Of. The. Year. Happy International Women's Day to all of the queens in my life. I am so thankful for our friendships. I am so thankful for your love. I am so thankful for your energy. There are so many wonderful women who are essential to my essence who are not in these photos as well, know that you are everything to me too. Since the last IWD, I know that I have learned invaluable lessons about what it truly means to be a queen. What it means to stand tall and proud in your womanhood. What it means to stand up for every woman, not just those in your circle. We have seen the power that grows when we stand together. I have a new post on #LovingMeLex today that asks us all to do a little self-reflection, per usual, I know. There are a series of questions that I will be asking myself today and I hope that you do too. They are just a small set that I try to ask myself consistently to make sure that I am doing my part in this sisterhood. Stand tall today. Stand proud today. Stand together today. #InternationalWomensDay2018

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Singer Jasmine Q.

Photographer Sidney Claire

Fashion & Portrait Photographer Jeff Jean

Marketing professional Martine Russell

Julia Bykowski Photography

Simple. Elegant. Classic.

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Make up artist & Photographer Kristina I.

Stylist & Photographer Claire

Photographer Sean Choi

Boxing trainer & email marketer Nancy Chen

Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Leanne Horan

Maker & Designer Jamie N Guan

Xperience Creative | Artist Development, Marketing Strategy & Brand Management

Balayage & color specialist Jade Federico

Personal trainer Sarah

Photographer Catherine O’Connor

Precisely Embellished | Handcrafted Paper Flower Designs & Décor

The Dog friendly Realtor John Crowley

YouTuber & Blogger Theresia Rogers

Moira studio | Advertising agency

Fitness trainer Nichole Wood

Esthetician Anna Babayan

Photographer Emma Kanch

Personal Stylist & Photographer Ooreofe Oluwadara

Hairstylist Amanda Natale

SANDY GODDESS 🥂 #hairslayer

A post shared by Amanda Natale (@hair_byamandanatale) on

Creator & Artist Lauren Gallagher

Photographer Demetrius Ortakales

Makeup Artist Hayley Priscilla

Coty Smith Photography

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