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The BostonVoyager owes a huge debt to the incredible local community of influencers – from fashion bloggers to foodies – who put in countless hours of work uncovering hidden gems throughout New England. We’d like to introduce you to some of Boston’s most gifted tastemakers and influencers below.


greyscale @shoptobi 💭🖤

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I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting lately (and listening to a lot of podcasts) so I wanted to share a quick story and a thought I had this morning! 👉🏻 So this morning, on my way to work I was running late. I ran outside my apartment and sure enough, as always, the T (what we call the subway/trains in Boston) was already at the stop I needed to board at. I didn’t think I could possibly get over there in time to board, the doors shut, but I continued to do a fast walk in hopes that maybeeeee I could make it! I get all the way over there and to my surprise, the train was still waiting and even though the doors were shut, the man driving the train (for some reason conductor feels like the wrong word? Lol 🤔) opened the doors for me! Which made me think….. if he hadn’t gone out of his way to open the doors for me and had gone about his business, I FOR SURE would’ve let that ruin my morning. I would’ve stressed out about being late, thought to myself what an @$$, and would’ve let it ruin my entire morning. I would’ve stewed about it for at least an hour. Which seems so silly, but I’m being honest here. But instead he chose to let me on, and I’m not gonna lie it kinda made my morning. But more importantly, it made me reflect. How often do we let one TINY problem or setback at the start of our day set the precedent for our entire day?! When in reality it’s probably not that big of a deal?!! When I worked in special education we used to tell our kiddos, don’t let a little problem have a BIG reaction (or something to that effect)! And whether we’re kids (at heart😉) or adults, I think we sometimes need a reminder! Anyways, just a thought I had this morning that I thought might’ve been worth sharing! Let’s stop letting such little setbacks take a huge hold over our entire day. Let me know below if this resonated with you ☺️💗💗

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🏈GIVEAWAY Closed🏈 CONGTATS @sarlittlefield on winning!!The Super Bowl is only 5 days away and I’ve got a really fun Patriot’s themed giveaway for you! I teamed up with 4 of my favorite New England based bloggers to gift one lucky follower a box full of New England Patriots gear! Included in the box: 2 Pairs of Socks, T-shirt, Coat, Stemless Wine Glass, Water Bottle, Serving Tray Baseball Cap and Winter Hat! Check out my stories for a closer look. Contest will run for 24 hours and winner will be announced Wednesday evening at 9pm! The package will be sent out overnight to ensure you receive it just in time for your Super Bowl party! Prize is not redeemable for cash and must be claimed within 12 hours or it will be forfeited. This promotion is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram Inc or the NFL. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Void where prohibited by law. US ONLY. #gopats #patriots #patriotsfan

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blinded 🤩

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The chronic illness that I probably talk about the least is my chronic anemia. Technically, I have anemia of inflammation/chronic disease (AI/CD). Basically, because I have had inflammation and chronic illness for so long (16 years+), my body stopped being able to absorb iron through food and supplements. Last week, I had an iron infusion and it was amazing. I felt significantly better within hours. I haven’t needed a nap since I had the infusion, which is effing amazing. I still need plenty of caffeine because 3 of my other illnesses also cause fatigue, but the fatigue has been sooooo much better. ▪️ Today’s chronic illness tip: if you’ve had inflammation or chronic disease for years and years and your fatigue seems impossibly large, talk to your doctor about AI/CD. Getting iron infusions is amazing – especially because the type I get doesn’t take that long. ▪️ [Image: Kate sitting in a hospital having an infusion. She is white and has brown hair and is wearing a gray plaid shirt.] ▪️ #chronicillness #spoonie #rheumatoidarthritis #ra #rawarrior #rheum

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