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Portraits of Downtown

We’re always filled with so much inspiration after visiting Downtown.

The BostonVoyager is all about supporting creatives and risk takers – from makeup artists, fashion designers and music producers to chefs, entrepreneurs and more. In our Portraits series we try to celebrate their work by sharing some of our favorite shots we’ve come across. We’ve share shots from Downtown, North End and the surrounding areas below.

Actor Carina Zhang

Model Lila Valerie

Grainmaker Restaurant

Leah Jean Photography

Laurene Overlan | Hairstylist

Katie Gibson | Hairstylist & lash artist

Wedding planner & designer Kelsey Dulac

The D’Ambrosio Group | Real estate & Interior design

Snowy morning interior designing ❄️

A post shared by The D'Ambrosio Group (@thisisbostonliving) on

Composition Consultants | Digital media content production company

Food Influencer  Katie Fitzpatrick

Envision Optometry

Revolution Watch Co | Unique watches

Nicole Ellen Photography

Together is a beautiful place to be.

A post shared by Nicole Ellen Photography (@nicoleellengowan) on

North Square Oyster | Restaurant

Duxbury razor clam | shiso / watermelon / avocado / miso

A post shared by North Square Oyster (@northsquareoyster) on

Interior Designer Melanie Kokoros

Healthy lifestyle influencer & fitness instructor Nicole Perry

Boston Wine Exchange | Wine, beer & Spirits store

The Perfect @iconicwine for that superhero in your life. 🍷 ❤️🍷❤️🍷

A post shared by Boston Wine Exchange (@bostonwineexchange) on

Fashion & lifestyle blogger Bianca Lightfoot

Graphic designer & photographer Jose H. Arana

Men’s Fashion Influencer Yash Soni

Hairstylist Christine Bellemare

Spaceworks AI | The Interior Glass Experts

Advent International #glass #officefront #slidingdoors

A post shared by Spaceworks AI (@spaceworks_ai) on

UFC Gym Boston | Ultimate fitness destination

Get some #globaldut #feb24 #traindifferent

A post shared by UFC Gym Boston (@ufcgymboston) on

Personal Trainer Tev Bienaime

Photographer Kevin Lemieux

Photographer Eshraqah

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others"

A post shared by ESHRAQAH (@eshraqah.m) on

Youtuber Jared Fleischer

David Covell Photography

" You may delay, but time will not. " – Benjamin Franklin _______________________________________________________________ LongExpo : Catching Tail Lights Time Lightroom : T&O 100/100 Contrastly preset & Detail edits Camera : Sony Alpha 6300 Shot at : 15 sec – 16 mm – f/22 – ISO 100 _______________________________________________________________ #FollowingBoston #Night_Owlz #SonyAlpha #SonyImages #SonyVisuals #AlphaPhotos #ShotzDelight #JustGoShoot #GearedNomad #CreateCommune #LongExpo #Long_Exposure #LongExpo_Addiction #LongExpoHunter #LongExpoElite #Amazing_LongExpo #RSA_Streetview #All2Epic #UrbanAndStreet #RSA_Night #Lensbible #LeagueOfLenses #StreetScapes #FatalFrames #ImaginaTones #HeaterCentral #Way2ill #LightTrails #LongExpo #Time _______________________________________________________________ @FollowingBoston @Night_Owlz @JMondville @SonyAlpha @SonyImages @SonyVisuals @AlphaPhotos @ShotzDelight @HeaterCentral @GearedNomad @CreateCommune @Long_Exposure @LongExpo_Addiction @LongExpoHunter @LongExpoElite @Amazing_LongExpo @RSA_Streetview @All2Epic @UrbanAndStreet @Lensbible @LeagueOfLenses @Street.Scapes @JustGoShoot @ImaginaTones

A post shared by David Covell ( on

Makeup Artist Sarah


A post shared by Sarah Dorman (@sarahndorman) on

Photographer Sally

Christina Anne Photography

Associate Digital Editor Faith Brar

Photographer Zac Wolf

Photographer Elizabeth Willis

City love💕

A post shared by Elizabeth Willis (@ellietacy) on

Photographer Rachel Leiner

Nate Creamer Photography

This couple made my job too easy 🙂

A post shared by Nate Creamer Photography (@nate_creamer_photo) on

taylor MADE artistry

Elizabeth | Influencer

Photographer Andrew Conley

Blowfly | Express Blowdry

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